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Everything Else / Who's... Pr0xinity?
« on: August 17, 2015, 07:46:55 PM »
Hello, my name is Pr0xinity! (Pr0/Pr0x for short) or IRL: Emanuel (Not a typical swedish name ;D)?

I am a 17-y/o-ish guy with almost four years of playing minecraft (Man, I feel old :-\). I live a pretty decent life in Sweden, Sk?ne, Ystad (Probably the most southern point in Sweden)
After joining around 5 days ago, I have learned a lot about the server. I have gotten to know some of the Members, Senior Members, Mods, and some of the Admins. Therefore, I have decided... Pr0xinity has come to stay!
The main reason that I have made this post was just so that some people on the server will know a bit more about me!

(What I hate:)
PVP(If I see one more guy that wants a PVP fight, I'll puke.)
People with no sense of grammar (If you want to communicate with a human being, atleast make an effort. Especially when talking to myself, because I'm an extreme grammar nerd. I don't mean stuff like spelling errors, I mean stuff like the structure of sentences)
People that hate without reason.(What's the point of hating if you can't make a constructive argument?
Greifing Seeing your base in pieces when you log on is a scenario I have been through way too many times.

(What I love:)
Anime(Anime is like real life, only better.)
Comedy(My favorites are, satirical/ironic/subtle/dark
Memes(Memes4lyfe ( ͡? ͜ʖ ͡?))

(Worst minecraft skills:)
PVP, and everything associated with it.
Building "Non-practical" stuff.
Money making (What's the point of it? I can get everything without cash  ::))
Redstone (I am good at following instructions, but I suck at "improvising")

(Best minecraft skills:)
Brewing. (Meh, not a skill, but I'm pretty used to it and have made some auto-brewing machines)
Mining/Spelunking. (I know most techniques)
Building practical stuff.
Planning stuff.
Can easily be social/friendly/negotiable (Yes, I consider it a skill; I have been acting like a diplomat on countless faction/towny servers, making peace treaties and such. This last skill is probably my greatest trait)
Raiding (Ironically, I'm pretty good at raiding towns/factions. Not that I can raid on this server :P)

So yes, I hope this gave you ("Yeah I'm talking to YOU, player") a bit more knowledge on me, Emanuel REDACTED, AKA Pr0xinity.

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