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Server Announcements / Sentinel is now on 1.18!
« on: January 02, 2022, 01:06:07 PM »
Sentinelcraft has updated to 1.18!

Dear Sentinelcraft community,

Now that we are into 2022 and looking forward to what this year holds for us all. We have happy to announce that we have updated to 1.18: Caves & Cliffs - Part 2! This means you can now join using 1.18 in your launcher, play and explore ungenerated horizon and kattalox terrain or even explore under your current builds for new resources and caves!

What to expect?

- All servers run using 1.18.
- If you have issues with joining with 1.18 (outdated hardware), fear not! We are now using ViaBackwards. This means you can join the server using 1.16.5 and upwards, although you may not see the new textures you will still be able to play the game and stick with the community!
- Updated plugins! Less outdated things, less bugs!
- Alpha worlds will be reset and returned back to vanilla generation for a time. Time to explore the truely unique and world generation of 1.18!
- Due to the massive changes in world generation, Pern is having to be left behind.
- New Voting Shop!

If any issues arise, please make a bug report here: Bungee bug report board.

Technical changes
- Server has updated from Java 16 to Java 17. Could cause some strange behaviour from some plugins.
- World borders for Horizon and Kattalox will not be increased due to all chunks now having twice as much in them (world now going down to -64). This would bloat world size to well over 100GB which is already too big for a minecraft world.
- World will now go from -64 to 320 in all exisiting chunks, meaning new terrain will be generated below the world in Alpha, Horizon and Kattalox
- Majority of plugins have updated to 1.18 while a few have yet to update, this may cause some unexpected bugs in game.

-- Sentinelcraft Staff

Guides / Plan - In-depth Player Statistics.
« on: December 04, 2021, 09:15:34 PM »
Introducing: In-depth Player Statistics!

We have implemented new in-depth player statistics with a standalone website. This will allow you to track multiple things about your activity on the server and give you a greater understanding of how you play!

Key Information:

  • You can only see the statistics about yourself and not other players.
  • To see your statistics you have to link your username and website login together.
  • Statistics only started when it was all implemented on the 15th of November, 2021, any statistics older than that cannot be implemented.
  • Network Overview is not available to anymore below Admin due to the sensitive nature of some of the statistics held. This is used to see the trajectory of the server and player retention.

Getting started:

In-game, run the command /plan register .  *You have to at least be a member to register.

This will give you a link to click on. Depending on your browser it may say the connection is unsafe, but we are hosting the website on the same dedicated server as the server and not trying to steal your data, it is safe to proceed.

After this point, it should give you a webpage which looks like the following:

Use the same username as you do in the server and make up a password, preferably one different from ones used on other sites. Once you have provided this information, it should now give you the following popup on the page:

Copy the first command it gives you, and run it in-game and you should get the following message in-game:

You have now successfully linked your in-game account to the Statistics website!

*If, you ever forget your password to your statistic account, we staff do not have access to that. You, the player must reset it following these steps:
Login to the minecraft server as you normally would. Once online and connected, you'll need to run the /plan unregister command.
It will ask you to confirm you wish to unregister your linked accounts. Click the green arrow to confirm. Once unregistered, follow to previous steps to reregister, using the same name as your in-game account

Viewing your statistics:

There are two ways in which you can view your statistics either through the in-game command or through the website:


You can view basic statistics in-game using /plan ingame , it shall look like the following.

On the website:

To view more in-depth statistics about yourself, you can using /plan player ingame. It should give you a link to follow the statistics website. Use the username and password you entered earlier to link your account to login.

Once you have logged in you should see a page that would look something like this

There is a lot of information displayed on this page, take your time with reading this page. On the left hand side, there are further pages to dive deeper into your statistics.


This tab allows you to search through and see which days you have been online and for how long you have been online!

PvP & PvE 

This tab allows you to see information about your player deaths and player kills, also gives in-depth information.

Server Overview

This tab allows you to see information about which servers you have played on the most and even for how long!


Under this tab there is a lot of data for each of the servers! A lot of this data is personal and specific and why there is no screenshot of this. Take your time to look through this as it does make for some really interesting reading!

Server Announcements / Changes to Towny Taxes
« on: September 29, 2021, 09:55:40 PM »
Towny Economy Reforms

Dear SentinelCraft community!

We have not forgotten about towny and have spent some time looking at other ways in which we can improve the towny gameplay and make it different from it just being survival with friends. In our previous reforms, we looked at making town and nation upkeep more dynamic than the default linear system. We feel like this change went well and added a new dynamic towny.
We understand that that change was rather small, and we hope that the following set of changes will cover more, compared to before.

Tax Changes

At the moment many towns have set their plot taxes for their residents to zero. While this is great for the residents, this is unfortunately not really how towns or cities work. By doing this, we are removing a massive feature of what the towny plugin can offer us. With this update, we encourages town owners to set taxes for the use of the plots. The changes we have decided to implement are the following;

1 - Increased plot upkeep from $2 to $5.
2 - Set a minimum tax to be a town to be $20 per resident per day.
3 - Added further levels on the multiplier to currently cap out at 58 residents with a 3.0 multiplier, increased from 42 and the 2.2 multipliers.

These changes will result in doubling or even tripling the upkeep of a town, hitting Gotham the hardest. The reason for these changes are to get towns to use the tax system with residents. Moreover, towns to have to think about their next expansion, recruitment and overall claimed area. Tax changes that are going to be handed down to the player are;

1 - A minimum tax of $20 a day per player, but a recommended tax of $25 or more is a good starting point for towns, towns should look at setting their taxes to help manage their town upkeep. This is up to the mayor' decision.
2 - Recommended/default plot taxes for new towns:
      o   Default tax - $25
      o   Shop Plots - $50
      o   Embassy Plots - $100
      o   Normal Plots - $20

These values should be treated as a starting point for how towns manage their funds. This is a way for town members to contribute to it automatically. It is to be expected that these values are likely to be increased in towns.


You will have 7 days to look over these changes to see the implications for your town and pull together a taxation policy if your town wishes. These changes are none negotiable


To help give back to towns instead of just adding more negatives, we have decided to give towns outposts. These outposts can act as an extension to the original town away from the actual town. As we are wanting to use this feature, blatant plot bridges to claim other areas will be dealt with. Blatant in this case is where towns have claimed areas outside of their vicinity. Towns should use outposts going forward for these. Any plot bridges will be dealt with, and is up to Senior Staff judgement. We have highlighted some towns "guilty" of this and we shall be discussing it with them.

Key aspects for outposts are the following stats;
1 - The minimum distance from other towns is 10 plots
2 - The minimum distance from your town is 5 plots
3 - The maximum distance from your town plots is 50 plots
4 - Towns with 10 residents can have 1 outpost
5 - Towns with 28 residents can have 2 outposts
6 - Towns with 50+ residents can have 3 outposts
7 - The cost to make an outpost is $25,000

To allow outposts to something which could be worthwhile, we have changed the number of town blocks you get from each citizen from 16 to 18. This means that you will be able to claim 2 more plots per active resident. Be careful if your town shrinks, you do not want to be hit with the overclaimed upkeep!

1 - Strong Recommendation for setting up taxes for plot owners.
2 - Plots that towns have overclaimed have an upkeep of $10.
3 - Further expanded the scale for the multipliers to 58 residents capping out at a 3.0 multiplier.
4 - Allowing towns to have an outpost away from the main town.
5 - Plots a town gets for each resident changed from 16 to 18.
6 - You will have 7 days after this post before the tax changes get implemented

Bungee Update / Server Downtime
« on: July 28, 2021, 02:25:27 PM »
Is it really a server transfer if things does not go majorly wrong?

I'm here to give you a timeline on things that occurred two nights ago, causing the server to be down for this long extended period. After I explained what happened, I will give some information about how the staff team will proceed from here.

Two nights ago, on the evening of the release of bungee, I had the wonderful idea to get dynmap running, which was the easy past and for a time it was working.
To ensure that space on the server is used effectively. I wanted to save the map on a different drive on the dedicated server on which we have the whole network on. This would have meant bringing back dynmap for all servers in a realistic timeframe. Progress on setting up the infrastructure for this was slow going and I was having to learn a lot through online guides and handbooks. I am not a computer systems admin, so have little knowledge of this. If you want to understand some of the information I was looking at lookup mysql and some of the guides there.

The issue occurred while trying to run a particular command, which Linux users will know probably well enough to understand the next bit. I tried to run this command:

chown -R mysql.mysql /backup/dynmap

But I accidentally ended up running the following command:

chown -R mysql.mysql / backup/dynmap

For most people, these look identical and you may expect them to run the same, but those of you who know Linux will see the major mistake I made. Chown as a command changes permissions for particular files, it allows programs to use them or bans them from using them. The -R does this recursively through all subfolders and files. By having space after / it caused the command to run in the root of the server, changing all access to the whole server.
The damage was already done, it's not reversible. I tried as I might to look up a solution for this, but all places said one thing and one thing only to truly fix it: "The damage is far too great, you need to reinstall the dedicated server". This is what we have to do, I have opened a ticket with the host to resolve this matter and take backups of all the servers to hold on a different drive, this also includes our databases, which we have around 25 of them and each having multiple tables within them, when compressed this is 140GB.

I am hopeful the damage is limited to the backend console, which just needs setting up again and all server containers and databases to be set up again and it should all work as it did before; all player data should be safe, including worlds and everything up till the crash. The downside of this, the server is going to be down for maybe up to a day or two for us to get access to it again (host is slow and it could be hours before we get access again) and be able to reconfigure everything we need to and ensure its done right.

Now the good news, the host got back to us!

As of right now, the progress that needs to be made today are the following;
- Transferring the worlds over again (during the day of transfer this took 60% of our time)
- Databases will need to be reinitialised (this means no data has been lost....or so we think!)

This has been a highly stressful time for us all and I do ask you to show patience with it, we have all seen how good bungee can be and it can be better once configured correctly on all fronts!

Bungee Update / Official Bungee Transfer Announcement!
« on: July 07, 2021, 01:17:35 PM »
Official Bungee Transfer Announcement

We believe we are ready to announce a transfer day to move from our current setup to that of a Minecraft network! We have put a lot of effort behind the scenes over the last few months to get to where we are.

We have decided that the 26th of July will be the day we do the transfer!

So everyone has up to the 25th of July to complete the listing of their homes, it has been detailed in this post here (http://sentinelcraft.net/forum/index.php?topic=10387.0). If you do not complete it before then, unfortunatly we will not be able to help you getting back to your home locations on bungee, we have a lot of post-launch stuff we need to still figure out and fix.

As for the transfer, it will take considerable time to be able to transfer so many different things and make final touches such as ensuring the majority of warps are in place for everyone, making sure custom commands are working as intended and most importantly all the worlds are transferred correctly. You need to be patient with us. We hope to limit downtime to only a day, but it could run over to a second one if we run into issues. If this may be the case we will communicate this with you. Once we have finished our transfer we will announce a time which the server will be open to the public and you can enjoy the launch of the Sentinel Network!

Leading up to the transfer

In the weeks we will be releasing guides we have put together on bungee for many of the different things that have changed, we hope this will help ease everyone transitions onto bungee. We shall try and squeeze in a development diary or two to update you on aspects of the project we have been working on.

As for just before the transfer, we will need everyone to do the following as a precaution, this is because we want to ensure all your items are safe, and that your transfer is smooth.

  • Place all items in chests and place them in the world
  • Remove any listing you may have in the auction house
  • Remove anything you may have from your enderchest
  • (Donators) Remove anything you have in /chest and place it in a chest in the world

If you have not done this, you run the risk of losing your items held in these places, this is down to the nature of transferring 200,000 player data files which are in so many different states, it could potentially go wrong or not work.

Things that will change after transfer

There is a multitude of things to get used to after the transfer. We do hope these are not big issues for us, and we will grow to live with the quirks like we currently do on Sentinel. If you believe there is an issue you think is a bug we definitely would like you to report to us under the following post board and detailing the problem as much as possible so we can investigate it promptly.
Some of the things that are going to change for the better or for worse (totally up to you to decide):

  • /back will not work as you would want and we have detailed this in a previous Development Diary. We will be giving each player an extra home to help combat this.
  • Towny chat and its features will be gone, you will have to use /clan. This means on transfer you will not be able to chat with your townies until you make a /clan chat for them.
  • Maps are likely to be broken for the coming weeks while we work through the massive backlog of maps, please give us time when sorting maps, we want to be able to do it right. More information to come soon.
  • Parkour is going to be reset of everyone, this is due to a permission issue with changing permission flags, it's not possible to fix at this time.
  • General bugs that will need to be reported.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this! We are working very hard to make sure it goes ahead for us all with as few problems as possible and looking forward to playing on bungee!

        -SentinelCraft Staff

Bungee Update / Development Diary #6 - General Update and Maps!
« on: July 01, 2021, 01:21:39 PM »
Development diary #6 - Overall Plan - General Update and Maps!

What we have gotten finished!

Good news! Now that more of us are free to put time into the server and the bungee update, we have made great progress. We have gotten to a point in which we have ensured all plugins work well together. Allow us to break it down to things we have gotten working and believe are complete for you;

  • All the chats are working as intended, we have the following channels all set up after a lot of bug-fixing!
    • Global
    • Local
    • World
    • Helpop
    • Senior Member
    • Party
    • Clan
  • Private messaging works across all servers, if you play with sound you get a "ping" noise to inform you got a message!
  • If you @ a player they will get a "ping" in-game and this could be useful, but be warned if it's abused it shall be quickly removed.
  • During recent server downtime we copied over Fedgardia to Bungee and are going through the process of setting up all the protections to ensure it's ready for people to spawn in for the first time there!
  • Fedgardia's render distance is set to 16! We want people to receive the WOW factor when they first enter the server.
  • We have set up the login security for the server! This is fully working and we have enabled some features that we have not used in the past such as being able to reconnect without having to enter a password. This works by creating sessions based upon your IP, so no one else will be able to log in as you! Helps if you keep getting disconnected for silly reasons.
  • We got a bunch of other commands to work as we would like, and we are adding, even more, commands to this list slowly!
  • We are fixing a ton of permissions and we are getting closer and closer to the end of this process.
  • We got our auction plugin finally finished and ready to work! We have a guide coming on how it all works! Thank Thorn and Joelle for putting in the time to write it for us all!
  • LWC works as we would want it across the servers it's enabled on.
  • We got LogBlock working and we are now tracking many more block changes across all the servers it's required on.
  • We can track playtime in a better way, we have /cplaytime and /playtime.
  • Jail is now new and improved! If you go AFK your jail time will stop going down, if you log out your jail time will stop! You gotta serve all your time in jail!
  • Moderators, for now, have use of /cuff, stops you in your tracks and only allows you to use /msg to talk to them.
  • NPCs have been placed at spawn (thanks B!).
  • Holograms have been placed at spawn.
  • We are updating guides for Bungee around all aspects, we do hope you look forward to reading them.


As we have now gone through all the good things and the major progress we have made, we need to discuss a big issue which we have put major thought into. Personally, I have lost sleep over it, and that's a very big issue with custom player maps.

Currently, the issue we have is that maps will not transfer across to bungee in any worthwhile way. I have spent hours and hours looking for any information which could allow us to import all the maps correctly and this has not been possible. We are facing the following problems;

  • Maps are saved as individual files within the world folder. The data in this folder contains its map location, the scale of the map, its locked state, dimension and colours. This causes the following issues;
    • They are individual files, which would make it impossible to quickly transfer maps between servers as we currently do. The map number in one server could be another map but in a different server, and so, it would show a different image.
    • Maps have locational data in them, with moving worlds onto different servers as we have done with a bungee (A.K.A making sentinel a network) the maps will be unable to reference the map locations in flat, therefore breaking all the maps.
  • There is little to no information about transferring maps between worlds folders, never mind in the way we would want to transfer maps from a server environment that has been set up with multiverse to that of what we have for bungee. Unfortunately, I am not that knowledgeable on Minecraft NBT tags to be able to spend the 10s of hours required to even attempt to try something that could potentially fail.
  • Even if we did transfer them we would still have issues creating new maps and getting them on all the different worlds/servers for people to use them.

We have tried to think of many different solutions on how we could potentially save maps and shall detail some of the ideas we thought about and decided against them for one reason or another;

  • Having a flat world on each server just for transferring maps to ensure that we have a copy on each server to bring custom maps to people.
    We thought this world would be only accessible to staff to get copies of the maps for people. We decided against doing this as it would require installing multiverse on all servers creating a larger overhead and complexity. This would mean creating an additional 4 worlds across the required servers, which is would be difficult to maintain and impractical for us.
  • The potential of sectioning off a large section of Horizon and Kattalox off to be able to place maps. This was more promising but we are not wanting to in a sense trash large sections of the world for this, it is not vanilla play and will be very odd seeing this in the work. This does also add the extra concern of expensive blocks used in maps being transferred into survival.
  • Placing the maps outside of the world border, we decided against this due to us extending our world borders, so this one does not make much sense for us either as a long term plan.

We have looked and thought about even more different solutions we could potentially have, and in general, they did range from absurd to totally impractical for a long-term plan, and we could go around in circles with different approaches and plans. We do just need one plan that works for us.

We do in fact have a long term plan for what we would like to do for maps, and this encompasses past maps as well as future maps people create.

  • We plan on placing maps on the top of the nether roof in both Horizon and Kattalox, and in the void for Fedgardia, as these are areas that are inaccessible for everyone. We will set up Worldguard permissions for specific players in this region, it will not damage or take up space in the overworld which other ideas would have and allows maps to be better protected. Players will still create the original maps in flat before we paste them on top of the nether roof.
  • In each location we will have a specific maps storage building that holds copies of each map to allow admin+ to be able to give maps if they are either lost by the original owner. We will have to refine our idea on how we are going to name maps and ensure there is enough space for them. This is to also ensure maps do not go missing and are easily retrievable for you.
  • To save space, maps will be stacked if they are not extremely tall 3d maps, this means it will take up a smaller footprint on the server and gives us a lot of space to be able to paste current maps and future maps.

Potential issues;

  • There is one significant downside to this which we have considered but deemed it a necessary one, is that maps cannot be greater than 128 blocks high. This does mean 3d maps are likely to be untransferable unless they are squashed to within the 128 block limit. We are disappointed that it has come to this, but we have to think about what is best for the community as a whole and consider the impact on all aspects of the server.
  • No matter the approach we take, if you hold a map in your hand or any inventory and move to a different server, for example going from horizon to Kattalox, the map item will break. This is not a fixable thing and we will have to learn to live with it.
  • All maps of your local terrain or builds (A.K.A maps not made in flat) will need to be recreated by yourself again, unfortunately, we will not be able to help with this with us being busy with other aspects of bungee.

Maps is one of the most annoying parts of the transfer and we understand it will be upsetting many players. All the current maps having to be recreated will be a massive undertaking for the staff team. We hope you will work with us on this issue to ensure we get it to a point we are all happy with.

Minecraft 1.17

Mojang in this version has changed a lot for server owners which has annoyed plugin developers and the developers of PaperMC, which the server runs on. The main change which Mojang thought would be best to increase the Java version dependency required to run a Minecraft server from Java 8 to Java 16, we have told it would only be Java 11 until recently. In general, I can imagine if you check your computer you are likely to have an install for Java 8, this has been the long-standing version of java since 2014 with support ending in 2030.

Java 16 is a frustrating version of Java to be on as it's not even a long term supported (LTS) version, support not lasting all that long, its likely that in the year we will have to go to Java 17 to ensure that we are on an LTS version of Java.

This has implications for our server. Given we run on Java 8 and updating java needs to be treated carefully as we can, we will not be able to update to 1.17 before we move to bungee. As we don't want to run the risk, that after updating the server will not start due to missing libraries or dependencies in java. In simple terms, this is like going from a PlayStation 1 and upgrading to a PlayStation 3, 4 or 5 and expecting your original game to work as it's on the same name console, it's true that some games would work but also true that some games would not, this is the same concept for the server.

The good news is that Bungee has been developed on Java 11 until we were informed about the Java 16 dependency, and upgraded to that and with minor changes, it seems that bungee is stable using java 16 and with a little poking our plugins will work as we would like. We also expect 1.17 to be a month or two away ensuring all plugins work for java 16 and are stable for an update.

- Sentinel Staff

Development diary #3 - Updates - 7 servers, 7 times the work!

There has been a flurry of progress on configuring Bungee; while they may seem minor, these changes bring us many steps closer to a finished product. This development diary does not have a particular topic which shall be covered, but will aim to cover a few smaller updates that we hope you can get excited about!


We have said we would be bringing Skyblock back to Sentinel and have said as such a few times in the previous development diaries, but we never gave any details on this. We have taken a good look at Skyblock, and we aim to make it its own robust and complete game mode, improving upon Sentinel's last iteration of Skyblock.

  • As Skyblock has its own server, we can afford to give it much more attention than before, and we have decided to provide 3 different game modes to start with. These will be:
    • Skyblock - The regular experience on a little floating island.
    • Caveblock - Is the void of regular Skyblock rather bland to you? Why not start in a world trapped in stone and nothing but stone?
    • Boxed - A game mode where you are boxed into a tiny space that only expands by completing advancements.
  • With how these game modes have been set up, each of the game modes are run independently and therefore can have an island for each of the different game modes. This means no shared inventory, balance, etc between game modes.
  • Since we will have multiple game modes, the Skyblock server is getting its own lobby!
  • Challenges will be reintroduced, and we are lucky that charactername111 and a few others are taking the time to check to ensure it's balanced and progress is rewarded. This has the potential for us to introduce custom challenges alongside the original ones!
  • With this, we do have the potential of introducing further game modes or addons from the BentoBox add-on list, but this is only likely if Skyblock becomes popular for many players.
  • With the whole set of plugins and addons getting regular updates, it's more stable than ever!
  • This has meant redoing the whole set of configurations from scratch.

Now some of the bad news:

Since we are bringing back Skyblock, along with other game modes, with an updated challenges list, this does mean that Skyblock will be starting afresh for all players. We have put considerable thought into this decision and our decision process is outlined as the following:

  • It is not as simple to just transfer the Skyblock map, we can't just drop it in the folder and have it work because it is accompanied by outdated configuration files and databases which would take a considerable time to port over and, with us being a small team, this is not feasible.
  • It would be unfair for some people to have developed islands and be able to redo challenges again due to plugin updates. We want a level playing field for everyone.
  • By not transferring anything over from the old Skyblock files, we also eliminate transferring any corruption which caused the Skyblock to crash in the first place.

Server Chat

After previous feedback and with everyone being so supportive, we have made some changes to what chats are going to be available on the server. We believe this to be the final iteration which the chat will go through and will stay this way.

  • Implementation of a world chat, which would allow players to talk within the particular server they are on. This is taking the prefix [W] and will be in old yellow and can be seen as its replacement.
  • The following chat features are fully working across the network and will be a big improvement over some previous plugins:
    • Person to person mail has greatly improved and allows a person to send a much longer message to a person, and even be allowed to forward the mail to others! It is like a full-on email system. It will take some getting used to, but we think it's a big improvement over our current mailing setup!
    • Direct messages will work across all servers, the other player must be online, just like we currently have.
    • Local chat will tell you if there is no one around you to chat to!
    • We have made aliases for all chats otherwise it would have been: /ch send <channel> <message>.
  • There is a party system in which you can talk with anyone within your party. This party system is dynamic and upon leaving the game you would be removed from the party and would have to rejoin. This can be used for dynamic or small group projects where a persistent chat would not be needed and if local would give away secret information or not be suitable as party members are spread across multiple servers.
  • There is now a clan system. We like to think of this as the new town chat. It is very much like the party chat system, other than the fact this chat would be persistent and you would remain in the chat upon leaving and joining again. It may not be as well integrated as towny chat currently, but we needed it to be across Bungee!

Other Changes

  • AFK works across servers and displays on tab correctly.
  • Broadcast messages work across the network.
  • Server restarts have been scheduled for every 6 hours, at the moment they all restart at the same time.
  • Many warps have been placed, warp signs will all need replacing upon world transfer.
  • NPC's have been transported over.
  • Banning and muting players works across the network.
  • Other general QoL staff commands have been implemented and improved.
  • Power levels show under the players' name if McMMO is on that server.
  • Shop signs work in Fedgardia and Horizon; we still have to update item.db across all servers. This shall be easier once Essentials plugin updates.
  • McMMO Monday custom script is now installed.
  • Minepack's /chest now works across the network.
  • Holograms have been transferred to Fedgardia and Horizon, all over 300 of them.
  • Updated so many plugins across all 7 servers, with more to be updated shortly. This should fix some bugs we are encountering.

- Sentinel Staff

Bungee Update / Bunge Chat Issues
« on: April 06, 2021, 04:17:06 PM »
Chat Issues - Bungee

We knew bungee would not be straight forward and there would be many problems that could arise from going down this path. When such problems arise, we want to ask the community their feelings on such issues as anything which is decided here does set the course for Sentinel and will affect everyone. Our issue has to do with our chats, so I shall outline the complexity of getting cross-server chatting working, our current progress on such chats and the issue at hand. We would like to end on some things we have thought about and would really like any input from yourselves on this issue.

Complexity of Bungee

Bungee in its pure form allows separate servers to allow players to flow between them and only players. All other data such a chat, inventory, and anything else is isolated to that server. This means we must find creative ways to allow this unsupported transfer of information between servers. The aspect which we feel is the most important is ensuring we can all chat with each other in the same way we currently do no matter what we are doing on the server.

Current progress

At this point we have Local, General, Senior Member and Staff Channels all sorted out and these do seem to be working reliably across all servers. Getting this far has been a major feat on our part as we are relying upon a plugin to manage this and all the complex network protocols involved.

Issues arise when we would be relying upon another plugin to determine who can see what chat, and we have two of them:

McMMO - Party Chats;

This would have party chats which only party member could see. The issue which arises from this is that McMMO was not built to be a completely integrated bungee plugins, so it stores a lot of its data within files which is very troublesome for any Bungee network. An example:

1.   I join a party in Fedgarida and warp to Horizon to find my myself no longer at a party!
2.   I leave a party in Horizon and warp to Kattalox only to find myself still in that party!

The basic premise is that there is no consistency between the files held for each server, we have thought of ways to ensure they consistent but such work well over our head. This would the sort of thing larger networks pay actually qualified developers to implement.

Towny - Town Chat, Nation Chat;

This one is the most frustrating problem that we have come across as we know that town chats are vitally important to everyone on sentinel, and we do come up against some issues similar to that of McMMO but the issues with towny are very much the same, town information is stored in files on a specific server in our case it would be Kattalox.
The issues we are having is that we would not be able to have town and nation chat outside the Kattalox server, which would be devastating, but we cannot find a workable solution to have it perfectly integrated across all servers.

Potential Workarounds

We have looked at Party and Friends plugin to replace parties for McMMO to allow players to have parties therefore fixing this issue rather quickly, it would be using /party so should not be an issue for anyone to get used to.
For towny this is much more complex, and we really do want to hear back from you and your potential ideas on this, if your ideas out as much as possible to allow us to see if those solutions would be feasible.

Our Solution:

Implementation of Party and Friend's Clans allows /Clan to replace town chat, it even comes with prefixes! Acts very much as a town chat with the leader managing the channel. Downside to this we would be losing nation chat which is very much disappointing.

We know this would not be ideal of a solution, but we have very much hit a wall and do not know how to progress.

Bungee Update / Development diary #2 - Plugins - Please just work!
« on: April 04, 2021, 06:18:51 PM »
Development diary #2 - Plugins - Please just work!

(Some things got an update, totally not by changing plugins or anything...)

Our first Dev. Diary seemed to go down well and as promised we are bringing you another one focused on plugins. We shall discuss the good, the bad and the ugly about getting plugins to work as we would intend. We would like to make it clear from the outset that most plugins are developed by people on their own time and for the most part these people are not full-time developers adhering to "standard practice". This does mean plugins are not made equal, and they come in varying quality. This is something which we are in constant battle with.

Current Setup

Currently, we are running 50 different plugins:

With each of them serving a purpose, some are core to the server, such as Towny or GriefPrevention, while others you may have never noticed or thought about such as ProtocolLib, LuckPerms or PlaceholderAPI. For the most part, these plugins work together well enough for us to not see many issues and go about playing the game as we normally would. But for this to happen, so smoothly we have had to modify all the different config files for each and every plugin to our needs or requirements, this is a very time-consuming process.

As you may have heard before, our current setup is falling apart, which is a little dramatic but not far from the truth. As for plugins, they update and progress through their versions, features are added, removed or reworked. This is very nice if we want to include that new feature, but it has a rather annoying aspect of it which none of you will see. With each update, the config will have updated features or changes. If we wanted the best possible performance from our plugins we would refresh our configs upon each plugin update, which is pretty hard to do on a permanently online server without significant downtime or causing major irreversible issues.

Another aspect of plugins I would like to touch on here is how they hold their data, plugins depending on how sophisticated they allow you to pick between two distinct data storage methods:

  • As singular files in the plugins' folder - This is the most common method by which plugins hold their data and for smaller servers, this is not an issue. This type of storage will have implications later on, especially with bungee.
  • Within a database (MySQL) - This would allow us to hold data outside the plugins folder and have the potential of having more concurrent connections to our data. For servers from our size up, it's near enough a must for data retrieval speed and limiting the number of files (no one wants to deal with 250,000 files in a singular folder).

For our current setup, it does not matter which storage method we have gone for as it would work as it would all be running on the same server so the availability of plugins is just so vast.


As we are moving towards bungee, we had had to specify within our planning what we want to do and ensure we could use plugins we currently do more creatively, find new plugins for specific tasks or if all else fails find a compromise we are willing to take. This sort of thing we can only do through experimentation to even see if the new plugin will work as intended.

Our main goal was to ensure the same level of integration our current worlds benefited from, with bungee having it exactly how it currently is would be impossible due to the fundamentals of bungee and how it wants to keep each server segregated from the rest. This is great for a large minigames network or a large multi-game network with factions, towny, SMP, etc; but it does not work for us.

Not to worry however, we have made progress on this front, and we continue to make progress. This is some progress we have made and would like to share with you all;

  • Cross-server chatting - This could be seen as more on the most important aspects and was something which is a must from our point of view.
    • We have gotten Local, Global, Senior Member and all staff channels working.
    • Direct Messages are currently working (just needs format fixing).
    • Mailing is partially working, trying to narrow down the issue, it's likely a database issue.
    • Town and Nation Chats is proving extremely difficult.
    • McMMO party chat will be replaced with another party plugin to allow cross-server chatting.
  • Cross-server Inventories - We got plugins for it to work, don't ask me how, it just works, and I claim it to be magic!
    • Fedgardia, Horizon, Kattalox, Alpha and Pern all share the same inventory.
    • Can be a little slow to update your inventory if you jumped between servers quickly.
    • Money is shared between Fedgarida, Horizon, Alpha and Pern. You can also pay an offline player, which is something new.
  • Cross-server Teleportation - We had to get 5 different plugins for this to work, so all sorts of teleportation do work as we would like it to.
    • Homes work, the home bed will not be possible.
    • Warps work, it will mean all warps will need to be remade and signs replaced. We are working on a plan for this.
    • TP?s, work across servers as you would expect.
    • /back /back does not work as intended, looking at solutions for that.

That was a little teaser of the progress we have made on the project, We could have listed more but not quite ready to write a novel.

Certain Plugin Changes

Certain plugin changes will just have to happen with how some plugins store their data, and if it's not in a database, the plugin essentially becomes useless to us. We have made some plugin changes so far, to some which we knew would work across bungee in the way we would want it to. This list is likely not final and some more changes are likely to be added at a later date.

Essentials Home        -->  MaSuite Homes
Essentials Teleports  -->  MaSuite Teleports
Essentials Warps      -->  MaSuite Warps
Towny Chat               -->  ChatControl Red
AuctionHouse            -->  GlobalMarketChest
McMMO Party Chat    -->  Party and Friends

Putting things into context

We are running 7 servers which all have a base of 36 plugins to ensure consistency between the servers, each of these plugins has at least one config file which would need changing to meet our needs, this makes over 252 different configuration files. Each configuration file can range from anything from 20 lines long to well over 3000 lines long depending on the plugin. This equates to an extreme task.

As we are running 7 servers, and we have many plugins which use MySQL databases, we have well over 25 active databases, each database could have multiple tables of data. This at last check makes 300 active connections to the MySQL server at any given time, once it gets played upon we can imagine the number of active connections going up.

We have given these few facts to show the enormity of the project ahead of us and show that we are making progress in the right direction even if that progress is currently rather slow. For the next development diary, give us some questions or concerns which you would like to be answered about this massive project.

- Sentinel Staff

Development diary #1 - Overall Plan - Code Name: Don't panic

(Proof of concept for a new and updated tab, more teasers will be on their way in the next update!)

This is the first one, so we shall see how this format goes and hope it does slowly answer your questions in the coming weeks. We want to abundantly clear that this change is not going to happen quickly and there will plenty of warning when we make the change over, so please do not stress about the 'what if?'. Being as honest as we can, we do not know all the answers at this time. We shall only announce firm progress, on things we are happy are final and will not change through our development.


We know many of you will think why we are going to such great lengths to make change things, and probably feel apprehensive of any change coming forward. As for Minecraft itself, has had many considerable updates since 2013 and if we wanted to compare the two different server Java files, we would find that the most up to date version would be considerably slower. Even with server components getting faster frequencies and IPC (Instructions per cycle) this has not been enough to keep the server performing as well as we would like, and it's exacerbated with the way Minecraft is handled on a server, with the game thread only being run on one core, it means we cannot just throw more cores at it, and it runs twice or three times as fast.

We have all seen this in practice with our TPS (ticks per second) dropping when we have many concurrent players. This is a point of frustration for us all. We have taken measures to ease the burden on the server by reducing many aspects of the game such as natural mob spawning, render distance, etc. We know this does have a negative effect on player experience, but thankfully you have been begrudgingly accepting of these changes.

The last year has been troublesome for the server on the backend at least, with the loss of dynmap and skyblock. This has been the 'straw that broke the camel's back', and really showed us that we have outgrown our current server hardware. We have very much hit the limit of our current storage space, sentinel in its current form is taking up over 500 GB and this is growing. Another limitation we have hit once we get many players online is the read-write bandwidth of the server, causing major TPS drops without any seeming reason why, this is due to the server being run on basic SSD's.

The setup

As we detailed in the announcement post, we purchased a new dedicated host with more up to date hardware and must more storage. Our storage solution shall consist of 900 GB of super-fast storage and 4 TB available for backups, ensuring we keep all our data safe. This increased storage has allowed us to truly plan for increased world boarders, in some cases as well as introducing more worlds such as claimable nether and end.

If you have thought this through this mean sentinel would be well over double digits of the number of worlds we would have, which is far too much for a single Java file to handle. We have taken the decision to split this up into distinct servers which are all interconnected. This should help us leverage all the performance of the 8 core/16 thread processer we have. We have decided to split the server into 8 distinct servers at the moment:

  • Server 0: The Proxy - connects all the servers together and allows for an almost seamless experience of talking and teleporting between servers. There will be issues, but we are doing our best to try and sort them out.
  • Server 1: Fedgardia - The server spawn, as it's the first impression of the server for new players and the like, we have decided to run it on its own server. Does mean Fedgardia can have a 16 chunk render distance!
  • Server 2: Horizon - This is the claimable server which will allow all 3 dimensions to be claimable. It will allow us to have nether and overworld bases be linked and permanent.
  • Server 3: Alpha - This will be the resource server with all three dimensions which can be exploited for their resources. With it being its own server, we can increase the world boarders tenfold to ensure you can find all resources you would want, also rapid exploring should not cause other servers lag!
  • Server 4: Kattalox - Towny is all alone by itself, but does mean, more space, or the possibility of temp towny worlds for events, if we can ever think of any good ones.
  • Server 5: Skyblock - This means we shall be bringing back skyblock! But we shall be brining it back stronger than ever, and we can decide to start with 2 different game modes, with the possibility of a third one! This will hopefully launch with updated challenges and quests for players to try and achieve.
  • Server 6: Pern - Given Pern its own world allow us to be able to increase its render distance so exploring builds is more enjoyable while also ensuring it's not a burden upon other servers resources.
  • Server 7: Minigames/Flat - We are going to be putting minigames and flat on the same server as both of these worlds are not very resource heavy, and it would not make sense splitting them up into their own distinct servers.

Setting up the server this way is far more complex than if we just tried to carry on with a single server instead of a network, we feel the benefits outweigh any potential issues which could arise during this project. Some of the key aspects that we believe its work it for;

Increased render distance, which can be variable dependent on the server.
If a server crashes, such a horizon, all other servers will be playable, meaning less downtime for minor issues!
Allows us to hopefully introduce many more features to the game, or if demand was high enough newer game modes on their own specific server.
Peoples builds and actions on the server should have lesser impact upon server TPS.
Moar plugins? Maybe..

We hope you are as excited as we are to embark on this journey into evolving Sentinel into something bigger and better for everyone to enjoy! We do hope that you think these development diaries are worthwhile and informative, the next dev diary shall be on plugins, those that have changed, those we have added and the overall difficulty around them.

- Sentinel Staff

Everything Else / BuildyBlocks!
« on: February 13, 2021, 01:40:09 PM »


It has now been over a year since the last BuildyBlock update, and the store has gone through many changes over the last 12 months. There have been competitors 'attempting' to steal trade away from BuildyBlocks and the market which we now operate has become very competitive. To ensure BuildyBlocks survival and dominance within the market we have strived to diversify our product lines as well as offer very competitive prices.

Additionally, due to the poor performance of CraftyComponents in Ducktopia, we decided to move this store to Tranquila's Poppy Plaza to ensure that all BuildyBlocks stores are easily accessible to all our fantastic customers. This expansion has allowed us to develop an area for smaller traders which can trade under the BuildyBlock name! These traders have been vetted for reliability as well as offering competitive prices.

Therefore, BuildyBlocks & Co is by far the best one-stop-shop for all your Buildy and Crafty needs!

If you are wanting to carry products in BuildyBlocks please do message me either in-game or on discord and any arrangement can be discussed!

Please find our full product range below including our very competitive prices!

All variations of logs - $16 - $28 for 32 (depending on type of log)
Sand - $26 for 64
Red Sand - $30 for 64
Sandstone - $32 for 32
Bricks - $48 for 32
Smooth Stone - $48 for 32
Gravel - $52 for 64
Prismarine Block - $58 for 16
Glass - $64 for 64
Bone Block - $64 for 32
Warped Wart Block - $64 for 64
Blackstone - $64 for 64
Basalt - $64 for 64
Dried Kelp Block - $80 for 16
Prismarine Brick - $128 for 16
Red Nether Brick - $128 for 16
Nether Brick - $128 for 16
Nether Warts Block - $128 for 16
Glowstone - $144 for 16
Quartz Block - $196 for 16
Dark Prismarine - $200 for 16
Sea Lantern - $256 for 16

Repeater - $8 for 8
Item Frame - $40 for 8
Observer - $64 for 8
Comparator - $64 for 8
Rail - $64 for 8
Piston - $128 for 8
Sticky Piston - $128 for 8
Powered Rail - $144 for 8
Hopper - $720 for 8

Community Traders:
Stall One:
Fire Coral Block - $32 for 32
Horn Coral Block - $32 for 32
Tube Coral Block - $32 for 32
Bubble Coral Block - $32 for 32
Brain Coral Block - $32 for 32
Bricks - $45 for 32
Obsidian - $150 for 64
Golden Carrot - $550 for 64

Stall Two:
Diamond - $100 for 1
Emerald - $260 for 16
Gold Ingot - $280 for 16
Iron Ingot - $610 for 32
Netherite - $1950 for 1

Server Announcements / Server Issues
« on: December 30, 2020, 04:27:58 PM »

Read Carefully!

Not even a week on the job, the server decided to have a temper tantrum today. This was a strange error as we have not come across this at all in previous crashes or log files. We narrowed it down to the server filling the hard drive that it's currently hosted upon. This meant we had to go through all the server files and remove redundant files and/or old files. We started to remove log files, we freed up 5 GB, but this would not be enough. With a heavy heart, we decided to remove dynmap due to its excessive storage usage! It used up over 130 GB. This unfortunate change does mean the website map is no longer useable, and we have freed up all the space we need to keep the server going. We shall be looking at ways to bring back dynmap, but we need everyone to be patient with us at the moment as we are all very busy people.

Some issues which have happened with this unforeseen crash;
  • Player inventories and enderchests have been wiped, we do believe this is due to some unchangeable UUID changes when bringing the server back online.  We are working on a method to try and restore inventories as best as we can, we cannot guarantee this will be 100% perfect.

    • Enderchests might be retrievable for SM+ from /flat, for us to do this we will require all SM to be truthful with items they had in their enderchests. -Reviewed this, this is not possible, I was mistaken before

    • We have a temp sign at /rules or when you first log-in which should restore some of your inventory, this restore is from the last time you played mini-games, this could have been yesterday, or it could be from 3 months ago so be mindful when you get your inventory. Please do not message us because you have not got all of it back, as we cannot deal with all these messages, we shall be handling the big ticket items only.

      • We no longer have the sign at spawn. We are no longer restoring any items that were lost.

    • Skyblock has completely broken due to unforeseen changes with UUID, we have taken the step to disable Skyblock for now due to this and spend longer resolving these issues.

    • ALL MAPS have broken :( this means all maps will need to recreated and transferred over, we shall try and assist where possible in making this as quick as possible. We shall be making a system at /flat to ensure we can transfer all maps;

      • These will be donation chests accepting of maps (1 map of each type)
      • Rename the map with your username, so we know where to deliver this map
      • We shall deliver them to your /home home in a chest at this location.
      • This may take some time so please do not ask repeatedly.
    Unexpected bug fix:
    • can finally bring you a fix to the nether portals, we have no idea what happened, but it is somehow fixed.
    We are working hard to ensure such issues do not happen in the future and this is very much a learning process for many of us and we thank you for your patience and understanding while we have worked to resolve this crash.

    -   Sentinel Staff

Everything Else / Happy Holidays Everyone!
« on: December 24, 2020, 04:59:30 PM »
Dear Sentinel,

I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday, and we have almost made it to the end of 2020, and I can assure you its been one of the most difficult years for everyone, but instead of dwelling on the bad parts of 2020. As I am usually quite lazy (or am I working on something?), I have left creating my sentinel Christmas presents to last minutes :( (Brenda plz let me keep my presents?). So instead of trying to cobble together some cobble and diamonds for people, I wanted to write a more personal post to show that I have not forgotten and take a to look back at all the amazing things we have done this year, even though we are an online community this does should not change how proud we should be with our achievements.

The server has been through a lot this year, and it because of the community, our staff team works on the server to bring everyone new experiences, features and just some bug fixes. Here is a brief overview of what has happened this year;

  • Sentinel updated to 1.15! We got those bees!  Woo! This brought the changes of removing phant- I mean those sky rats from our main worlds banishing them to Alpha! MOAR world to explore and find those bees!
  • A very big change which happened this year was the update to spawn on April 1st (they got us hard with all the talk of removing or resetting stuff!). This was a whole update to everything on the previous spawn island and a fantastic celebration of Migas' third year of ownership and Brenda's third year of being a pesky red admin.
  • We worked on the economy to some peoples joy and others dismay, this may not seem like a lot of work on the surface but a lot of thought was put into this, all I can say is that there could be more changes in the future or even addition of features!
  • Sentinel updated to 1.16! This changed everything, there was so much to think about and many bugs which have not been resolved yet ☹ such as portals, this again shows us we have the trust and understanding of the sentinel community when faced with such issues, we have not forgotten about it!
  • Sentinel went for a major wobble with an update, this caused major disruption; at first, we thought the corruption would be irreversible, but with the hard work of many within the staff team we went to work on those issues and only a few hours later we had sentinel back up again. We did not give up as we did not want to disappoint the community.
  • For the first time in a while, we introduced a new feature, crates! Let's just say this ate about 20 million from our economy since its launch! It's one greedy chest.
  • More recently Migas' has decided to pass on the baton of leadership of sentinel to Paulina.
  • Sentinel has a prom event, this has a major success, we just about filled the server with senior members+ for the duration of the event! This was a new record for Sentinel and something we are unlikely to beat any time soon.
    Many server events have been brought back, such as chicken football and RoW (Busgy's memes have been the highlight personally!).
  • At some point, last year we all came together to totally bamboozle Migas and got him a camera and a lovely video to go with it. He totally thought it was some dutch sweeties! I cannot see another server coming together like this and showing our appreciation, again shows that we are such a special community.

There are going to be events or changes (Do add them below, share those memories with us!) which I have missed off this list and that only makes what we have accomplished this year even more special that we are looking forward and wanting to evolve sentinel to everything it could be and more. I think I can safely say that we all joined to play Minecraft, but we all stayed because of the community and this has only been possible due to the leadership over the last 7 years. People have come and gone and it's a testament to how resilient our community is.

I could go on forever about what this community has done and all the great things we have done, this has been a community which I have been a part of since 2014 (even if I may have had some inactive years in between) and has been a community and server which I have found myself coming back to time and time again, this time here to stay. I feel privileged to be one of the community leaders and someone which you all put a lot of trust in. I hope to uphold that trust this next year, as personally, Sentinel has become more than just a game.

Here is to another fantastic year on sentinel, and we shall see what changes sentinel will bring us this next year!

-Oli - One of your clumsy admins

Server Announcements / Crispy Crates for SentinelCraft!
« on: September 03, 2020, 11:59:44 PM »
Crispy Crates for SentinelCraft!

With the dawn of the 1.16 update hitting SentinelCraft, a small team has been working at bringing a new feature to our server; Loot Crates!
We know it has been a while since we have had a new feature come to our server, we have worked hard to make this a successful addition!

The loot crates will be situated under our current shop building at spawn, fast travel there with /crates.
This has been wonderfully put together by our builders; Elisthetic and banacat who have taken our ideas for this area and made it a visual masterpiece! <3
Additionally, there is a secret area for everyone to find - think of it as a bonus treasure hunt.
Be warned, it's much harder to find than you may think! Same rules, as always, apply; no telling about it if you found out!

Unfortunately, voting has been quite stale and outdated for many. Worry no longer!
As a first effort to change this and make voting a more rewarding experience, we have decided to add limited head crates which are openable with head tokens!
This could range from flags, Super Mario and even Star Wars themed crates! Make sure to start voting regularly so you have enough head tokens to collect them all!

It is time to get into the biggest part of this update; we are going to introduce a multitude of new permanent crates.
There will be multiple tiers of crates as shown below:

  • Basic Crates
    • Themes: Building, Food, Gardening, Mob Drops, Mining
    • Cost: $250
    • Cheapest of crates, aimed at those with little money who want/require items from a particular crate to either carry on building, mining or exploring.
  • Intermediate Crates
    • Themes: Combat, End, Nether, Redstone, Uncraftables
    • Cost: $1,000
    • These crates are very much a gamble with a small chance to win big!
      Would you win a fancy new elytra or be left with 64 netherrack to your name? Be careful when taking your chances here!
  • Epic Crates
    • Themes: Building, Ocean, Potion
    • Cost: $4,000
    • These crates offer great value, while retaining the feeling of having the potential to lose everything!
      Be careful, these crates can make even the richest player poor!
      (squinting in Joel's direction, hoping he buys crates and becomes poor).
  • Legendary Crates
    • Themes: Legendary Tools, Special Spawn Eggs
    • Cost: 1 Legendary Key, $10,000
    • The first tier of crates requires a key and a good chunk of your hard-earned cash. The key is obtainable as an exceedingly rare reward from either the Intermediate or Epic crates.
      Once you have obtained the key, you can take your chances with two ancient traders at either winning long-forgotten armor and tools or at obtaining new and even rarer eggs!
      These rewards are meant to be rare and promote long term interaction with crates.
  • The Forbidden Crate
    • Themes: ???
    • Cost: 1 Forbidden Key, $20,000
    • This crate has an air of darkness around it and is by far the hardest crate to obtain. It's key is only obtainable as a rare reward from Legendary crates.
      With this key, you can gain forbidden knowledge to commands from past voting rewards and crate exclusive commands!

To view the contents of these crates, simply head down below the shop and left click any crate to see its rewards and percentage chance.
Or even better, open some yourself and see what's in it for you!

We would like you to explore the crates for yourself and allow you to explore this new addition to SentinelCraft!
A significant amount of effort has been put into making these crates as balanced as possible in order to preserve our economy.
We're eager to hear your feedback on this new feature and how we could potentially improve it in the future!

I would like to thank the following members of our community for making my dream possible *happy crate noises*:

  • Brenda, for ensuring that our ideas were manageable, for organizing all our data and making many of the head crate themes which we are excited to announce in the future.
  • Devereux, for spending so long ensuring that all the details on each of the crates were perfect and consistent throughout all of the crates.
  • Elisthetic & banacat, for building such a fantastic area for crates. We know without such a great area crates would have fallen flat on its face.
  • Migas, for giving in with my constant nagging with CRATES! and being open to adding a new feature and yet another plugin to our already crowded list.

If you find any errors/problems with the crates at all, please do not hesitate to report it to our staff team. Thank you!

Server Announcements / Sentinelcraft is now on 1.16.2!
« on: August 28, 2020, 01:38:00 PM »
Minecraft 1.16.2 has reached the shores of SentinelCraft!

We are happy to say that the updating has gone successfully and you all now have access to all the new shiny 1.16 blocks!

The current changes:

- Updated PaperMC to 1.16
- Updated a multitude of different plugins to latest versions
- Nether has been reset for exploration of all the new blocks
- The nether, for now, is ONLY for exploring, please wait for the claimable nether before making buildings, contraptions or bases!


- All portals are currently unusable, this is something out of our control due to how portals are managed in 1.16 compared to 1.15. We are working hard to fix this issue. As a workaround, we have made /nether and /end to allow you to travel from the centre of these worlds. With this issue please be patient with us

Hopefully, there are no more bugs with this update, but if you do see any, please report them to us on the forums and will get them patched up!

This is not the end to nether updates, and we imagine many of you may want to have a base in the nether but may not live in a nether decimated due to explosive mining and other such actions. For this, we are working hard to make a claimable nether. This nether is not going to be any ordinary nether, and we wanted to make multiple changes to make it a friendlier place to live. The changes in the works are as follows;

-   Increasing bedrock roof to 256, therefore doubling the high of the world and removing any potential abuse or misuse of the nether roof.
-   Removal of all ores within the claimable nether, as to discourage mining.
-   Rarer naturally generated buildings to discourage exploration to find them for the sole purpose of raiding them. They have not been removed entirely as we do expect that some would want to make them into a base.

Due to many bugs from Mojang and Spigot (therefore PaperMC) there are many issues when trying to use custom worlds at this time, we have therefore decided to wait for these bugs to be resolved as making changes to the nether as outlined above will make for a much more interesting claimable nether.

Further adding to this, there will be a new feature hitting Sentinecraft in the near future and we are excited for you to see what we have been working on for the last few months!

Thank you,
SentinelCraft Staff

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