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Author Topic: Skyblock Guide!  (Read 356 times)


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Skyblock Guide!
« on: August 12, 2017, 02:43:06 PM »
Skyblock Guide

Getting Started with Skyblock!

Here is a quick setup guide that should contain everything you need to know about getting started with skyblock. I will start with a list of commands for your reference. Whenever the word "/is" shows up, it can be replaced by /sb or /skyblock.

General Commands:
/is Open the island GUI.
/is go Teleport to your island.
/is reset Restart your island and remove the old one.
/is sethome Set your teleport point for /island.
/is minishop or ms Opens the MiniShop.
/challenges Show challenges. (or /c)
/challenges complete <challenge name> For quick complete challenges. (or /c c <challenge name>)
/skyblockguide Links to this guide. (or /sbguide, /isguide)
Island Team Commands:
/is team: View your team information.
/is invite <player>: Invite a player to join your island.
/is leave: Leave another player's island.
/is kick <player>: Remove a team player from your island.
/is <accept/reject>: Accept or reject an invitation.
/is makeleader <player>: Transfer the island to <player>.
/is teamchat: Turn on/off team chat.
Island Commands:
/is level Calculate your island level.
/is level <player> See another player's island level.
/is value See island level value of block in hand.
/is warps Lists all available welcome-sign warps.
/is warp <player> Warp to <player>'s welcome sign.
/is name <name> Set a name for your island.
/is top See the top ranked islands.
/is biomes Open the biomes GUI.
/is expel <player> Force a player out of your island.
/is ban <player> Ban a player from your island.
/is banlist <player> List banned players.
/is unban <player> Unban a player from your island.
/is lock Locks island so visitors cannot enter it.
/is resetname Reset your island name.
/is lang <#> Select Language.
/bal See your SkyBlock Balance, money is not merged with the survival amount.
/bug Use it when you're stuck in a ghost/glitched block.

 - Money on Skyblock is separate from the survival world. So /shop does not work and use /is minishop instead. You can also do trade signs.
 - Voting or donating while on Skyblock will send the reward money to this world.
 - Remember, you have limited resources (for example dirt, sand, and lava) sort out your renewable resources and your non-renewable early on.
 - Monsters spawn 20 blocks away in darkened areas, So if your island is too small you will not be able to get drops.
 - Grass is the only thing animals spawn on, so you have to have some grass if you want to tame animals.
 - Skyblock is very involved, and not for the feint hearted. It's best played with friends :D!
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