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Author Topic: Development Diary #4 - Closer and closer - Still more work yet!  (Read 468 times)

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Dev. Diary #4 - Closer and closer - Still more work yet!

We are still very busy working on Bungee, but we like to keep everyone updated. Today's diary might be a little short on updates, but contains very important news, so be sure to read carefully!

Transition - IMPORTANT

We are working very hard to make the transition from our current set up to a network as smooth as possible for all of our players. A lot of effort and planning has to go into making sure everything is running like a well-oiled machine and that we give everyone plenty of time to prepare for the Big Change. That is why we are currently working on a comprehensive plan and set of instructions for YOU, the player, to lessen any stress in the transition. We are making sure that everyone gets plenty of time to prepare. Lookout for more information on this schedule in the future. That said, there is some troublesome news...


Frustratingly, due to our change in plugins (Essentials to MaSuite for the sake of cross-server teleporting), homes (/home) will not be able to be ported over. This is a very tragic loss for everyone, staff included. But don't worry your pretty noggins, we have a plan! Since we aren't changing worlds (Horizon, Kattalox, etc.), we can help you get your homes back to exactly how and where they are now! Hopefully in the coming days, we will put out a post about how you can log your homes (Names, coordinates, etc.). We are giving everyone WEEKS to do this, so please don't worry; all of our staff team will be firing on all cylinders to help everyone get their homes set back up on Bungee!

What works

Thankfully, not everything will be lost on the transition! Here is what we know at the moment will be able to be ported over safely. Important to note that this is not a comprehensive list:
  • Trade Signs WILL work. This includes all of the functionality of them, as well as any items that are stored in the signs. XP signs, Shop signs, and any other kind of trade sign will work. Oplegoman has confirmed this personally; BuildyBlocks(tm) works on our test server!
  • Warps also work! Thanks to the hard work from our very own Joelle454, we have confirmed that warps have been placed in our test server and work! Warp signs, however, will not be ported over due to a change in plugins. These will need to be placed again.
  • The Mail System is operational! This is not the same mail system as our current one, but it works! We previously had issues with deleting mail, but no longer!

What doesn't work

Not everything will work as it does with the current setup of Sentinel, due to the multi-server setup. Here are a couple examples that we have right now:
  • Using /warp across servers and then doing /back to go back to where you were will not work. This is because when you use /warp on Bungee, it teleports you twice, once to the server you want to warp to, and then to the specific location you're going to. This is not really something that we can fix, so be careful when warping!
  • Using /back and then using another /back across servers will not work. This is similar to the /warp issue, and also is unlikely/unable to be fixed.


Just a couple updates on Skyblock for transparency. Nothing big to report yet, but we're getting there!
  • Charactername111 and his team are hard at work getting Skyblock up and running! Plans are being made and basic functionalities are being tested before tweaking 'em up Sentinel style! Paulina has insisted we add to this diary that everyone is free to chip in with creative ideas for challenges.
  • Currently, Character and his team are focused on sorting out balances and perhaps testing if we need an economy update in the future for Skyblock.
  • Francias was officially working on a Skyblock lobby! Congratulations to Francias on the Builder rank and we can't wait to see his contributions to future Bungee-related builds, alongside our many talented builders of course!


Just to recap: We are working hard to make the transition to Bungee as smooth as possible for everyone. More info will be put out soon on how everyone can log their home coords and information so that we can go ahead and get that ball rolling. Please make sure to be patient and watchful for this information.

We are looking for feedback, so please let us know any kind of feedback you might have in the replies. Or, you can message someone on the staff team and we'd love to take in feedback, criticisms, ideas, notes declaring complete and absolute infatuation with Ople, and anything else!

-Sentinel Staff
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Re: Development Diary #4 - Closer and closer - Still more work yet!
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2021, 08:53:45 PM »
I'll side with the infatuation with Ople. Awesome read!
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Re: Development Diary #4 - Closer and closer - Still more work yet!
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2021, 11:49:55 PM »
all good! thanks moog and the staff