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Author Topic: SentinelCraft's 8th Birthday Prom - 2021!  (Read 922 times)

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SentinelCraft's 8th Birthday Prom - 2021!
« on: May 14, 2021, 07:10:01 PM »
SentinelCraft's 8th Birthday Prom, 2021

We humbly present to you:
SentinelCraft's 8th Birthday Prom
In full-blown MI6 agent, 007 style.

Prom will be hosted on Saturday, May 29th 2021
at 11 am ET / 3 pm GMT / 1 am AEST, which will be hosted in-game as well as in our Discord voice chat.

To stay true to our theme, we expect everyone to attend the prom in formal skin wear.

Click here for a countdown to the event.

It's time for minigames!

With this prom, there will be a whole week worth of activities and games! (Hosted yours truly, the Prom Staff team).
The winners of the minigames will be guaranteed a place to partake in the ultimate Minigames Final Showdown on the prom day (before Prom's opening ceremony),
and become The Champion! To get to know more about this week of festivities, click here to see the schedule and an overview of the minigames!

Shiprunner event & Love Letter Contest!
How could it be a prom if we don't involve our lovely Sentinel couples?!?! Start planning your flashy promposal and hope that you don't get slapped !!!
We have planned a potentially (for that I mean "very likely") relationship-ruining minigames course - Shiprunner, specifically tailored to destroy improve relationships. Click here for more information about it!
Right after we ruin your relationships, we present an opportunity for you to mend and make up to your partners, with this Love Letter Contest.

There may or may not be an 18+ only after-party, with various (questionable) activities and (scandalous) games both in game and in the voice chat.
(Keep in mind, your dumb, inebriated antics will be recorded and shared on the server!) (;

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them down below.

See you at Skyfall.
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Smile more, it suits you (:

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Re: SentinelCraft's 8th Birthday Prom - 2021!
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2021, 08:57:01 PM »
SentinelCraft's 8th Birthday Prom - The Speeches!

Prom was about a week ago - and I'd like to thank everyone that attended the prom for making time and getting together during the event! I personally enjoyed being there and seeing the community come together.

For those of you who couldn't attend, or would like to re-read the speeches both Paulina and Bugsy gave that night,
I thought it'd be nice to post them here - enjoy!

Bugsy's opening speech:
Ladies and humblebugs, cowbois and grills - Welcome everyone to the server's 8th birthday, and 2nd prom ! If you were here last year, you know kinda what to expect. If it's your first year here, we're happy to have you nonetheless.
Hope you're enjoying the fireworks show going on right now brought to you by our fireworks team.

Real quick I want to rattle off a bunch of thank yous.
Thank you Brenda, Eli, Paulina, Oli, and Dev for being our wonderful prom management team.
Thank you Franco, Nead, Eagler, Moog, Kuku, and Quazy for doing assorted prom tasks including building the minigames and hosting them.
Thank you silly, chara, and domi for being our amazing graphics team as always.
Also huge thanks to our staff team who keeps things orderly all year long. Most of them lead very busy lives and still find time to help out on the server when they can.

I want to share my favorite highlights from the last year. There's lots to choose from but to keep things brief I'm only going to name 3.

First is the revival of RoW. I always enjoy making memes for the event and the weekly beef. Big shout out to Dev for reviving that.
Second - almost winning best ship with Moog. Also just the wholesomeness in general of Breli and Moogsy trying to tie.
Lastly I think just being part of the community here. Last year's prom I definitely didn't know as many players but over the last year I've gotten to know a lot of you really well. Looking at tab list, I don't think there's anyone I haven't talked to on the server at some point or another.

Enough of the cheesy ****, Schedule for today:
Shortly we will be releasing a poll for you to all vote for the Prom Star! We want to keep this as fair as possible so please do not vote for yourself, campaign for votes, or share who you're voting for as these can get your votes disqualified.

Starting immediately after is the minigame showdown! Competitors are Nead, Quazy, Bloke, Lighter, SirBilliam, Jeff, Ev, franco and skymilk! The competition will be split between the Row and ToF winners competiting, and the winners of the other minigames.
After that Paulina will be giving us her own speech and announcing the Overall Best Player.

Next is Roll on Prom! Hosted by our lovely Dev. Karaoke will follow in voice chat and ending with a Drop Party.
Immediately after will be 18+ After Party! Drinking (s a f e l y) is encouraged but be warned your hijinks will be noted and maybe even reported on in the Weekend Observation (assuming Ev's not too drunk to memorize).
So without further ado, I'm gonna hand it over to Dev to give instructions on minigame Showdown!

Pau's speech:
Dear players, ladies and gentlemen.

First of all, I thank Eli and Brenda and everyone who has put effort into managing the event, creating the maps and organizing the minigames for the past week, it is colossal work for some and added unneeded stress to their everyday lives. I cannot name you all but you can message bugsy12 for your free netherite ingots you've earned them.
But seriously, the effort everyone puts for the community is heart-warming and I'm glad I've stuck this far to Sentinelcraft to be able to witness things unfold in such way.

Coming into Sentinelcraft for the first time, I was just looking for somewhere to build things without being griefed or having to PvP. Never would I have expected to become Owner and I'm sure not even Fedgar or Migas expected the 15 year old that I was to eventually become owner of Sentinelcraft.  I've probably had a bad start as owner considering the many things that were going wrong on my first month but I am learning and I am trying my hardest to not disappoint. I am fortunate to have people like Oli, Brenda, Migas and Fedgar by my side to support me during this huge transition and I cannot thank them enough for the continuous efforts they have put out or still put out for the server.

The same goes to the remainder of staff who have come and gone as well as those who still play, you all contribute to the greatness of this community and without you we'd probably be bald from pulling our hairs out.
This place has been my home for a long time, it is where I grew and where I saw many grow, I hope to keep it a place where others can come have fun and grow too. I can't believe that I might be here to witness the growth of so many of you to come. I hope to have the opportunity to meet all of the wonderful people of the community and share lovely moments with them.
I hope that I am up to the standard of the community as I know I have big shoes to fill after Migas: he picked up the server at its lowest and brought it to its best suit as we see today. I hope I still have the same supportive friends and pillars without which I cannot make it all work out.

Here is a non-alcoholic toast to Sentinelcraft, to a past year of experiences and new people and to many more years of fortune for our little server.

Smile more, it suits you (: