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Server Announcements / Voting Shop Update Feedback!
« on: November 18, 2021, 07:22:02 PM »
Voting Shop Update - We Need Your Feedback!

Hello SentinelCraft!
We've gone through and brainstormed what we could do to expand on our awesome community and reach a wider Minecraft audience to discover us and become part of the history of Sentinelcraft.
As you may have noticed, our cast of members has become more and more scarce and we'd like to change that. We'd like to see new faces that could be the next Senior Member, donator, special or even part of the staff team. As such, we thought of expanding our voting options to more popular and diverse voting websites while still keeping the current ones we have. You've noticed that we are operating a new voting plugin after our departure from Enjin, and this gives us the possibility to do a lot more!

We do know that for a lot of the player base there simply just isn't enough good reason to vote for 5 voting websites that already exist, let alone more (Although helping the server grow should be a good reason).
For this reason we thought to make the voting process more appealing and rewarding, for starters:
- We will expand the monthly prize winners from 5 people to 8.
- We will be working on an additional VoteShop which utilizes Vote Points. You get 1 Vote Point per website.

While we've had the TokenShop as our own customized voting shop, we also wanted to make use of the Vote Shop that comes with the voting plugin. This means that you'll be spending your Vote Points separate from the tokens you receive.
This vote shop would ideally have items that you guys want, special accesses, commands for x period.. Whatever comes to mind as desirable and valuable to the community.

Since we don't want to make such decisions ourselves and then receive feedback/new additions from members later on, we thought it would be best to get member suggestions from the get go.
We want to hear what you want to see as Voting rewards to be sold in the vote shop, a few notable examples:
Token for more towny claim blocks, token for more horizon claim blocks, a month fly in resource world, a token for a small chest backpack, NPC token, Hologram token, Disguises etc.

To keep things short, here is the 3 essential points of the post that we want to convey to you:

- We are looking to make the community bigger by getting higher up in ranks of minecraft server websites.
- We are looking at improving the quality of voting rewards through community feedback.
- We are going to have 2 Voting Shops, one utilizes Vote Points and will hold more valuable rewards, the other will be the good old TokenShop which will still hold the old rewards including Head Tokens.

Please reply to this post with your suggestions, replies and anything you'd like to ask us. We look forward to reading your feedback!

Server Rules / Redstone Machine Rules!
« on: October 10, 2021, 08:16:59 PM »
Redstone Machine Rules!

These rules will define the redstone machines on the server as they have become more and more prominent. These come to clarify any sort of future misunderstandings or questions you may have for the future.


An automatic farm is a farm that requires no form of effort or intervention to get the final outcome of the farm. The effort to build the farm does not count.
A semi-automatic farm is a farm that requires pulling a lever, pushing a button, or having to collect it manually. You must not be afk'ing at a spot waiting for the items to come to you as that is equivalent to an afk-farm and crosses the blurry line between auto and semi-auto.

The Rule: No auto-farms, you must put effort into making money! This includes afk-farms.

  • a. Redstone machines should not be running all the time as redstone keeps chunks loaded and that causes lag.
  • b. Bypassing the rules with technicalities i.e: Turning a lever on and letting the farm run is not okay. The fact it has an on and off switch does not exclude other facts like the automatic part of the collection and harvest.
  • c. Large farms and industrial size farms will be subject to evaluation from a staff member, you cannot build them and judge them yourself, you need approval.
  • d. Since there's a vast sea of farm models we have concluded that some will not be allowed: Automatic sheep farm, you must add a switch to shear the sheep yourself. Villager crop farms, although a game mechanic, are not allowed.
  • e. Some traditional farms will be allowed with conditions: Flower farms with a button, 2 block high flower farms as long as it's not running infinitely, cacti farms will be allowed as long as they respect the above rules & the player is doing another activity in the area other than just standing still at the collection point.
  • f. Some criterias of judgement that are not ultimate but will give you a rough idea if your farm is allowed or not: Are you
    actively interacting with the system other than standing still i.e pushing a button? Is there an on/off switch? Are you collecting
    it yourself? If you answer at least 1 No then you must ask for a staff's opinion.
  • g. If you have any doubts, ask a staff member. We do not punish you for making the farm, we punish you for using an illegal farm and hiding it from staff.
  • h. SA reserve final say in exceptional cases, pushing auto farming will lead to the punishment and removal of the machine.

We hope you understand the importance of making such rules for farming as minecraft's ever-expanding universe and technicality leads to some game-breaking and economy-breaking designs that simply do not have a place within a community. It is meant to keep some sort of balance for players to have a chance of catching up.

-- Sentinelcraft Staff.

Server Announcements / Semi-Annual Expense Report
« on: September 25, 2021, 04:01:58 PM »
Semi-Annual Expense Report

Dear Sentinelcraft community,

We decided it would be a nice idea to start a tradition of sorts for the sake of transparency, it would give a good idea to our players where the money goes that we make from donations. We never have really made this sort of report so it was also shocking to us how much money the server took in the past half year from the hosting of 2 servers at once.

The data will be in form of excel pictures to make it easy to navigate and understand. It's pretty simple. You can click the images for a better reading experience.

Numbers breakdown:

First we will start off with the number of plugins that we purchased over the years along with their cost and total amount of the cost of plugins alone. Those marked in red are no longer being used but have bought previously.

Next, we have our server host related expenses, they are in form of 2 services: One is maintenance i.e reinstalling the console, the other is hosting. During the past half year we were burdened and hassling to finish bungee as we knew the costs were racking up. Hosting 2 servers at once is no easy thing and we can clearly see it from the expenses amounting up to $2100 in hosting alone.

Our expenses for the month of December in which we started setting up the bungee server along with its core plugins such as CMI and ChatControl skyrocketted then the curve got flatter for the first months of 2021 to eventually land into the green after we cancelled the old set up's hosting service early august. (RIP).


To get the full scope of how important it was for us this first half of the year to get bungee transfer done to alleviate the pressure of the costs we put it into comparison with the other server costs this past half even including plugins that were purchased pre-2020.

So in one year we have spent about $2200 give or take in just plugins, keeping 2 set ups working and some maintenance costs from the host.

Where do we get the money?

The main source of keeping Sentinelcraft alive is donations coming from the community. All proceeds go towards keeping the server alive and having the best plugins we can possibly find. The other source of keeping Sentinelcraft alive is draining Oli's soul, but we don't talk about that.

As you know, we have changed to a new store and as such we will give out how much we earned since the new store has come out using the store's data.

We appreciate all donations that come through for the sake of the server's upkeep, it shows how much this community cares for the server. We will keep trying our best to bring you the best of our capacity.

We hope you appreciate this sort of post that is outside of the norm for us, we have noticed questions from people regarding such matters and have seen people underestimate the costs of keeping a server like Sentinelcraft up. We hope this answers some questions and interest the number nerds out there. We will try to keep this a thing every half a year on how we have done the past half year. See you in January.

Thank you for the support,

-- Senior Staff

Server Announcements / Horizon troubles
« on: September 02, 2021, 08:32:20 PM »
We can't have a break can we?

It is basically tradition by now that we make a monthly post of something breaking on us without us expecting it, that's just how servers that run this long work. Sometimes it's great and being nice to us, and other times it acts out like a child craving for attention.

Today after the restart at noon GMT DST, the server started not recognizing the chunks it was loading, it was either reverting them back to nature or loading them from scratch, we weren't gonna stick around long enough to find out as what we could tell is: The more people played, the more chunks we lost. We shut down the server as it ran for 30 minutes, enough for some to lose their entire bases that they loaded and have looked at the issue about half a day later when we were available.

It seems the issue has been caused by Paper, for some that remember a year ago, a similar issue with paper also corrupted chunks this way. Although our paper build has been running fine for a month, it seems that it was bound to break at some point if not updated dilligently. Horizon being the larger world and running since 1.12 does not help its cause either. As it so happens the last back up we have of the world is from pre-1.17 update, that means we were put up with 2 choices for now: Revert 3 weeks back or leave things as is and resolve the matter with 4-6 people who were hurt by this issue. We felt it was appropriate to choose the latter as it will involve the least damages to overall playerbase.

What measures we have taken so far?

- Server backups will be made regularily at the expense of longer restarts (5 to 10 minutes), on the upside restarts will now be once every 12 hours.
- Updated paper to the latest build from https://papermc.io/downloads.
- We will make sure to compensate the people who have been damaged.

We apologize for the trouble that this has caused and the significant downtime, 1.17 being so fresh, plugins are bound to break and crumble as that is how issues are found and fixed. We will keep trying our best and push forward for an enjoyable player experience.

If you were affected by the issue then please contact an SA+.

-- Senior Staff

Server Announcements / Sentinelcraft is 1.17 now!
« on: August 12, 2021, 03:24:51 PM »
Sentinelcraft has updated to 1.17!

Dear Sentinelcraft community,

After a successful, albeit rocky, bungee launch it's time to move to new ventures! We proudly announce the successful update to 1.17: Caves & Cliffs update! This means you can now join using 1.17 launcher, play and explore ungenerated horizon and kattalox terrain and have your pet goats and axolotls!

What to expect?

- All servers run using 1.17.
- If you have issues with joining with 1.17 (outdated hardware), fear not! We are now using ViaBackwards. This means you can join the server using 1.16.5, although you may not see the new textures you will still be able to play the game and stick with the community!
- Updated plugins! Less outdated things, less bugs!
- Alpha worlds will not be reset as they are still fresh and unexplored. Ungenerated chunks may have new blocks, going to be interesting to see that generation with custom terrain!
- New mob eggs coming soon to new voting points shop!

If any issues arise, please make a bug report here: Bungee bug report board.

-- Sentinelcraft Staff

Monthly Voting Prize / August's Monthly Voting Prize
« on: August 02, 2021, 09:37:58 AM »
Hey everyone!

Every month there will be some prizes for the top voters during that period.

These are the Top 5 voters in July that get the inclusion in OTB, WO and SML.:

- Horsebagger - OTB
- Nick_Builder - WO
- JohnBarry99 - SML
- Stycore - SML
- Dr_Minestein - SML

If you are one of the winners, you will be interviewed or included in the next versions of either OTB, WO or SML!

The next month's prize is 1 pig spawner in Skyblock or Caveblock.  The winners of August's voting prize will be announced at September 1st.

Admin+ will not be eligible for this prize.

Server Announcements / SentinelCraft has upgraded its donation store!
« on: July 30, 2021, 09:46:11 PM »
SentinelCraft has a brand new donation shop!

Dear SentinelCraft community,
The Sentinelcraft Donation Shop has been re-enabled and is back with a brand new look on a different platform! The Senior Admin team has worked hard to get everything sorted the fast few days, as Bungee has forced us to find a different website/plugin to be compatible with our network!

We'd like to invite you to take a look at the new donation page by clicking here! To celebrate the successful transition of BungeeCord and the arrival of the new donation shop, there will be a 15% sale on all ranks for the 2 coming weeks! If you have any questions, suggestions and/or concerns, feel free to comment underneath this post!

- The Senior Admin team

Guides / Guide to Chats, Clans, Parties, and Friends
« on: July 12, 2021, 10:41:28 AM »
Chats, Clans, Parties, and Friends
Made with love, by JohnBarry, FafaKuKu & Thorn.

Photography provided by Fafakuku and JohnBarry99


Progressing into bungee has seen the introduction of new chat plugins; some work in a different way than before, to accommodate our new system, whereas others are the same and work the same as you?re all used to. While it will take some time to get used to accessing and using these new commands, we are certain that it will feel normal after you do.

Below is a list of the chat modes that you get used to:

General (Global) - default chat mode, messages visible to everyone; accessible to everyone
Local - messages visible to nearby players only; accessible to everyone
World - messages visible to people in your world/server only, e.g. kattalox, horizon, etc ; accessible to everyone
Senior member - accessible only to senior member rank and above; messages visible only to senior member rank and above
Party - messages visible to players in your party; accessible to those in a party
Clan - messages visible to players in your clan; accessible to those in a clan
Private messaging - messages visible only to the sender and recipient of a private message; accessible to everyone


/gon - locks the chat to global chat; you can now type here freely
/lon - locks the chat to local chat; you can now type here freely
/won - locks the chat to world chat; you can now type here freely
/smon - locks the chat to senior member chat; you can now type here freely
/p [message] - sends a message to your party; you need to repeat this for every message you send here
/cc [message] - sends a message to your clan; you need to repeat this for every message you send here
/msg [person] [message] - sends a private message to a specified player; you can use the next command to converse more easily, but you need to repeat for every message you send via this method
/r [message] - replies to a private message you have received from a player; you need to repeat this for every message you send via this method

You can use @[name] to 'ping' someone in chat, using their full in-game username. When someone is pinged, their name will show in lime green, as opposed to the respective chat colour.
Players that use this feature get a 30-second cooldown before using it again. Don't overuse it; you have been trusted to use this responsibly. Failure to do so will result in the feature being withdrawn.


As the server moves to BungeeCord, new changes are introduced, and chatting with friends and townmates will be a new experience. Clans is an extension to the new Party & Friends plugin introduced to SentinelCraft as an alternative to Towny Chat and is somewhat similar to our McMMO Party plugin that can host a number of people for some chit chat.

To start, a player creates a clan with /clan create [ClanName] [ClanTag] and becomes the clan leader. They can then invite players as part of the clan with /clan invite [Player] and either be accepted or rejected by the invited player using /clan join [ClanName] or /clan decline [ClanName].

To chat with other clan members, type in /clan chat [Message] or /cc [Message], or /clan toggle to directly send messages without the need to enter commands.

Note that McMMO Party is now replaced with the Party & Friends plugin, and that the party created will be deleted once one member is left after everyone else logs out.

Below are the commands for clans and their functions:

/clans - Shows all the commands for clans
/clan create [ClanName] [ClanTag]    - Creates a new clan
/clan name <New name of the clan> - Sets a new name for your clan
/clan tag [New clan Tag] - Sets the clan tag
/clan delete      - Deletes the clan
/clan invite [Player] - Invites a player into your clan
/clan kick [Player] - Kicks a player from your clan
/clan leader [Player] - Makes a new player to the leader
/clan join [ClanName] - To join an existing clan
/clan decline [ClanName] - To decline a clan invitation
/clan leave - Leaves the clan you are in
/clan party - Invites all clan members into a party
/clan toggle - Toggles if you msg directly into the clan chat
/clan chat [Message] - Communication between clan members
/clan get [Player] - Outputs the clan where the given player is in
/clan list <Clan> - Lists the players who are in your/the given clan
/clan stats <Clan> <Stat> - Outputs the stats of your/the given clan
/clan setcolor [Color] - Set the color of your clan
/clan rmcolor - Removes the color or your clan
/clan settings - Outputs the settings interface for clans

Note that clan chat and the towny plugins are two very different things. Towny and towny commands do not require clans to be made in order to function. Clan chat was introduced to fill the void left by removing town and nation chats.

It is up to you if you want to create a clan, but doing so will not affect how towny works, and it is not a must. It is simply there if you want a town chat or nation chat supplement, or rather a chat available to you and friends that you regularly play with on the server.


Below are the friends plugin commands and the functions of each.

/friend add [Name of player] - Add a friend
/friend accept [Name of player] - Accepts a friend request
/friend deny [Name of player] - Denies a friend request
/friend remove [Name of friend] - Removes a friend
/friend list - Shows a list of all your friends
/friend listrequests - Shows a list of your existing friend requests
/friend block [Name of player] - Blocks a player
/friend unblock [Name of player] - Unblocks a player
/friend blocklist - Shows a list of blocked players
/friend settings - Change friends settings


Below are the commands for party.

/party join [Name of Party Leader] - Joins an existing party
/party leave - Leave the existing party you're in
/party invite [Name of Player] - Invite a player to your party
/party leader [Name of Player] - Makes a member of your party the leader   
/partychat [Message] or /p [Message] - To communicate between party members

Though it is unfortunate that we'll be leaving behind town chat and nation chat, the new plugins will provide a refreshing experience, and it won't take long to adjust to them through frequent use. You can refer to this guide if using the new commands confuses you!

Happy chatting

-- Sentinelcraft Staff

Guides / Guide to Global Market Chest
« on: July 09, 2021, 08:10:36 PM »
Guide to Global Market Chest
Made by Joelle & Thorn, with love

You may or may not have used Auction House for most of your buying and selling to other players, but we have entered a new era; it's time to adjust to Global Market Chest. As we move to BungeeCord, we have compiled a guide for you to adjust to this new system; we're sure that, given enough time, you'll grow to love this new interface and everything it offers!

How do I use the Global Market Chest plugin?

You can use access the Global Market Chest interface by typing /ah or /auction. This is what the Global Market Chest interface looks like:

How do I create an auction/how do I sell an item?

Drop the item you'd like to sell in the white glass plane. You can adjust the quantity by doing one of the following things;

- Pressing the left orange glass pane will allow you to add a full stack of the item.
- Pressing the right orange glass pane will allow you to sell all the stacks in your inventory of the same item and quantity.
- Pressing the purple glass pane allows you to sell +1 stack of the same item and quantity.
- Pressing the blue glass pane allows you to remove 1 stack from being sold off the item at the same quantity that you initially specified, without changing the price.
Use this for repeatable auctions. For example: when you have a stack of ingots, but only want to sell 1 at a time, this will set up 64 separate auctions for you.

Once you have added the right quantity, press the nether star at the bottom right to continue to the pricing page.

Setting the price for my auction

By pressing on the ores and ore blocks, you can set the value of your item. The upper row is to add values, the lower row is to subtract values. Quick mafs!
In the bottom center of the page, there is a name tag that suggests a price for the item based on recent sales. Clicking it will set it to that value. You'll never have to keep guessing again!

How do I purchase items using Global Market Chest?

Amongst the different categories of items available to buy at the auction house, you can enter a category by clicking it. Then you can go ahead and find the item of interest and click it.
You should get a menu asking you to confirm the purchase. By clicking the item in the middle of the panes, you will have bought the item of interest. You can also click the arrow on the top left to go back to the previous page.

One of your desired items might be a shulker box containing multiple items (e.g. Potions). GMC helps you with purchasing shulker boxes too.

Here you can see that a player wants to purchase a shulker box. Aside from the option that you might have to buy the shulker, you can also check for its contents by clicking the shulker shell beside this.
When you do this, you will be shown an interface that lets you view what is inside the shulker you are buying. This is useful for making sure you are getting what you asked for.

How do I search for items using GMC?

Can't find the item you want? You can use the search option! After accessing GMC using /ah, you can click on the hopper at the top left to search for your desired item.
You have 3 options to do so, either searching for a similar item by pressing the grass block or searching for the item by its name by pressing the paper, or searching a player name to check what items they are selling by pressing the player head. 

Auctions in the last 24 hours

Clicking on the clock at the top left, allows you to check the auctions made in the last 24 hours.

How do I view my Auction History?

By clicking on the enchanted book in the bottom left, you could see your auction history.

Here you could check your auctions that are in progress, expired, sold, bought, and canceled.
You could undo every auction you have by pressing the red wool and renew any expired items (shown in the expired items section) using the orange wool.

Hopefully, this guide gives you a full scope of how to use the Global Market Chest. We know that adjusting to a new system can seem daunting at first, but this guide should give you the A-Z of how to navigate this menu, and how to buy and sell your items!

Happy auctioning,

-- Sentinelcraft staff

Monthly Voting Prize / June's Voting Prize!
« on: June 02, 2021, 04:08:55 PM »
Hey everyone!

Every month there will be some prizes for the top voters during that period.

These are the Top 5 Voters in May (in random order) that get the 1 month fly for a friend of yours:

- Blok3y
- CodeJoel
- JohnBarry99
- TommyFengster
- Ezgordified

If you are one of the winners, ask an SA+ for your prize.

The next month's prize will be a access to the rainbow sheep tower command! The winners of June's voting prize will be announced at May 30th. As always, Admin+ will not be eligible for this.

Monthly Voting Prize / May's Voting Prize!
« on: May 04, 2021, 01:22:23 AM »
Hey everyone!

Every month there will be some prizes for the top voters during that period.

These are the Top 5 Voters in April (in random order) that get the Spring pack:

- Stycore
- Ezgordified
- JohnBarry99
- Blok3y
- CodeJoel

If you are one of the winners, ask an SA+ for your prize.

The next month's prize will be a 1 month fly for a friend of yours! The winners of May's voting prize will be announced at May 31st. As always, Admin+ will not be eligible for this.

Monthly Voting Prize / April's Monthly Voting Prize!
« on: April 03, 2021, 08:30:25 PM »
Hey everyone!

Every month there will be some prizes for the top voters during that period.

These are the Top 5 Voters in March (in random order) that get the random easter egg fron the Easter Egg Hunt event:

- Stycore
- Ezgordified
- JohnBarry99
- BlokeHead
- CodeJoel

If you are one of the winners, ask an SA+ for your prize.

The next month's prize will be a Spring pack! The winners of April's voting prize will be announced at April 30th. As always, Admin+ will not be eligible for this.

Server Announcements / Sentinelcraft's next steps
« on: April 01, 2021, 06:52:49 PM »
A new era for SentinelCraft

Hello everyone! It's been a long ride with Sentinelcraft, we've been accustomed to bring forth news every april since 2017. And this year is no exception, we're beyond excited to share this news with you. SentinelCraft in the future will be switching to a Minecraft Network in order to accommodate a new and improved set up! In the past year, SentinelCraft has survived two major crashes which caused data loss. Our staff team has worked hard to reduce the data loss and tried their best to make it up to the community, thankfully we have a very strong community which was very forgiving, and we do appreciate that a lot. For that reason, a brighter future for SentinelCraft has arrived, the project that we've been planning and working on for quite some time now is finally being announced to you all!

Some of you might have noticed that our activity in-game has gone down quite a bit. Major changes and some smaller mundane fixes on Sentinel have taken a back seat due to our limited amount of time available. We can imagine there is growing discontent with that, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We very much feel sorry not being able to implement requested plugins which we are also passionate about as they may not be compatible with our new server.

A little backstory, our current server setup has been around since 2016, marking the end of Pern and the beginning of our current worlds. It has its quirks, stemming from outdated configuration files and being based upon the original 2013 setup. Updating these configurations can be tricky and extremely troublesome (could cause data loss or long downtimes), hence we've started rebuilding SentinelCraft from the ground up again.  We hope that our new set up will last for a long time. We chose to take this course of action as we wanted to reduce any disturbance to your play on the server while also allowing us plenty of time to bug test and break things many times without it damaging players progress.

Towards the end of December, we purchased the new dedicated server to allow us to build and develop our "New Sentinel", in as much secrecy as possible.  We've been keeping this from you as we didn't want to give false expectations. Over the holidays, we spent time getting the foundations sorted. Sentinel will become a Minecraft Network through the use of Bungeecord. This is something we are completely new to and is much more complicated than our current set up. Sentinel will essentially be moving from a singular server to a cluster of 8 servers. This will allow much more modularization of SentinelCraft, and ensure lag is not shared across all worlds/servers. We'll make sure to bore you with the details in another post, as we are still finalizing things and implementing new features! 

This new era will allow us to implement some of the following changes/features:

  • Increased render distance - This will be very important and improve the overall feel of sentinel. We all want to see our whole builds!
  • Claimable Nether and End - Something we have promised but have not fulfilled as yet.
  • New commands & Donation perks - We are changing out some old or outdated plugins for newer ones, which comes with benefits!
  • Fix issues you are all noticing and getting frustrated about on Sentinel.
We're aiming to keep Sentinel as similar to the current server a possible. Not to worry! We're going to be transferring all the worlds, which means there's no need for a map reset! This work is still ongoing, and we currently do not have any timeline on when it would be completed.  Many of us are busy with work, studies and/or jobs, as well as learning how to configure everything. Please refrain from asking when these things will happen and other exact details. We simply do not know yet. With a transition this big, we shall give the community plenty of notice and clear instructions of what we expect of them during any period of transition. Our current plan to ensure we keep the community updated on our progress and potential changes is to have a fortnightly development diary which will cover your concerns, the changes, the progress and being more transparent with how things work.

We felt now was the right time to inform you about our plans and ambitions for SentinelCraft, as we do not want you all to think that we have given up or happy with the status quo. We're always interested in improving Sentinel to the best of our ability and putting our best foot forward for the community. Likewise, we would like to thank everyone in the community for their patience and gratitude, without all of you we wouldn't be here right now. Welcome aboard the journey into the unknown!

- SentinelCraft Staff

Feature/Plugin Requests / Suggestion Thread: Community, events & rewards.
« on: February 17, 2021, 09:48:45 PM »

Suggestion Thread: Community, rewards & events.

Hello Sentinelcrafters!

Most of us probably came to Sentinelcraft for the survival aspect but stayed for the community. Sentinelcraft lives through its community and the community getting to know each other and becoming friends despite the distance. We would like to know how we can improve in these aspects. What can we do to make fun, innovative events dedicated to Sentinelcraft players?

These are topics we want suggestions on:

Potential community games:

Recently, Migas has been organizing Among Us games and players have been having a blast in the lobbies! It allows you to play with these friends you've made in minecraft and get to know them better! If you know any other games like these I'm sure we can try our best to try them out and promote them as mini-events that will be held with your friends here. The more the merrier!

Improvements for Sentinelcraft Events & rewards:

Sentinelcraft has brought forth a few events for almost every occasion, there's the monthly Voting Prize, Sentinelcraft Awards, Easter Events etc.. We would love to know what the community thinks of these events, what we could improve on?

Another point of improvement with these events: Rewards. We would like to know what new rewards we could implement? Alot of the players who want to participate have the rewards which eventually makes them lose motivation to partake in the event. We would love to know the input of these players (these are high donators or long-time players who participated in alot of events). But everyone is welcome to pitch in!

Innovative ideas for community engagement:

On the course of Sentinelcraft we've had quite a few things made by the community. Most notably the recent come back of Sentinelcraft Magazine. We would love to know what other ideas players have that they want help making a reality! We've had Sentinelcraft Big Brother, Chicken Football, trivia nights.. and we think more of these innovative or inspired ideas would make a big hit with the community engagement! Pitch your idea to us and we will work with you to ensure it goes smoothly.

We look forward to reading your suggestions!

-- Sentinelcraft Staff.

Feature/Plugin Requests / Suggestion Thread: Economy
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Suggestion Thread: Economy

Hello Sentinelcrafters!

Something we knew was bound to happen was inflation. Simply put, the server was printing money without taking any of it away. This makes for crazy balances while we kept the set beginner prices and shop prices all the same. We have tweaked certain prices, tried to promote player shops, added crates (which has roughly taken out at least 15m from the total balances on the server).

At first, it was about a team of 10 people that were discussing the changes and interventions to come. But now, we'd like a fresh intake on the subject as some of you may have your own opinions on the subject.

Some suggestions that were brought up include:

Higher taxing in Towny:
Some of the people at the top of the balance ladder do own towns. At the time being they are being taxed for low amounts versus their large balances. We would up the taxing per plot to 4 or 5$ to take away money slightly faster.  The downside is that the smaller towns will definitely be paying more, but we believe that if you can't afford keeping a town then it's not advised you make one.

Taxing on death:

For the older players on the server you may remember back when we had a plugin called: Death Control. The plugin would tax you depending on the death for a %, and you had to have a minimum balance for your inventory to be kept. When we updated to the newer world we could not keep the plugin as it was discontinued. In the case we find a way to bring this back we would like to know if it is a welcome change (fully knowing this was an original sentinelcraft feature). Keep Inventory is not a Vanilla feature but it was meant to be a privilige for those who can afford it.

Bringing in new tokenshop features:

We have thought of giving the in-game money a new currency value that would be traded for tokenshop items. Obviously the token shop items will also be subject to change or new additions to promote this new money change.

More crates! :

This was just added to make Oplegoman happy.

All the suggestions above are to be taken with a grain of salt. We have not begun work on any of it and would rather know what you think or want to be implemented before we work on anything: this could be plugins, features, tweaks etc..

We look forward to reading your suggestions, reply down below.

-- Sentinelcraft Staff.

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