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Author Topic: SML #1 - Fedgar_Lurch, xXCRYMINALXx, and Tenloe32  (Read 781 times)

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SML #1 - Fedgar_Lurch, xXCRYMINALXx, and Tenloe32
« on: June 29, 2021, 07:17:18 PM »
SentinelCraft Memory Lane #1
For the #1 edition of this new series, we will look into the #1 owner, the #1 player, and the #1 staff member/moderator of SentinelCraft! I hope you enjoy the read!

Joined in 2013, currently holding the Founder rank

The best way to start this series is by remembering our first owner and the person who created the concept, with the help of Rich and myself. The three of us came from another server and were looking forward for a bit more progress there which was not coming. Seeing this, Fedgar took the helm to start a new server with our help, called SentinelCraft.

We ended up opening to public on June 13, 2013. There was still a lot to be done though. However, Fedgar's leadership and enthusiasm around the server lead to a major development during the next couple of months after opening (new plugins, gameplay improvement, donations, forums, website, growing up our staff team, and more).

Without him, the server wouldn't even exist, so we should all appreciate Fedgar's work and dedication throughout the years. He stepped down from being owner on April 1, 2017 but still is an important role for our main staff team, giving important advice and giving a big hand when something breaks. As a close friend of him, I had the priviledge of meeting him in the person and it was one of the best moments I had during that time.

I asked PaulinaCarrot, our current owner to give us an opinion on Fedgar:
"Fedgar's an exceptional person to talk to, he's always inspired me to get better and learn new things from back in 2014 until today. He's the support of Sentinel that not alot of people are aware of. I appreciate my friendship with him greatly and hope to meet him in the future!"

Joined in 2013, currently holding the Admin rank

One of our first players in SentinelCraft was xXCRYMINALXx, also known as Cryminal or Crym. He joined during the first or second day after we opened the server to public. He was then pretty much involved with the early settlements of SentinelCraft, holding a very close "friendly" love/hate relationship with the mayor of Mirlaz at that time, ninja5132.

Since then, Cryminal has been an important role for the community, setting up as an example for other members and, later, within the staff team. Unfortunately, Cryminal ended up losing access to the server for a long time, during two different periods of time, for personal reasons. However, he came back as soon as he could and resumed his activity.

More recently, Cryminal is best known for having a magnificent voice and he voices some of our guide videos of plugins we use in SentinelCraft. Some people within the community also think he would probably win "SentinelCraft's most handsome man" :O.

I asked bugsy12, a close friend of him for a quote:
"He's sweeter on the inside than he looks, bit of a chaotic sense of humor but still a nice guy when you get to know him"

Joined in 2013, currently holding the Member rank

A lot of people don't know or never heard of Tenloe32. This player was the first Moderator of SentinelCraft and was important to set up an initial guideline for this rank.

Tenloe32 joined a couple of days before the server opened to public, invited by Fedgar from a previous server and helped regularly on the initial setups. He was trusted a staff role when the server started.

Later, he built our first minigames' arena, the Coliseum, which was recently changed to a new Coliseum, this one built by banacat.

Unfortunately, we have lost contact with him mid-2014 and have never been in contact with him since.

Check the full list of SentinelCraft's Memory Lane here.
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