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Author Topic: SML #2 - FatherTimeKeeper, Fjerreiro, and CatchingCrowns/krxsk  (Read 630 times)

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SentinelCraft Memory Lane #2
For the #2 edition, I chose to mention the first 3 SentinelCraft Awards winners! Three different players with that prize in common: FatherTimeKeeper, Fjerreiro, and CatchingCrowns/krxsk!

Joined in 2013, currently holding the Donator rank

FatherTimeKeeper, or just simply TimeKeeper, joined SentinelCraft around July or August of 2013, just 2 or 3 months after the server opened. He was pretty much an established and well known player of the server, which helped him win the first SentinelCraft Awards edition when he was still a Senior Member. He was the mayor of Nos Astra, a town which was located near Mirlaz, connected via an underwater tunnel, built by him.

After winning the event, he got confident enough to apply for Moderator and was part of our staff team for a period of time. TimeKeeper was known for being an expert on some subjects related to cyber-security, having helped some people protect themselves better in this digital world. He was also known for having worse grammar than Rich (yes, that's possible).

Eventually, TimeKeeper ended up getting inactive. When he last spoke with us, during that time, he told us he was going to hitchhike around the United States. He has recently messaged us via the forums briefly and we are hoping he returns some day for a long conversation. His town remains easily accessible via one of the /pern warps.

Joined in 2014, currently holding the Senior Admin rank

When Fjerreiro joined the server, alongside his close friend CalvinPigeon, he introduced himself on the forums. As you can read there, his original focus on the server was to build a town. This town ended up being Lux Aeterna, one of the most renown towns in the old Pern world. He also hosted a very popular weekly event on the server, named Maze Runner, alongside others.

However, he ended up not just building a town on the server. Besides winning the Awards in 2015 and promoting the slogan "Leopards > Ducks", he ended up being one of the most influential players of SentinelCraft, ranking up gradually from Member to, eventually, Senior Admin, 3 years later after he joined.

Fjerreiro is a person that enjoys adventure and challenges and is also well known for not taking any of us skiing in the Alps. However, in 2018, I had the priviledge of meeting him in his hometown (an amazing week I will never forget) and I obliged him to teach me how to ski. He didn't pay though but I am glad for the amazing experience there. Personally, I will never forget that Fjerreiro was one of the main people who helped planning (with months in advance) my birthday gift for 2020. Even though it was not his original idea (I believe), he was responsible for choosing the camera and sending it to me.

He has recently been more busy but he is still a crucial part of the main staff team.

I asked Calvin, his childhood friend, for a quote on him:
"Fjerreiro the Leopard is a "lazy horse" but he would never let anyone of us down :)"

PaulinaCarrot, our current owner and one of his closest friends on SentinelCraft, wrote the following:
"Fjerreiro is my secret twin, we used to make jokes about having the same ideas and opinions before and that made us good friends. He is a wonderful friend and always thoughtful about the community, even when he is not here he holds it dear to his heart. I wish him the best as always."

Joined in 2013, currently holding the Donator rank

CatchingCrowns, or more recently krxsk, is a member of our community since 2013. She was invited by a friend back then. Even though they left after a while, she returned some months later.

Even though she was kind of quiet at the beginning, she started to interact more with others some time later. She ended up being part of our staff team, reaching the Admin rank, back in 2016/2017.

CatchingCrowns (the username she had as staff on the server) ended up winning the SentinelCraft Awards in 2016, when she was Moderator. She was rewarded for being funny and one of the most dedicated players at that time.

She is also known for being an artistic person and taking amazing photographs. Personally, I haven't seen many of them, but others can vouch for this. She also managed the server's "Arts Club" chat, when we were still using Skype. Lately, she has been less active, but that doesn't take out the importance she had and has on the server's community!

She is a very good friend of Elisthetic. I asked her to write something about her:
"Greatest friend you could ever ask for, with a heart of gold, the amount of compassion she can offer exceeds what her (tiny) physical self can harness. Excellent friend, even more astonishing human being. Anyone that has ever ran into her in their lives should consider themselves very lucky."

Check the full list of SentinelCraft's Memory Lane here.
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