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Author Topic: SML #6 - TheAncient1, polsonator2, and RogueFriday  (Read 859 times)

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SML #6 - TheAncient1, polsonator2, and RogueFriday
« on: August 02, 2021, 08:40:01 PM »
SentinelCraft Memory Lane #6
I assure you the server is not filled with only kids, teenagers, and duck obsessed people. We also have dads around us! This week I will be talking about three well-known dads while they play or played on our server: TheAncient1, polsonator2, and RogueFriday!

Joined in 2013, currently holding the Ancient One rank

TheAncient1, previously named Animal, joined the server before the official opening of SentinelCraft to the public.

The Ancient One has been a mysterious player to everyone on the server. This is because he holds a special unique rank, created by his son Fedgar_Lurch, to give him special permissions for him to enjoy playing the game while on the server.

The Ancient One misses chat a lot of the times but he is usually friendly everytime he replies, and usually greets you with a "Howdy". He usually spends his time building, from regular builds to abstract landscapes.

Fedgar made a post about him, only some months after the server opened.

As Fedgar said on that post:
"The most important thing to remember about 'The Most Revered Ancient One' Is that he is best left alone. He tends to ignore most people. Trying to find him would be a foolhardy endeavor and end in your own demise."

Joined in 2014, currently holding the Donator rank

polsonator2 joined our server in April 2014. When he joined us, he was also a dad of a couple of kids, even though I'm not really sure if at least one of them joined our server or not.

While on SentinelCraft, Polsonator was good friends of IrParadox, who was mentioned on the last SentinelCraft Memory Lane. This means that Polsonator joined the Triune nation just a few days after joining the server. His major role was at Dragonsreach town, which was managed by him alongside MacLeezy. This town had a medieval theme with some dragons built around it.

Paradox ended up abandoning the server for reasons stated here on the forums. This left a vacant spot for the Emperor of Triune. Polsonator ended up filling that role, being the successor of Paradox on this magnificent nation.

Some months into this position, he ended up reaching the Moderator rank. However, he became inactive shortly after in 2015 and joined us periodically since then to check how things are going. 

Joined in 2015, currently holding the Donator rank

The last SentinelCraft dad we are going to talk about is RogueFriday, that joined us in 2015 and has been consistently active in SentinelCraft since then.

RogueFriday was invited to the server by his son Oplegoman. He ended up creating the Cutters Hollow town, which only had him as a resident. On a Towny voting competition, he even ended up winning a prize even though he was the sole resident. He actually plays regularly by himself, focusing on his own building style and plans.

A small curiosity is that Rogue was the first player of many to get a 0% as a nominee on the SentinelCraft Awards. However, this was no setback for him and he reached the Moderator Rank in 2016, and was a staff member until last month, being the longest serving Moderator of SentinelCraft.

I asked Oplegoman for a quote on his dad:
"Back at the beginning of our sentinel journey, I got Rogue to join this little server i thought was 'cool' all the way back in 2014, he has a little hesitant to join as the old server we played on was no more, but I can say we are both happy to have found sentinel! Also rogue is old, so old he could be my father!"

Check the full list of SentinelCraft's Memory Lane here.
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Re: SML #6 - TheAncient1, polsonator2, and RogueFriday
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2021, 09:08:58 PM »
Im so happy this is a thing since it keeps bringing back memories from the people i used to play with 6 years ago now lol. I loved Pols and MacLeazy. Animal was always so nice to me and Rogue was just a fun guy to talk to!

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Re: SML #6 - TheAncient1, polsonator2, and RogueFriday
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2021, 09:26:23 PM »
Wow this is really cool, Rogue is Ople's dad well that was unexpected  xD. I think Fed's dad joined about a few weeks ago I even met him! What an honor didn't quite know who he was.


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