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Author Topic: SML #7 - JohnBarry99, Stycore, and Dr_MineStein  (Read 724 times)

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SML #7 - JohnBarry99, Stycore, and Dr_MineStein
« on: August 10, 2021, 07:41:24 PM »
SentinelCraft Memory Lane #7
As a monthly voting prize for July, 3 of the top voters are getting a mention on the SentinelCraft Memory Lane. These players are: JohnBarry99, Stycore, and Dr_MineStein!

Joined in 2014, currently holding the Moderator rank

JohnBarry99, aka as Barry, joined our server on Christmas day in 2014.

He has always been active since that time, being very helpful and helping the peenoi community grow on our server. He is one of the most sympathetic players of SentinelCraft and contends for the person who welcomes more people after they register. Barry also manages to win a lot of voting prizes because he is constantly voting for us and supporting the server this way.

He has been part of several towns throughout his time on SentinelCraft, which includes Code, his current town.

Barry also ended up being a big influence on the SentinelCraft Awards, being the surprise winner at 2020's Awards, with an astounding support of his close friends, and being the runner up of this year's edition, just behind bugsy12. He started the year 2021 with a Moderator application which was promptly accepted and has been one of the most reliable staff members of the team.

I asked two players from the peenoi community for their opinions on Barry: FafaKuku and Ezgordified. They said this, respectively:

"One of the and maybe the best members of sentinel, really approachable and is there to help you, he has some naughty side to him but that's a theory, a Sentinel theory."

"Barry is a good friend. I believe that he is a friendly and trustworthy person, he is also very dedicated and gives his utmost effort to the things he does, and that he won't let you down nor give you up, ever."

Joined in 2020, currently holding the Donator rank

Stycore joined our server in 2020, after being invited by his brother Artinity. Since then, he has been a big influencer among the SentinelCraft community.

As soon as he joined the server, he donated and also joined the Code town, where he plays a big role now. He is also one of the players that usually wins the monthly voting prizes and supports the server by voting almost every day.

Unintentionally or not, Stycore helped the server revise the PvP rules with his actions when trying to gather heads for his collection. These rules changed in order to become more coherent and more friendly to new players of the community.

He is also passionate about levelling up McMMO levels. He usually uses McMMOnday's perks on the server to gain some of these levels and competes for the overall 1st place on this plugin. At the time of writing this topic, he was holding that rank.

I asked Joel, his current mayor, for a quote on Stycore:

"Stycore is a dedicated player of this community, a great co-mayor and a hard worker when it comes to stats like me. I respect him for that. For having a similar playstyle as I do, we have had some great friendly competition this past year or so. Keeps me motivated to play and keep up! :)"

Joined in 2021, currently holding the Senior Member rank

Dr_MineStein is one of the most recent members of the SentinelCraft community. He joined our server in March, 2021.

Since his time on the server is still short, there's no major achievements for him in terms of server events.

He was banned very shortly after joining the server. However, he currently represents an example for other new members like him, as they can see how it is possible that someone can make progress and improve. Thus, he applied for Senior Member very recently and got accepted. This shows that anyone can change and is able to get access to more cool features by ranking up in SentinelCraft.

His first town was Zion, with ___Pinheiro___. He had a brief period in Faygo Dreams, managed by evzntv, before returning back to his original town.

evzntv said this about him:

"Doc is someone who I'm very proud of. He probably couldn't have had a worse start to the server, as he was banned early on. Whenever he came back, he almost instantly asked me to join Faygo. At first, I was a bit hesitant, as I didn't know what to expect from someone who was recently unbanned. But he's shown me something that very few unbanned people before have shown me: Dedication and Perseverance. He worked his way up within town, and exceeded all expectations I had for him. He's been a very huge help in the building of Faygo Dreams as an architect , and now the United Faygo Order as a co-mayor of Zion. He's also been able to transfer that helpfulness within the wider community as well, achieving the Senior Member rank. I am very proud of how far Doc has come, and I hope to continue our friendship for the time to come!"

Check the full list of SentinelCraft's Memory Lane here.
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Re: SML #7 - JohnBarry99, Stycore, and Dr_MineStein
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2021, 01:10:37 AM »
That was very kind of you Migas and ev. Honestly speaking I do not deserve such words, I just love my fam on the server  :).

Anyway, I'm working on beating Sty to the top McMMO rank  :P better watch out dude!  xD Barry is a super nice guy really nice learning about him, he's really friendly. Keep it up homie!  :D :D


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