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Everything Else / The Head Hunters Society
« on: May 04, 2020, 06:42:58 PM »
Hello headhunters!

This bounty list a list for members of The Head Hunter Society.
Click here to appeal for a spot in our society. There are several amounts of money to earn, depending on the player(s) you are hunting.

For bounties that have more than $6000 on their head, we are collecting multiple heads to give other players a fair chance to
also participate in the hunt! Say, noob123, has $15000 on their head, this would mean that the first two heads are worth $6000, and the last
head would be worth the remaining money, which would be $3000, in this case. Special situations may occur where a head is worth more than the initial amount.

Moose1441, nikola99, rohanjosephsaji
MisterObama, KILLCYBER, SpaceDragons
Sliendisk777, Darkveh, ParsaSamimi
lassseeee, ybadabado, sub2pewds64
iced_original7, Stycore, khashayar321, Spectr3
IAmTheRealSummer, Red_Fox_01, Foop___

wolf725, PizzaInTheHood, Loz_Moz,


Bounties can be claimed by handing over a player's head to Eagler1997 in-game.
We suggest speaking to your fellow bounty hunters if anyone has conquered their head, to prevent disappointment when we have already received their head.
A great way to do this is our special THHS discord. We cannot be held accountable for this post.

 Would you like to get rid of your THHS bounty and stop the killing? Paying your
bounty price yourself x30 will do the trick!


Consequences will be taken if you scam in any way possible, remember
to respect the PvP rules and to keep an eye out for rulebreakers!

List of rulebreakers - people who I will not be accepting anyapplications from:
- sub2pewds64 - Sliendisk777 - swordsmancs - rohanjosephsaji

Rulebreakers are people who work together with the person who has a bounty in order to get their head - so the bounty gets removed.
They might also be people that have broken the PvP rules before.

Changes or additions to this list can be made at any point in time, so keep
an eye on this post!

We would like to remind you that you can place (or add to) bounties (outside) of THHS interest - without anyone knowing you placed it! Our headhunters will try and get a players head for you, they will try and get you a players head for a minimum of $6k.

If you'd like to place one, please contact Eagler1997 via discord. Please use the following format when contacting me!
- In-game name
- What? (New bounty/adding to + who)
- Anonymous?
- How much (Minimum of $6k)
- Why?

if you feel like you don't belong on this list or want to know why you are on this list you can contact Eagler1997 via discord, but I would like that you watch this video first.

-The Head Hunter Society

Winter 2019 / Eaglers building competition entry
« on: December 18, 2019, 05:00:55 PM »
In-game name: Eagler1997
When I'm online: Varies a lot but I am mostly online every day around 2pm and 6pm GMT, but ping me on discord and I can come on.
Theme: Winter Wonderland
Coordinantes: x -1446 y 63 z -5447 (KATTALOX)
Additional information:

The build is a chimney with a secret inside, entry is from the right exhaust pipe.

Ignore the string placed on the blocks this is just to prevent snow accumulating

Warps Nearby: Chimney_2019 is created for this occasion, you will need fly, elytra or enderpearls to enter the top part

Everything Else / Connection problem troubleshooting guide
« on: June 18, 2019, 10:23:04 AM »
Help! I cannot connect to the server, what do I do?

Lately, there have been a few reports of people who are unable to connect to the server. They receive errors from minecraft such as: "io.netty.channel.abstractchannel$annotatedconnectexception connection refused" If you have received this message and do not know how to solve it, don't worry! I will help you out.

The problem:
After entering a server IP address into Minecraft it will use the DNS(Domain name service) tools to translate this to a physical IP address.
Some computers will store this IP address for faster navigating the next time, this is where the issue is. (DNS caching) The server direct IP was recently changed and as such the old direct IP is no longer valid. (This will not change anything for you)

play.sentinelcraft.net:25565 will always stay the same, I am talking about things that happen in the background.

And the issue (DNS caching) is client side. (your side).

Hmm.. okay, but how do I fix it?
There are two ways of fixing this problem.
    Fix 1:
    • open command prompt by typing cmd in search bar
    • type ipconfig/flushdns
    • restart minecraft and try joining on play.sentinelcraft.net
    • If this failed and didn?t fix the issue, please try fix number two.

    Fix 2:
    • Open Control Panel.

    • Click on Network and Internet.

    • Click on Network and Sharing Center.

    • Click the Change adapter settings option in the left pane.

    • Right-click the network interface connected to the internet, and select the Properties option.

    • Select and check the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option.

    • Click the Properties button.
    • Click the Use the following DNS server addresses option.
    • Type your "preferred" and "alternate" DNS addresses.
    Use any of the next 3 combinations, recommended is google DNS (most stable.)
    Google Public DNS: and
    OpenDNS: and
    Cloudflare: and

    • Click the OK button.
    • Click the Close button.
    • restart minecraft and try joining on play.sentinelcraft.net

    The Hosters / Boatrace
    « on: April 26, 2019, 07:00:08 PM »

    What is it?

    Boatrace is a race event that can be played singleplayer as multiplayer where you will either race in an enclosed water parkour against time or against other people.

    How to play?

    When you want to play for the online ranking you will need to wait until one of the hosters is online,
    after that ask that person to tp you to the course or do /warp Hoster_boatrace.

    When it is your turn sit in the provided boat and let the hoster know you are ready, wait until the countdown and the checkered barrier goes down.
    You will do 1 lap and this time will be noted in the online leaderboard. You can try as many times as you want, but wait your turn if multiple people want to try at the same time.


    You can only play singleplayer when one of the hosters is present, they will need to time your course and will then update the online ranking of who the fastest is.


    You can play with a few other people to race against each other, atm this will not be submitted as an official ranking.

    Rules :
    1.   If a time trial is happening everyone else should stay out of the eventarea. (Don?t go in the water to disturb other people racing).
    2.   Do not cheat
    3.   Have fun

    You will be able to check the best and most recent times in this file :

    just as a note times that were given to us without a hoster present are not valid since we can't check if it was fair.

    The Hosters / Our return
    « on: April 20, 2019, 04:32:48 PM »
    The Hosters return once again

    What are we?
    The Hosters were originally founded by Aureus_Lunae and a mixed team of staff and players. They would organize and host events for the players of Sentinelcraft.
    What happened to us?
    Due to a few people going inactive and the player base that diminished for a few months the hosters took a break. But now we are back, with new and existing events.

    Who is part of the Hosters?
    We are always growing, so if you have an amazing idea for an event or you already made an amazing event you can always contact us. We will keep an updated list on Excel and on the forums who is responsible for what.
    You can find the list here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19b8VEqAvMDtXSnopr_wa0StVWvQaRoM_PZGFMKRuWfc/edit?usp=sharing

    When are these events organized?
    As mentioned before every event will have more information about itself, some events will be held every Friday, some of them will be on specific moments and some will be started randomly during the day depending on how many players are online.
    You can find a link to the current schedule for all the events here : https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=lfupt2m16ghlpbfr89m0eabaf0%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=Europe%2FLuxembourg

    What events are there?
    There are 2 kind of events :
    1.   Forum based events
            a.   Hosters Lottery
            b.   ?
    2.   Server based events
            a.   Trivia race
            b.   Maze Madness
            c.   Infinite Maze
            d.   Boat Race
            e.   Ice Track Time Trials
            f.   Hide and seek
            g.   Pvp Warz
            h.   ?

    If you want to discuss events with us you can join this discord group : https://discord.gg/3PcVEUh

    Everything Else / Bounty claim
    « on: April 01, 2019, 08:27:35 PM »
    Proof I killed RinseAndRepeat, idk who placed the bounty but I think it's over now.

    Report Trouble / YoThicc
    « on: March 23, 2019, 10:18:26 AM »

    Picture explains it all

    Everything Else / Hopper problems
    « on: March 17, 2019, 04:53:25 PM »
    So since a few months, hoppers behave not like vanilla minecraft hoppers anymore, they now only transfer 3 items of the same kind at the same time. This causes a lot of redstone problems.
    I know this is probably done purposely to reduce lag on the server, but it takes away a lot of the fun in working with hoppers and redstone in general.

    Would there be an option to put the transfer speed of hoppers back to the vanilla way?

    Feature/Plugin Requests / Kit concrete
    « on: January 31, 2019, 06:55:45 AM »
    Original idea was from Elisthetic. But from the moment it's possible (not sure if concrete works with the outdated essentials, if not see this as a long term feature request.)

    The idea was to add a kit concrete just like kit wool with all of the colors of concrete. It's getting to the point that it is used quite frequently and it looks very nice.

    Thanks for considering it

    Ban Appeals / Parkour ban appeal
    « on: January 09, 2019, 10:25:36 AM »
    +- 2 Years ago I was banned in the first version of parkour for "flying". 
    This was seen by Richgotya, I was lagging a lot back then and I suppose that caused Rich to see me flying. I have never purposely cheated on parkour. And I have never flown there anyways, I am also pretty sure it's not even possible to fly there.
    Now I hear there are more maps and I would love to explore them.

    Is it possible to get unbanned from parkour?


    Report Trouble / Grief report
    « on: January 04, 2019, 06:57:12 PM »
    Grief from TwichyPeterHer on my redstonemaze in Kattalox.
    In total it's around 500 blocks, mostly hoppers, redstone and pistons

    Proof in screenshots

    Report Trouble / OrangeManGod being naughty
    « on: January 01, 2019, 10:33:11 PM »
    OrangeManGod created multiple swastikas and is sporting a hitler skin
    see screenshots :

    Feature/Plugin Requests / Item stacker
    « on: November 24, 2018, 11:51:04 AM »
    This won't affect performance that much, but will improve it a bit


    It allows for dropped stacks of items to overflow (so more than 64 items) causing less entities if a lot of items drop.

    Feature/Plugin Requests / Crop hoppers
    « on: November 24, 2018, 11:44:54 AM »
    So basically this will allow for entity lag to be decreased, whenever an entity spawn, this will bundle them into one with a tag. This will cause the server to only need to calculate the physics and maths for 1 entity while still keeping all of the mobs. This would greatly improve lag created by entities.

    --> only for cactus farms and works a bit different than the other one.

    -->HLR is a simple yet powerful plugin aimed to reduce entity lag by tweaking how hoppers work. Though, it only tweaks specific hoppers as not to completely change the vanilla experience. This plugin is especially helpful if your server has a lot of gigantic farms (including mob farms), such as typical skyblock or factions servers.
    --> Vanilla hoppers will still exist and won't affect anything already build

    There are many version of it, and not sure which one is the best one or the most configurable.

    Feature Polls / Paintball
    « on: August 19, 2017, 03:57:44 PM »

    A while ago server got a ton of new things  <3 , one of those things was paintball. I know I had a lot of fun while playing it with others.

    For those who haven't been able to play it :
    Paintball is a fast paced minigame that was once part of the server, the goal is to frag your opponent with a snowball, fragging people gives you money which can be used to buy awesome powerups.

    I especially liked it since it adds a new touch to the already existing minigames and with the fast paced matches you don't have to fight for a long time. When the minigame was being tested there was a nicely made map to play in, it was possible to hide and snipe others from great distances, seeing your foe disappear when you hit them after a thrilling duel is awesome.

    Sadly the minigame was recently removed because there was not enough people who were interested in playing it. If you could fill in the poll to show there is intrest that way we might be able to bring the minigame back to the server. Maybe even other maps?

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