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Non-Minecraft Topics / Inactivity
« on: May 02, 2016, 02:24:45 PM »
Im going to be inactive or at least less active in the next 2 weeks because im finally moving out of my parents house. I dont know when or if we have wifi at the new place just yet so it may be a little later or it might be sooner than 2 weeks. Nyah.

Non-Minecraft Topics / First Nidarosian Ball
« on: April 20, 2015, 01:44:32 AM »
For the Marking of my 18th Birthday, Zarosi has given me the permission to do a ball on Sunday night!   :D     The Ball will be held in the Nidarosian palace in southern Senntisten at 22.00 GMT.  There is a dress code of formal attire skins and if the player cannot obtain a skin they can wear diamond or black leather armors.   There will be cake and fireworks!~  This ball is open for all players

Moderator Application / Lavi Mod app
« on: February 04, 2015, 01:54:05 AM »
 What is your in-game name?

- Current Rank?

- Where are you from?
Missouri, USA

- What is your age?

- How often do you vote?
Whenever my laptop allows me access to the websites.

- When did you join the server?
 October 27th 2014

- What time of the day are you on? (include timezone)
any time. Normally 4-10pm CMT

- Are you currently staff on any other servers?
Not currently on any servers other than SC  at this point in time.

- Why do you think should you be promoted and how will you be helpful?

I wanted to try to become a mod because there had been many instances when people asked for a mods help and there wasn't a mod on at the time. As i type there are two admins on currently and not one mod so i have the need to try to help as much as possible so the admins don't get overwhelmed and to help the players when they need things.

- Do you feel like you can be neutral and be loyal to the server rules above all else?
Yes i don't really have favorites on the server. I have friends but they're pretty good with the rules.

- Additional Information:  I wasn't sure on a time frame i should have waited for the move up so if i get denied i know that i should probably wait a month or two. ^^; I've been fighting the urge to try for mod within the week.

Senior Member Application / Lavibookman0623 SM application
« on: January 13, 2015, 03:43:23 PM »
- What is your in-game name?

- Have you been active for at least 1 month?

Yes i have been active for nearly 3 months now.

- Have you been helpful for other people on the server? If yes, who and how?

I have been helpful by helping out those who need help within my town by supplying materials. An example is MC_Modman whom i gave wood and some items to help get started within the town of Chasm.

- Have you been jailed/muted/rules restricted before? If yes, what punishment and motive?


- Do you vote regularly?

Not as regularly as I should because my laptop is slow but whenever I get the chance I do.

- Are you going to be active and keep in touch on the forums?

Yes now that I have an account.

- Additional Information:  I would love to have senior member because it would help me help more people more often. :)

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