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The Hosters / Beach Party 2017
« on: July 16, 2017, 10:13:47 AM »
Beach Party
The summer has started, and the temperature is rising higher and higher. And like last year, there will be a party at the beach. A special beach has been prepared, yet unlike last year, not all is yet completed.

The Beach Party is a place for everyone to relax, buy food & drinks, play games, swim and more. We will be providing good music, drinks and food for a price. For those who wants to sit at the beach, we provide parasols and beds. For those who want to be more active, come and play a game with us.

Beach Party Games
We have several games for you to play. You can find them out on the beach. Remember, we do try to make sure to provide the best entertainment for you during the beach party, but we cannot always guarantee that you will have fun. These games will be held at random, so make sure to check the beach frequently.

There are several dogs on the beach. These are not stray dogs, these are security dogs provided by several people. Anyone who kills a dog, will be excluded from the beach party unless they pay a 1000$ fine.

Also, there is a No Killing rule on the beach party. Anyone who even attempts to kill others here, will undergo the same punishment as killing a dog.

Those who are not allowed on the beach, we ask not to come. We will unleash the hounds on you if you somehow manage to get there.

Beach Party Time
The beach is officially open, but there are still several projects going on. If you do have an idea for a nice beach party game, you are free to discuss it with us and build it.

How to reach the Beach Party?
Those who have access to /warp, can use /warp Beach Party. Otherwise, these are warp signs in Hoster City. If you want a warp sign in your guild, you can request it and pay for it yourself. The following towns can request a warp sign to it:
Horizon, Excelsior
If your guild is not in the list, and you want a warp sign, contact one of the Hosters for a warp sign.

Food and Drinks pricelist

Hamburger: $10 (A Hamburger between two slices of bread)
Fries: $5 (3 Fries)
Chicken Nuggets: $15 (6 Chicken Nuggets)

Water: $5 (1 bottle of water)
Golden Moon: $10
Sex on the Beach: $10
Seaside Sunrise: $10
Summer Sangria: $10
Coastal Skies: $10
Limoncello Mojito: $10

Special Thanks
These people made it possible to get the beach party going.

We still need a lot of splash potions, namely Nightvision, Blindness and Nausea.

Banned from the Beach
In this list, I will declare the people who are not permitted to enter the beach, and the reasons why. If they are found on the beach, they are to be killed on sight. This is to ensure your own safety and fun.

The Hosters / Hoster City
« on: April 10, 2017, 02:15:12 PM »
The hosters are working on a city for events. The first district is finished (except 1 building), and thus it is open to public. You can reach it with /warp HosterCity.

Hoster City is the general hub for our fair events. We will have a town, with both shops and warpsigns all over it. We request that you do not build in the nearby area.

If you have a public warpsign area, and own a guild, you can request a warpsign for it. I will be paying for it, and you get 1K on top of it. You must apply for it here.

Pics follow when I get home.

The Hosters / Hosters egg hunting
« on: April 10, 2017, 02:08:48 PM »
Hosters' Egg Hunt
Easter is approaching soon, and we have gotten a letter from the Easter Bunny. He has some specials eggs this year, and want people to find them. Unknown where, he told us to hide them. So from later today till the end of easter, these eggs will be hidden. Each day, we release 1 or 2 eggs, and when easter is here, all unreleased eggs will be hidden. Can you find them?

How to play?
We will post a riddle or clue in this topic upon releasing a new egg. These eggs are spawn eggs. When you solve the riddle, go and find it. Once found, reply on the forums you've found it.
But be aware, trying to open the wrong chest or dispenser, and you shall regret it. The eggs wont be easy to be found.
The eggs will only be hidden in Horizon. No Alpha or nether.
All eggs are hidden in droppers!

The prize is the spawnegg you've found. Figure out which one from the clue/riddle.

Egg 1 Polar Bear - Migas
Egg 2 Chicken - memomiguel
Egg 3 Wolf - Rhovandir
Egg 4 Shulker - HvPanda
Egg 5 Slime - HvPanda
Egg 6 Squid - BrendaxNL
Egg 7 Magma Cube - BrendaxNL
Egg 8 Bat - BrendaxNL
Egg 9 Creeper - HvPanda
Egg 10 Ocelot - CheryQueen
Egg 11 Mooshroom - CheryQueen
Egg 12 Sheep - BrendaxNL
Egg 13 Enderman - Apollyna
Egg 14 Pig - CheryQueen
Egg 15 Witch - CheryQueen
Egg 16 Endermite - BrendaxNL
Egg 17 Ghast - CheryQueen
Egg 18 Dragon - CheryQueen
Egg 19 Horse - CheryQueen

Bug Reports / Renamed Item stacking
« on: March 25, 2017, 11:15:09 PM »
I have been working on a door that you need a certain key for it. So I renamed a stack of a trap hooks. It works perfectly, but directly after a server restart, and something not even then, it won't stack anymore. This is if the renamed item is kept in 2 different stacks (41 and 23) at the server restart. Even if it is kept as a single item, it no longer works. This makes door requiring a key impossible to achieve in this server.

The Hosters / Boat Race - Ice Caves
« on: March 05, 2017, 10:27:55 PM »
Boat Race - Ice Caves
A new track, a new race, and a new event. Boat Racing Returns, with new features of 1.10. This racing track, is unique compared to the ones you have seen on the server before. It is in a snow biome, and half on ice, half on water. What is more, it is not on 1 elevation. And, it has branching paths. Are you good enough and willing to risk it to take the faster path, or will you go for certainty? You can reach it from Hoster city or using /warp IceCavesRace

Ice Caves Time Trial
The Third event of the Return is a time trial of this track. Do you have it what it takes to get the best time? Use your skills with a boat, and show them what you are made of. But, be careful. The ice might be fast, but it can be slippery. And the shortcut, might become a fatal error.

  • You must finish 3 laps on this track.
  • Your time will be kept by a program called Livesplit (We speedrunners use it a lot).
  • When finished, clean up your boat.
  • You have 2 attempts for the best time. Make the best use of it.
  • You can't exit your boat.
  • There is no practice round.
  • We keep track of false starts.

How to play?
This event is very easy to play. Grab your boat (Or rent one of us, but remember to return it), place it on the starting line. We will count down. on go, you start. You race over the track, and the time will be kept for each lap. Your total time is the one that counts.

This event last from 10 March 19:00 GMT till 12 March 22:00 GMT.

The Prizes
  • 1st place: $5000 in-game and a steam game.*
  • 2nd place: $3000 in-game and a 5 random cards.**
  • 3rd place: $1000 in-game and a 3 random cards.**

*You can choose between these two games for Steam only: "Euro Truck Simulator 2" and "A Boy and His Blob". The alternative prize is 1 Nether Star.

**These cards will be given by you through dispensors. 2nd place gets always a rare+ card with it.

How to participate?
To participate, contact one of the Hosters on the weekend of the event (10-12 March). We will teleport you to the event. Also, you can reply here with the following format:

In-game Name:
Which game you want to win and why:

It is highly recommended that you have an Steam account so we can deliver your prize.

These people made this event possible.
Race Track:
Aureus Lunae - Track Design.
Eagler1997 - Providing Resources

DanteVentura - Terraforming
WazBlaz - Terraforming and cave design
HvPanda - Providing resources for Terraforming

The Hosters / The Return
« on: February 20, 2017, 10:53:47 PM »
This Weekend (24/02-26/02), it will mark the Return of the Hosters. This weekend, you will witness what we can do. This weekend, we present you the Return.

What does the Return mean? What event will it be? And what will the rewards be? Those questions are easy to answer.
The meaning? The Hosters will return from their slumber, with a brand new team.
The event? A mystery.
The Reward? The first place gets one of the biggest rewards we have ever given away. Click the images to learn more.


Want to know more? Stay tuned, more info will follow during the week.

The Hosters / Event Team Members required (Builders and hosts)
« on: January 29, 2017, 04:25:22 PM »
With some of the Hosters leaving, or changing positions, together with a new server, we are in dire need of new members for the team. We need builders to build new event locations, and hosts to help hosting the events. If you think you have it in you to become part of the hosters, please fill in an application form and we will decide if you are going to be a part of us.

For the positions, check this topic.
For the form to use, check this topic.

Event Hosts
An Event Host will be in charge of the events itself. You will be working with our team on planning big events, and hosting small events on some days.
Having hosted an event or a general idea for one can improve your chances. However, if you have neither, apply as well.

A builder does not focus with hosting itself. They are capable of making areas for events, and while they won't be the main hosting members, they still join the discussions for events. So, if you think this is just a builder role, and we only demand things from you, be assured. We value your opinions on the events as well.
Please show us some of your work if you submit for a builder.

You can apply for both positions.

Positions open

Non-Minecraft Topics / Sentinel Craft Pokemon League
« on: January 04, 2017, 09:12:53 PM »
Welcome, to the very first Pokemon Sentinel Craft league ever. I am Aureus Lunae, trying to start a league on Sentinelcraft.

I did hear some people wanted to challenge this league. Yet, not all are fit to attempt the ultimate challenge. If you are able to win against everyone else in a small tournament, you are able to challenge the Elite 4.

The League
The league is played out with battles against the elite 4 with the same team. You must be able to defeat each and every member. If one knocks you out, you must start all over. If you manage to win against the elite 4, you will be the first champion.

The Champion will be registered in the hall of fame with their team. They will keep this team to battle against future champion candidates. You can only challenge the champion if you managed to beat the elite 4. If you lose, you must beat the elite 4 again to gain rights to battle for the title of Champion.

The Elite 4
We are the 4 that will test your resolve. You will participate with one team only. No changes between the battles.  Fainted Pokemon do get revived.
As a small tip, we have a certain specialty. This is closely related to our types.

Aureus Lunae

As a trainer, you can sign up by replying here with your team. Your team is lvl 100 with maxed IV's.

Battles and Limits
The battles will take place on Pokemon Showdown. Format is Uber pokebank gen 7. No legendary are allowed, and only 1 Uber/team.

It automatically records your battle. We would appreciate if you post your recording as a reply after a battle.

Non-Minecraft Topics / DnD 5e
« on: December 18, 2016, 01:45:34 PM »
Since a player left the party, and the rest want at least a 4th member, we are looking for a new player to join our DnD 5e group. Right now we have 3 players and a GM. I want to give you guys the first chance to jump in.

We are on a quest to, unknown actually. But we have encountered some disturbances related to necromancy, and has heard of a great evil behind it.

Party Info
Race: Tiefling
Class: Rogue
Note: Latest addition, knows his way through the shadows.

Race: Tiefling
Class: Sorceress
Note: Hates conflict, likes to complain

Race: Human
Class: Druid (Shapeshifting)
Note: Can heal others

Race: Human
Class: Dungeon Master
Note: Creates the world and the encounters.

Game Time
All times are in GMT+1
Tuesday and Thursday:
Start time: between 19:00 and 20:00 (Mostly 19:30)
End time: Between 23:30 and 00:30 (Mostly 00:00)

It is possible to play at different days, but not on Friday and Saturday. And it can be reduced to once/week.

If you want to join, post a reply here.

The Change: Plugin Suggestions / Trading Cards
« on: October 19, 2016, 06:25:10 PM »
Name of Plugin: Trading Cards
Plugin version: 4.20-EM
Minecraft version compatibility: 1.8, 1.9 & 1.10
Link (Click here)
Brief description on what it does and adds:

This plugin adds collectible trading cards, which can drop from monsters, gained from booster packs, and other ways. While this plugin is originally intended for players who likes to collect things, it can be used for many other things. 

The cards are simply pieces of paper with lore and custom names, which represent the trading cards. They can be gained with booster packs, which are by default books with a custom name and lore, preventing players from making books to gain the cards.

Now, the other things this can be used for are to make card games. It is possible to made a default set of playing cards for for example, poker and blackjack. Or for trading cards games like Triple Triad (a game from FF8). This allows for many options if different sets are being made. It also allows for some unique events with greater ease, and a reward for collectors or tournaments.

By playing with rarities, it is possible to define a set to what it belong to. You can make a rarity PlayingCards, for simple playing cards, and then a rarity of SentinelCommon, SentinelRare, etc to make an entirely different set. This is very usable for creating booster packs for different sets.

Sets in mind for events/gaming sets:
Playing Cards (PlayingCard)
Triple Triad (TTmonster, TTBoss, TTGuardianForce, TTCharacter) (Actual game)
Mafia Cards (MafiaCommon, MafiaUnique) (Rewards)

Possible Collectable sets:
Sentinel Staff
Players (Can be automatically made by the plugin)
Towny (Like Towns, Mayors of those, nations from before the wipe)

Note: I am willing to write the cards for the events, and possible other cards. Triple Triad already has cards available, but I doubt you are willing to do research for that part and add it in. Also willing to do the Mafia cards.

The Change: Plugin Suggestions / Grappling Hook
« on: October 18, 2016, 07:49:33 PM »
Name of Plugin: Grappling Hook
Plugin version:
Minecraft version compatibility: 1.9/1.10
Link (click here)
Brief description on what it does and adds:
It allows players to change a fishing rod into a grappling hook. The Grappling hook can be used to pull players to a certain block, climb certain area's, etc. It can still hook a mob or player.

You can disable certain features with the permissions. I do not know if it works well with MCMMO (Shake from fishing). That would require testing.

This plugin can be used in a few events. It could even be used for a racing event, or some of our other idea's we rather not reveal right now.

The Hosters / Server Reset, the Hosters and Hozt
« on: October 16, 2016, 08:57:45 PM »
Since the server seems to be going to reset, some might be wondering what will happen to the Hozt. We have been looking over that, and decided that the Hozt as well will be wiped out. However, we are also looking for ways to make it easier to use, to check your Hozt and to get/buy your items.

There will be some changes in it, maybe even a different name for this. It is yet uncertain if we will change the name or not.

There is also an issue with events upon the reset. Who win the events, what will get get. We will work that part out, but we promise, we will do everything to get you a reward. It might be a little delayed, but as soon as we have set everything up, the rewards will be handed out.

Also, we will be losing some locations for several things. Boat Race tracks, Mafia arena and some other things. Everything will be remade and even improved. And before that, enjoy the events others will host. We might be willing to compensate for them after the server reset, depending on the quality of their events.

The Change: Landmark Requests / Hosters HQ
« on: October 15, 2016, 08:20:02 AM »
Name of the landmark: Hosters HQ
Coords or current warp: /warp Hoster_HQ
Reason to save landmark:
This are was part of the building contest. Several people have been working hard to create great buildings, and just to be able to get to them, is worth it.


The Change: Plugin Suggestions / Parties
« on: October 14, 2016, 07:49:00 PM »
Name of Plugin: Parties
Plugin version: v1.6.5 for 1.10 (Sep 19, 2016)
Minecraft version compatibility: 1.10.2
Brief description on what it does and adds:
It adds a party system that has a party spawnpoint/home. It has compatibility with Grief Prevention, which makes it possible to combine it to make something like towny. Also, it is compatible with economy plugins, chatplugins and some other ones.

It has customizable ranks, a party chat, it can prevent friendly fire, but that is configurable. Party prefix/suffix are in there as well.

Additional Info
It works with Grief Prevention, so that players can choose if players in their party can build there or not.

Everything Else / Bounty Hunters Guild Locations needed
« on: September 29, 2016, 03:12:37 PM »
After a long time, Epicnata has finished a design for the guild hall. However, he wants to place it on a town, but he does not yet know which town. So, what we want right now, is mayors or town staff to decide if they want the guild hall in their town, and where. Those mayors will share a responsibility to keep the bounties updated, together with Epic and me. There will be a warp towards the guild hall.

In the guild hall, you can expect bounties to be stored. We will need to make several basements for the bounties. Also, there might be a potion shop inside it, and of course a list with the greatest bounty hunters.

Now, if you want the guild building in your town, leave a reply here. We will later make a poll to decide in with town people want it, based on the replies here.

Towns so far:
Luna City

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