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Towns / TMFC
« on: April 01, 2019, 01:48:38 AM »
- Town Name: TMFC

  - Mayor: snape

  - Assistants: aftaab, hotshot222218, aatif, skilly

  - Board Description: Modernity redefined

Senior Member Application / Senior member application of snape
« on: March 24, 2019, 02:08:42 PM »
- What is your in-game name? snape

- Have you been active for at least 1 month? yes i have been active for more than a month.

- Have you been helpful for other people on the server? If yes, who and how? I would say yes , i have indeed been helpful for others in the server.
I have helped Hvpanda in  gathering a few materials for his arena, ive helped ace a little bit in clearing land, i help my town a lot. And i have made a starters guide ( written book )for new players who join the server, which covers most of the basic stuff of the server and includes stuff which is not there in /guides, i give new players these guides when they join for free, to be exact my guide have helped 21 new players, i think toxic demon and panda have read my guide too, and i have also prepared a dynmap guide which helps people to identify the biomes they are looking for in /map, thats also for free. I used to provide new players iron tools, but im not able to it now cause i ran out of iron. I have helped abdullah tress in hosting a event which is expected to happen soon.

- Have you been jailed/muted/rules restricted before? If yes, what punishment and motive? to be honest i have been jailed twice. The first one was for griefing , i accidentaly breaked some blocks of a unclaimed house , and i understood what ive done i just waited for my jailtime to end without complaining.  i had no motive to grief someone  it happened by accident . I understand how one feels when he/she is griefed, i never ever try to hurt others feelings. The second time i was jailed was by creepy. The reason for that was that i  tped to markets new spawn,it was so laggy that i got kicked and my launcher keeped crashing when i try to login, so to fix that problem creepy jailed me when i tried to login and it hopefully fixed the problem.

- Do you vote regularly? Yes i do vote regularly, Im trying to be in the top 5 voters of march.

- Are you going to be active and keep in touch on the forums? Yes i will be active in the forums and be in touch. Im usually more conncted with the discord server than the forums, But i do check the forums whenever i can.

- Additional Information: I have got many plans and project in mind to enhance the gameplay of my fellow sentinels, and if i get acess to the creative server it would help me a lot in doing these projects.

Feature/Plugin Requests / Player shops warps
« on: March 05, 2019, 02:43:29 PM »
Hello im here again with another new suggestions . Im sorry if im posting too many suggestion in the forums.I would like to suggest a new feature.
Using which players can buy warps for shops which will appear in a gui menu which can be opened by a commands like maybe /playershops.So if players need something they can open the guimenu click the icon and warps to the respective playersshop. This feature will be very useful for shop owners in survival . The price of each warp can be like50 k, to makeit more challenging.Im sure this feature would make the economy more awsome.
Players who dont like towny (who cant setup shops at /tspawns ) will also find ths useful. So players looking for stuff can knowabout the shops aand can visit them whenever they want. Like the /wild menu . Maybe it can be for rent like 5k a month or so . Just a suggestion. If youthink its good i can message youfurther more

Special Application / Ideator
« on: February 24, 2019, 02:01:44 PM »
What is your in-game name?  snape

- Current Rank? Member

- How long have you been on the server?
About 2 weeks (dont know exactly)

- Which special rank do you want to apply for?  Ideator

- Why do you think you deserve that special rank?
The first reason is i wanna help as much people as possible.
Im good at giving ideas to people, for like sometime people get bored i can give them cool ideas based on their interests, or like if a town mayor needs ideas for his town i can do it! Even in skyblock and survival, people often think like what im gonna do next?, how should i spend my money?, should i add something to my town/island. To all the people who r out of ideas snape the ideator will help em out.

- Did any staff member suggest that you apply? No but i very much want this rank

- Additional Information:
I can prove that im worthy for this rank if ur still doubtfull, all i ask is to give me a chance. This rank is really unique, people will know the right person to reach for, i can enhance the gameplay of all my friends.you may think how this rank gonna benefit the server, i would say give me this for 1week and i can prove this rank is useful to the server. If u think that im too new in this server for applying for a rank, believe me im gonna be active whenever i can i will stay on the server and be the ideator untill the end.

Feature/Plugin Requests / fast leaf decay plugin
« on: February 12, 2019, 07:02:07 AM »
this is a very useful plugin . it decays the leaf fastly as soon as a player chops all the logs from a tree, it also drops the sapplings. This plugin can save players time and effort and as well as keep tree farms and terrain more neat. and its compatible with 1.13 and above
heres the link


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