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Ban Appeals / Ban appeal
« on: May 19, 2020, 07:21:47 AM »
- In-game name:  RikoLay

- Date and time of ban? (Include Timezone): May 18, 2020.  around 5pm.    UTC +8 PHT 

- Which Staff member banned you? (Blank if you do not know): AceAlmighty16

- Why were you banned? (What Appears on your ban message): I said the word "nibba". racial remark 

- Were you previously jailed or muted? (If yes, say why): No
- Why should you be unbanned?:  The time I've spent building, collecting resources, and playing with my friends remotely, would be gone and wasted. Especially this self-quarantine, where we could not meet up and interact with each other, and minecraft is our way to go game. I would also like to continue to play on this server because its what my friends recommended me to play and the community on the server is really helpful on assisting new players(such as me) to learn the commands on the chat to interact with the server and other people. For that, I am happy to discover this server, and I promise to think think twice before what I say and try to keep my temper to myself if it ever happens again(parkour and everything else).
Additional Information: I said "the word" out of frustration on parkour. (i could not recall what was the topic all about)

yours trully,

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