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Server Announcements / New Minigame World & Mob Arena Map!
« on: June 15, 2018, 05:03:55 PM »
Minigames World and new Mob Arena Map: Sentinel!

Hello Sentinelcrafters,

The last couple of weeks the Senior Staff has been updating the server to try to get it to a more relevant state. In case you have missed these changes you can read them here below:
- Community suggestions' topic;
- New Rules, Warps & World Border;
- McMMO balance and update.

We look to improve the server even more to get it back it it's glorious state! Which brings me to announce the next update;

New Minigame World:
Some of you might already noticed this on the Dynmap, but we made a new Minigame World called ''Olympia''. We copied all of our minigames over to this new (smaller) world. This means it will be easier to add new maps for our minigames.

New Mob Arena Map:
We have a new Mob Arena map, built by HvPanda! It will be accessible by typing /ma j Sentinel.
Inspired by the classic SentinelCraft Mob Arena Biomes, HvPanda made a new stunning update. The original Biomes map is still accessible for playing.

Happy playing and see you in the arena!  ;)

Everything Else / Re: Funny Screenshots
« on: June 14, 2018, 11:36:51 PM »
Someone lived in an alternate reality:

It was just their dream man, don't take that away from them...

Non-Minecraft Topics / Re: World Cup Event: Bonus Game
« on: June 12, 2018, 06:59:18 PM »
My predicted semi-finalists: France, Belgium, Spain & Germany
My predicted finalists:  France & Germany
My predicted winner: Germany

Non-Minecraft Topics / Re: World Cup Event: Weekly Prediction
« on: June 12, 2018, 06:47:56 PM »
June 14: (A) Russia - Saudi Arabia 1-0
June 15: (A) Egypt - Uruguay 0-2
June 15: (B) Morocco - Iran 0-0
June 15: (B) Portugal - Spain 2-2
June 16: (C) France - Australia 3-0
June 16: (C) Peru - Denmark 1-2
June 16: (D) Argentina - Iceland 3-1
June 16: (D) Croatia - Nigeria 1-1
June 17: (E) Brazil - Switzerland 3-0
June 17: (E) Costa Rica - Serbia 2-1
June 17: (F) Germany - Mexico 3-1
June 18: (F) Sweden - South Korea 2-0
June 18: (G) Belgium - Panama 2-0
June 18: (G) Tunisia - England 0-2
June 19: (H) Colombia - Japan 2-1
June 19: (H) Poland - Senegal 2-0

Feature Polls / Re: Pokemon Trading Cards ???
« on: June 08, 2018, 07:48:16 PM »
In my opinion I think this shouldn't be added, we are a Minecraft server and all the cards right now are MC / Server related. I don't see how Pok?mon is relevant here

Moderator Application / Re: Moderator Application Form
« on: June 01, 2018, 10:19:57 AM »
Eventhough you have black hair, and to be honest that is pretty awesome, you are not a Senior Member/Donator. For that reason your application is denied.


Dear SentinelCraft players,

As you all know the server hasn't been in a very active state for the last couple of months. This is the result of several factors, demotivating people to play MineCraft / on our server.
We, the senior staff team, are going to put the server through several changes to try to bring our server back to it's old glorious state. This brings me to the following point: McMMO.

When we updated our server to the latest patch and started a new map, we also wiped all the gained McMMO levels. As most of the older players know we also enabled ''Diminished returns'' on our McMMO plugin, which causes you to gain less xp if you go over a certain amount of xp per 10 minutes. We originally did this to prevent people from grinding the fast skills (e.g. Repair, Acrobatics, Woodcutting and Excavation). However, after some evaluation we came to the conclusion that some players actually like to grind skills and prove that they are the best in X skill(s). Updating this plugin will hopefuly attract new and old players back to Sentinel. All together McMMO will be balanced more, but we will be enabling the option to ''grind'' skills again! Happy leveling :)

See the explanation below for the changes we made:

General settings
  • Removal of ''Diminished returns''. By removing the max xp per 10m people will be allowed to grind if they want to, allowing more xp per 10 minutes than is possible now. To keep the balance some skills will be nerfed or buffed to work better with this update.
  • Animals that are spawned through breeding will now be giving experience (Only for taming, not for combat levels). This has the direct consequence that all animals that can be bred (Chickens, cows etc.) will not be giving combat experience anymore. Go fight that creeper for your precious combat levels!

Acrobatics (nerfed)
Acrobatics is one of the fastest skills to train, especially with Feather falling boots. For this reason the xp gains will be nerfed a bit.
  • Dodge: 120xp > 90xp
  • Roll: 80xp > 60xp
  • Fall: 120xp > 90xp
  • Feather falling multiplier: Unchanged (2)

Alchemy (buffed)
Alchemy is a very expensive and time consuming skill to train, but very valuable once you get above a certain level. On the old map few people had Alchemy on a respectable level so we are buffing the xp gains a bit.
  • Potion stage 1: 15xp > 30xp
  • Potion stage 2: 30xp > 60xp
  • Potion stage 4: 60xp > 120xp
  • Potion stage 5: 120xp > 240xp

Fishing (buffed)
Fishing is one of the skills that actually requires you to pay attention to ''grind''. Everybody misses a fish from time to time making this one of the slower skills to train. For that reason fishing will be buffed a bit, and catching more rare fish will be rewarded.
  • Raw fish: 800xp > 1000xp
  • Raw salmon: 800xp > 1200xp
  • Clownfish: 800xp > 2000xp
  • Pufferfish: 800xp > 1500xp
  • Shake: Unchanged (50xp)

Excavation (nerfed)
Excavation is a skill that no one really trains for fun, but just happens to do so when flattening land. The experience gains are quite high now and for that reason will be nerfed.
  • All blocks: 40xp > 25xp
  • Layer of snow: Unchanged (5xp)

Woodcutting (nerfed)
Everybody remembers the giant woodcutting farms from before we reset the map, allowing you to train woodcutting extremely especially with Tree Feller. For that reason this skill will be nerfed.
  • All types of wood: 70xp > 40xp
  • Huge mushrooms: Unchanged (70xp)

Herbalism (Adjusted)
Herbalism is also one of the fastest skills, because some crops are very easy to power farm (e.g. Sugar Cane) for that reason this skill will be balanced by buffing rarer crops, and nerfing common ones.
  • All crops: 50xp > 40xp
  • Mushrooms: 150xp > 200xp
  • Cactus: Unchanged
  • Cocoa: 30xp > 40xp
  • Melon: Unchanged (20xp)
  • Pumpkin: Unchanged (20xp)
  • Sugarcane: 30xp > 20xp
  • Vine: 10xp > 30xp
  • Lily: 100xp > 120xp
  • Dandelion: Unchanged (100xp)
  • Tall grass: Unchanged (20xp)
  • Blue Orchid: 150xp > 200xp
  • Allium: 300xp > 200xp
  • All double flowers: 50xp > 175xp
  • All tulips: 150xp > 175xp
  • Dead bush: 100xp > 150xp
  • Small grass: Unchanged (10xp)
  • Tall Fern: 50xp > 75xp
  • Azure Bluet: Unchanged (150xp)
  • Beetroot block: Unchanged (50xp)
  • All chorus parts: Unchanged
  • Nether warts: 50xp > 40xp
  • Oxeye Daisy: Unchanged (150xp)
  • Poppy: Unchanged (100xp)
  • Small Fern: 10xp > 30xp

Mining (Adjusted)
The same issue as Woodcutting and Excavation applies to this skill as well. The fact that you have a super effective active skill (Giga Drill breaker) allows you to level this skill incredibly fast. Since Mining is an essential part of this game we will be bringing down the xp values for common blocks a bit so you actually have to go into the depths of a cave to level up by finding rarer blocks.
  • Coal ore: 100xp > 75xp
  • Diamond ore: 750xp > 1500xp
  • Emerald ore: 1000xp > 1750xp
  • Ender stone: 30xp > 15xp
  • Glowstone: 100xp > 75xp
  • Gold Ore: 350xp > 300xp
  • Iron Ore: 250xp > 150xp
  • Lapis Ore: 400xp > 300xp
  • Mossy cobblestone: Unchanged (30xp)
  • Netherrack: 30xp > 15xp
  • Obsidian: 150xp > 250xp
  • Quartz Ore: 250xp > 150xp
  • Redstone Ore: 150xp > 100xp
  • Sandstone: 30xp > 15xp
  • Stone: 30xp > 15xp
  • Hard Clay (Terracotta): 30xp > 15xp
  • Packed Ice: Unchanged (50xp)
  • Prismarine: 70xp > 100xp
  • Red Sandstone: Unchanged (100xp)
  • End bricks: 50xp > 30xp
  • All Purpur blocks: 50xp > 30xp

Repair (Adjusted)
Repair is the fastest skill you can train from all the skills, if you have the resources. Since level 500+ repair is one of the most useful parts of McMMO we want to make sure training this skill is not only for the wealthy people on the server. This means we will be buffing some of the common materials and nerfing some of the more expensive ones. All numbers below are multipliers.
  • Base xp: Unchanged (1000xp)
  • Wood: 0.6x > 0.75x
  • Stone: 1.3x > 1.5x
  • Iron: Unchanged (2.5x)
  • Gold: 0.3x > 1.75x
  • Diamond: 5x > 4x
  • Leather: 1.6x > 1.75x
  • String: Unchanged (1. 8x)
  • Other: Unchanged (1.5x)

Taming (Buffed)
Taming has never had an impactful role on our server, while it's actually one of the strongest PvP & PvE skills in the game. We'd like this to change by buffing this skill.
  • Wolf: 250xp > 750xp
  • Ocelot: 500xp > 1000xp
  • All horse types: 1000xp > 3000xp
  • Xp gained by wolfs in combat: Unchanged

Combat (Adjusted)
With the possibility of training taming with bred animals, we have to make sure this is not abused to train combat skills with. This leads to the removal of all combat xp gain from all animals that can be bred (Cows, chickens etc). To compensate for that hostile mob xp gains will be slightly buffed. All numbers below are multipliers.
  • All animals that can be bred: 1x > 0x
  • Creeper: 4x > 4.25x
  • Skeleton 3x > 3.25x
  • Spider: 2x > 2.25x
  • Zombie: 2x > 2.25x
  • Slime: Unchanged (0.5x)
  • Ghast: 3x > 3.5x
  • Pig Zombie: Unchanged (0.25x)
  • Enderman: Unchanged (0.05x)
  • Cave spiders: 3x > 3.25x
  • Silverfish: 3x > 3.25x
  • Blaze: 3x > 3.5x
  • Magma Cube: Unchanged (0.5x)
  • Iron Golem: Unchanged (0x)
  • Wither Skeleton: 4x > 4.5x
  • Witch: 0x > 2.25x
  • Wither: Unchanged (0x)
  • Ender dragon: 0x > 4.5x
  • Endermite: 2x > 2.25x
  • Elder Guardian: 4x > 4.5x
  • Guardian: Unchanged (0.25x)
  • Shulker: 2x > 2.5x
  • Snowman: Unchanged (0x)
  • Squid: Unchanged (1x)
  • Zombie Villager: 2x > 2.25x
  • Zombie Horse: 1x > 0x
  • Vindicator: 3x > 3.5x
  • Illusioner: 3x > 3.5x
  • Polar Bear: 1x > 2x
  • Parrot: Unchanged (1x)
  • Bat: Unchanged (1x)
  • Stray: 2x > 3.25x
  • Skeleton Horse: 1x > 0x
  • Evoker: 3x > 3.5x
  • Husk: 3x > 3.5x
  • Villagers: 1x > 0x

All the changes above are still under review and might be changed. If something seems out of balance it will be adjusted accordingly. We hope by removing the ''Diminished Returns'' and balancing the xp gains people will be motivated again to get leveling! If you have any comments or points for discussion please say so below.

~ The Senior Sentinel Staff

What a wonderful read. I'm so happy you three had the chance to meet up and I hope that in the future we will see alot more of these, because this community has its own magic of bringing us close.  <3 3 years of yelling at them to invite you skiing finally paid off haha!

I still had to pay though, the deal was that he would pay everything! Greedy leopard! xD
I gave you free lessons! Saved you 60 bucks  8)

Feature/Plugin Requests / Re: Custom Elytra's
« on: November 24, 2017, 01:08:47 PM »
This is a mod, not a plugin. There is no way you can install this on the server.

That being said, this works just like the Optifine Cape, and is purely a visual upgrade to your elytra.
So you can use this mod. Other people with the mod would be able to see your custom elytra.

yah ill try and find a server plugin but it sure would be cool :D
It's not possible to have visual stuff like this in a plugin. The only thing that could work if you would install a mod like this on a FORGE-server.
Since we don't run on FORGE it's impossible to find a mod that will work for the entire server population.

Feature/Plugin Requests / Re: Custom Elytra's
« on: November 23, 2017, 10:26:30 PM »
This is a mod, not a plugin. There is no way you can install this on the server.

That being said, this works just like the Optifine Cape, and is purely a visual upgrade to your elytra.
So you can use this mod. Other people with the mod would be able to see your custom elytra.

Bug Reports / Re: Lost stuff going to flat back to horizon!
« on: November 20, 2017, 01:10:15 PM »

Bug Reports / Re: Inventory lost leaving /flat for Horizon
« on: November 15, 2017, 12:38:52 PM »
Fixed. I put all of it at your /home storage  :)

Everything Else / Re: Pick my new name competition!
« on: November 12, 2017, 01:47:35 PM »
Sjerreirpin 8)

Bug Reports / Re: Lost stuff going to flat back to horizon!
« on: November 09, 2017, 04:36:54 PM »

This has been fixed.

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