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Author Topic: The Origin Charter  (Read 417 times)

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The Origin Charter
« on: June 12, 2022, 08:20:06 PM »
The Origin Charter


The Origin Charter is the basis for the rule of law: by the community; for the community; across the world of Origin. The Charter outlines the rights and responsibilities afforded to the players and the Presiding Council. An important note is that the Origin players and the Server Staff are completely different, they have different tasks and responsibilities. Server Staff are to enforce server rules only, and not those made by the players of Origin.

The Origin Charter:

  • How Origin will work:
    • From now on, Origin will be a true democracy rather than a republic of voted committee members.
    • Any player in Origin will be allowed to put forth proposals for everyone to vote on.
    • All proposals will be treated fairly, no matter who puts forth the proposals.

  • To formally introduce a bill to the players for a vote;

  • The process of consideration for any proposal;
    • Proposals will be posted on the forums, with a poll.
    • The voting will close after four days since the initial posting of the proposal.
    • If the proposal fails to gain a majority of 2/3rd, it will be rejected. If the proposal passes, it will be put to the Presiding Council for assent to Origin Law.
    • The process of Charter Amendments will follow the same process outlined above, with the key difference of requiring 70% of the votes to pass.

  • The Presiding Council will serve as a safeguard to ensure the Origin player base is acting within the Origin Charter as well as within the Server Rules. The Presiding Council is vested with emergency powers and has the ability to overturn any decision made by the players or any groups with a required explanation.

  • The requirements and rights of the members of the Presiding Council;
    • Members of the Presiding Council are Admin+
    • They may vote during proposals, as well as put forth new proposals.

    Note from Staff

    Staff felt that these changes to the Origin Charter were needed. We were trying something with the last design that was pretty radical and it simply didn't work out; it happens. So, we are going with a solution we feel like will be more suited to the world and player base. Hope to see everyone making real changes to the server in the coming days and weeks!

    -- Sentinel Staff
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