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Author Topic: Hathaway Rules  (Read 55 times)


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Hathaway Rules
« on: July 04, 2018, 06:58:38 AM »
1. Follow all server rules, even if the guild rule is different. Server rules being broken will get you banned.
2. You're allowed more than one plot but each additional plot will cost money. The first one is free. The second is 2500. The third is 5000. The fourth is 10000. You're not allowed more than 4 plots.
3. Be nice to all players. If you're abusing players in general chat, you will be removed.
4. If you're inactive for more then 30 days, I will send you mail in-game. If you're inactive 30 more days, your plot will be destroyed and all items lost.
5. If you leave the guild and don't destroy your plot, It will be seen as Hathaway property and destroyed within 7 days, unless otherwise noted from you.
6. Try to make nice things on your plot. No cobble boxes.
7. You will be kicked from the guild if you haven't built anything within 5 days. Building a chest, etc doesn't count. It needs to be a real building.
8. Do not build on the road. If you do, you will be warned to destroy it. After 3 days of not doing so, you will be removed. This includes the light posts. This also includes the trapdoors on the light posts.
9. You can tp players into this area.
10. If you are removed from the guild, you will have a week (7 days) to claim all items from Creepy_Crawlers. If you don't, they will be seen as Hathaway property and destroyed/kept respectfully.
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