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Author Topic: Tranquila is hiring hoarders!  (Read 115 times)


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Tranquila is hiring hoarders!
« on: February 07, 2019, 09:43:54 PM »
Hello there!

The Tranquila family is looking for some hoarders to help us out with all kinds of different tasks! Down below a list has been added with (currently) open jobs for certain items, how much we are willing to pay for it and why we are in need of it!
If you would like to help us out, message me or Elisthetic in game or via discord! Happy hoarding!

Item             Pay                                                                       Amount                                                             Reason
Bricks       Per single chest $4000 /double $9000!We're looking for around 4 double chests, though more is always welcome!                     We're using brick blocks for the town buildings and roads!
TerracottaPer double chest $400Around 8 double chests, preferably white/neutral colour We'll use it for our buildings!
WoolPer double chest $600Around 4 double chests, preferably the primary/secondary/tertiary colours + white!We'll use it for our buildings and colorful shops!
CobblestoneA trade; cobblestone for stone!Discuss in game!We use cobblestone to build & are lazy pricks with Silk Touch!

Changes or additions to this list can be made at any point in time, so keep an eye on this post!
/t spawn tranquila <3
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Redstone is red. Lapis is blue. I would sacrifice my diamonds just to save you <3