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Author Topic: SentinelCraft's Photojournalism.  (Read 216 times)


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SentinelCraft's Photojournalism.
« on: September 10, 2019, 05:14:57 PM »
Good Day.

In almost a month of being in SentinelCraft, I spent most of the time being a lurker on the global chat. I have witnessed some things, both good and bad, happy and sad, naughty and nice. Above all, i believe that SentinelCraft (owner, senior admins, admins, mods, donators, along with its senior members and members) have created an overworld with justice and peace which in a way, could be desiring and deserving of some sort of documentation for remembrance of the journey that all of us are part-taking here in the realm of SentinelCraft.

A way where we can capture the tranquility and life within the server is through pictures of a certain occasion (be it a surprise birthday celebration, mourning for the loss of a Minecraft pet) and maybe videos (like a timelapse of building a great town that shows players helping each other and working together) or stills of important milestones that the server and its players experience (showcase of a new towny minigame, a server-wide event, or maybe a simple spark of love between two players).

All of this will be collected and documented, giving birth to SentinelCraft's museum of memories, SentinelCraft's photojournalism :)

If this piques your interest, here are some two cents:

- What is SentinelCraft's photojournalism?

Other than arts/builds (which we already have the SentinelCraft Art for), SentinelCraft's photojournalism aims to capture the memories, the behind-the-scenes of builds, the friendships, the life and journey within our beloved realm.
Other than that, the pictures and maybe videos may be utilized for the server's advertisements.

- Who can be the photojournalist(s)?

We can have a set of rules and regulations specific to this endeavor.
Probably someone who has a higher rank, since higher rank means more abilities/flexibility in the server (ex. Flying, etc.) Or, if it's possible to make Photojournalist a new rank or something and give them abilities that could be useful for photojournalism so more chances for everyone.
Probably someone who has a decent computer, especially if it's for making videos (ex. screen recording, those Minecraft cinematography lol.)

- How to choose the photojournalist(s)?

Set up a survey or poll, players who aspire can enter their own pictures/videos, then we vote for the best(s) that captures what we experience everyMinecraftday, what SentinelCraft is, and what we strive for.
If the authorities are planning for a server-wide event, let's invite aspiring photojournalists, and capture moments from the event.

- Where to keep the pictures and videos?

Possibly a new SentinelCraft photojournalism forum.
In some cases, with the photojournalist's permission, we can use them for advertisement and promotional purposes too (Minecraft server list websites, Facebook page, revive the YouTube channel).
Maybe somewhere in the server (Fedgardia?) we can add a new museum of memories. Towns and Nations can have their own too.

- Are there incentives too?

We can have the best pictures and videos every week/bi-monthly/monthly, maybe a grand contest for the whole year, all of which can have exciting prizes.

Things to keep in mind:

- This seems to a large endeavor if accepted, but we can start little by little.

- (Future) Photojournalist(s) are encouraged to T.H.I.N.K before capturing
T-rue. That is what a photograph (or videos especially in photojournalism) means. Try to capture real moments, real emotions, real situations as long as possible.
H-elpful. Try to get your photographs/videos with minimal inconvenience on the subject(s). Photographs that could possibly raise awareness about things may be nice too.
I-nspiring. Happy and sad, high and low moments are part of life. Avoid giving attention to bad doings though as to not encourage violators of the server rules.
N-ecessary. Don't capture everything. Kindly put some effort and refrain from capturing too personal/private things.
K-ind. Avoid becoming a stalker just to have something/someone to capture. Be kind.

- We can have pictures in the point-of-view of the photojournalist(s). Capturing moments through the server's eyes is encouraged too.

*The inspiration behind the post:
This was captured on Sept. 11, 2019 (using Minecraft screenshot "F2" while on cinematic mode thing "F1"), where Amix07 is mourning the death of his Minecraft pet dog Max. Other players came too like the 2 on the picture Ezgordified and Le_Imnever. I thought it would be a cool memory even if it's a sad one. Anyway, Max is alive and well.