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Author Topic: Donator Perks have been re-added!  (Read 394 times)


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Donator Perks have been re-added!
« on: December 10, 2019, 11:17:36 PM »
Donator Perks have been re-added!

Donator Perks have been re-added, and we now have more to offer!

Unfortunately the original plugin we used for some of the donator perks (VirtualPack) hasn't updated for a long time. We will now start using a new plugin called Portable Crafting Inventories to allow us to not only restore most of our original perks, it allows us to add a few new perks as well such as /Stonecutter or /Loom!

Here is a table of what donators will have access to moving forward:

*Donation information at sentinelcraft.net will be updated as soon as possible to look like this!

As a note, the enchanting table command takes into account how many bookshelves you have nearby. To get the maximum enchantments, you will need to surround yourself with 15 bookshelves.
We are also adding a new plugin called Minepacks which will restore the /chest command. $50 Donators will have access to a single chest of inventory space and $100 Donators will have access to a double chest of inventory space. Unfortunately, we won't be able to restore what was inside the previous chests, unless you show us a screenshot as a reply to this topic.

In addition to the above changes, we are also changing the amount of time items will remain on /auction. Auction listings will expire after 15 days going forward.

Due to the 1.15 Minecraft update, which was released today, we added support to this version too, which is more stable in terms of lag. However the server remains in 1.14.4 for the time being.

Thank you as always for supporting Sentinelcraft, we have always been and remain a community server focused on quality of the playerbase.
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