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Author Topic: Tranquila's Headhunting List!  (Read 359 times)


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Tranquila's Headhunting List!
« on: January 02, 2020, 02:46:27 PM »
Hello headhunters!

The Tranquila Head Hunter Society is looking for some dedicated headhunters who are willing to put their PvP skills to the test! Down below a list of bounties has been added, which will be modified whenever it suits us. There are several amounts of money to earn, depending on the player(s) you are hunting.

For bounties that have more than $5000 on their head, we are collecting multiple heads to give other players a fair chance to also participate in the hunt! Say, noob123, has $14000 on their head, this would mean that the first two heads are worth $5000, and the last head would be worth the remaining money, which would be $4000, in this case.

Username             Pay                                                               Reason                                                               Status
Moose1441       $2250Insulting members of Tranquila.Unclaimed
nikola99$3000Being unkind to friends of Tranquila.Unclaimed
rohanjosephsaji $2250
+$30000 by AceAlmighty16!
Just want to see him dead (;Unclaimed
+$15000 by AceAlmighty16!
Being annoying in chat, misbehaving.Unclaimed
+$5000 by an anonymous player!
+$1000 by Eagler1997!
We'd like his head, and see him suffer a bit <3Invalid,
bounty paid off
KILLCYBER$2250Annoying the people of Tranquila in general.Unclaimed
Pongmin1028$2250Griefing friends of Tranquila, "k.",
unkind behaviour and being a pain in general.
wolf725$15000Being annoying in chat, scamming players by
selling overpriced items on /ah,
ignorant behaviour.
+$5000 by an anonymous player!
+$2000 by an anonymous player!

+$5000 by Lightterr!
"Where do I start" -people of my town.
Doesn't take a joke, insulting my friends
& the whole town, threatening with
grief, ban evade, all because of chickens <33
(Screenshot of rage in chat is worth 1k.)

Bounties can be claimed by handing over a player's head to either Elisthetic , xendetic, Eagler, Quazy, Lightterrr, or me in-game.
We suggest speaking to your fellow bounty hunters if anyone has conquered their head, to prevent disappointment when we have already received their head.
We cannot be held accountable for this post.

Would you like to get rid of your Tranquilan bounty and stop the killing? Paying your bounty price yourself x30 will do the trick!

Consequences will be taken if you scam in any way possible, remember to respect the PvP rules and to keep an eye out for rulebreakers!

List of rulebreakers - people who I will not be accepting any heads from:
- sub2pewds64

Rulebreakers are people who work together with the person who has a bounty in order to get their head, instead of hunting them down using their resources and try to get their head through fair PvP.

Changes or additions to this list can be made at any point in time, so keep an eye on this post!

/t spawn tranquila <3
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Re: Tranquila's Headhunting List!
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2020, 04:04:16 PM »
Hello headhunters!

Thank you for the amazing interest you guys have shown in bringing PvP back to the server.
We would like to mention that we updated our prices, policy and that you can add money to existing bounties. To create new bounties, please contact your mayor for a potential headhunting list made by your town - or place one yourself on the forums.

Happy hunting!

p/s: Please keep in mind that our bounty list updates every now and then, so keep an eye!

-The Tranquila Head Hunter Society

./t spawn Tranquila

The town of serenes scenes and daaaaank memes