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Author Topic: Artic shop  (Read 55 times)


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Artic shop
« on: March 20, 2020, 06:11:42 PM »
hello everyone this is Emulator and after long hard work the Artic shop has finally opened for public.Here in Artic customer is more important then anyone.Due to high level of competition with other shop we have prices have dropped but leave the competition think about your luxury and cheap shopping with quality of the material being best in sentinel especially better the our competition so now you know where to shop from.we are not depended on one material but we have themed shop with lot of material and a great team behind it

Where is the shop though??
The shop is available in poppy plaza in /t spawn tranquila it is the first shop to right with a great position easy to find  :P

What does the Artic shop even sell
The artic shop sells alot of material for your need some of them are DIAMONDS for 70$ only!!! and thats not it we sell all types of ore including EMERALDS for 30$ Lapis for 30$ Redstone for 20$ and even cheaper redstone blocks. We also have other materials such as coal,iron and gold
The artic shop not only sell ore but blocks which include Ice,packed ice,bricks,sea lantarns,glowstone,Quartz and prismarine.Here in artic shop we also have glass and dye and nether themed material and thats not all with our great dairy farms we have special fresh food available in 2 floor of the shop enjoy and shop luxory in The Artic shop  ;)
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