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Author Topic: Economy Changes- Patch 1  (Read 1120 times)

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Economy Changes- Patch 1
« on: June 13, 2020, 12:00:11 AM »
Economy Changes- Patch 1

First of all, we would like to thank you all for your input into the survey, it is still open and will remain open for any further propositions. Admin+ are open to your suggestions aswell and will note it down for us all to take into consideration.

As the title suggests, this procedure of economy rework will be going through multiple steps, there is no 1 solution to everything and we have to adapt our solutions to what we see fit. After taking into consideration your first proposition we have deduced that you do share some of our opinions and that you do like player shops to be used more. This patch will include a bug fix and an auction house "revamp".

Salvage bug fix:
As you all know, currently the issue stems from Salvage being a big source of what normally are non-renewable resources. As it turns out our salvage file was never intended to be in its default state but it was meant to be in the setup Rich once had which was working perfectly fine from 2014 up to 2019. Pair that with the new village trading and now we have an abundance of supply with little to no demand.
All salvage drop values have been reduced to 50% to what they were.

Auction house revamp:
In order to encourage more player shop trading and player interactions, we will be blacklisting diamonds, iron and ingots from the auction house. We may still submit further changes to the blacklist, why are we doing this? Simply because the intended use of auction house was to create a new way for players to sell items that you could not sell on signs, i.e enchanted armor, potions, the rarer items. We didn't expect it to be flooded with stacks of dirt and a price undercutting war. Another thing we also made the minimum price of selling: from 25 to 100, and the maximum price from 10000 to 20000; this is to encourage more valuable sales and less junk in the auction house.
We have also an issue on the server: we are giving money with almost none of it getting out. This is why we added an auction tax of 10%, every interaction will take 10%: You sell something for 3000, the buyer gives 3000  and you receive 2700.
We won't be too keen on people who bypass these restrictions on the auctionhouse.

Further changes will come along the way. They won't happen right away though but through a process of studying how the market has changed: We expect to change some selling and buying prices of some /shop items. It was never our intention for people to take the Selling prices their treshhold of tolerance, it was meant to incite to sell for higher prices, for example iron at 18-21 (not 13-14). Your price range was meant to be inbetween the high end and the lowest end. Other patches may discuss: Economic ethics, farming, new ways of spending money.

Our changes are aimed at the best of the community and in no way to discourage people from selling or buying, we aim to not ruin the economy because yes we do have an economy and yes it matters to the gameplay and eventually allow newer members to integrate better into it.

Sentinelcraft Staff.

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