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Author Topic: Crispy Crates for SentinelCraft!  (Read 344 times)


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Crispy Crates for SentinelCraft!
« on: September 03, 2020, 11:59:44 PM »
Crispy Crates for SentinelCraft!

With the dawn of the 1.16 update hitting SentinelCraft, a small team has been working at bringing a new feature to our server; Loot Crates!
We know it has been a while since we have had a new feature come to our server, we have worked hard to make this a successful addition!

The loot crates will be situated under our current shop building at spawn, fast travel there with /crates.
This has been wonderfully put together by our builders; Elisthetic and banacat who have taken our ideas for this area and made it a visual masterpiece! <3
Additionally, there is a secret area for everyone to find - think of it as a bonus treasure hunt.
Be warned, it's much harder to find than you may think! Same rules, as always, apply; no telling about it if you found out!

Unfortunately, voting has been quite stale and outdated for many. Worry no longer!
As a first effort to change this and make voting a more rewarding experience, we have decided to add limited head crates which are openable with head tokens!
This could range from flags, Super Mario and even Star Wars themed crates! Make sure to start voting regularly so you have enough head tokens to collect them all!

It is time to get into the biggest part of this update; we are going to introduce a multitude of new permanent crates.
There will be multiple tiers of crates as shown below:

  • Basic Crates
    • Themes: Building, Food, Gardening, Mob Drops, Mining
    • Cost: $250
    • Cheapest of crates, aimed at those with little money who want/require items from a particular crate to either carry on building, mining or exploring.
  • Intermediate Crates
    • Themes: Combat, End, Nether, Redstone, Uncraftables
    • Cost: $1,000
    • These crates are very much a gamble with a small chance to win big!
      Would you win a fancy new elytra or be left with 64 netherrack to your name? Be careful when taking your chances here!
  • Epic Crates
    • Themes: Building, Ocean, Potion
    • Cost: $4,000
    • These crates offer great value, while retaining the feeling of having the potential to lose everything!
      Be careful, these crates can make even the richest player poor!
      (squinting in Joel's direction, hoping he buys crates and becomes poor).
  • Legendary Crates
    • Themes: Legendary Tools, Special Spawn Eggs
    • Cost: 1 Legendary Key, $10,000
    • The first tier of crates requires a key and a good chunk of your hard-earned cash. The key is obtainable as an exceedingly rare reward from either the Intermediate or Epic crates.
      Once you have obtained the key, you can take your chances with two ancient traders at either winning long-forgotten armor and tools or at obtaining new and even rarer eggs!
      These rewards are meant to be rare and promote long term interaction with crates.
  • The Forbidden Crate
    • Themes: ???
    • Cost: 1 Forbidden Key, $20,000
    • This crate has an air of darkness around it and is by far the hardest crate to obtain. It's key is only obtainable as a rare reward from Legendary crates.
      With this key, you can gain forbidden knowledge to commands from past voting rewards and crate exclusive commands!

To view the contents of these crates, simply head down below the shop and left click any crate to see its rewards and percentage chance.
Or even better, open some yourself and see what's in it for you!

We would like you to explore the crates for yourself and allow you to explore this new addition to SentinelCraft!
A significant amount of effort has been put into making these crates as balanced as possible in order to preserve our economy.
We're eager to hear your feedback on this new feature and how we could potentially improve it in the future!

I would like to thank the following members of our community for making my dream possible *happy crate noises*:

  • Brenda, for ensuring that our ideas were manageable, for organizing all our data and making many of the head crate themes which we are excited to announce in the future.
  • Devereux, for spending so long ensuring that all the details on each of the crates were perfect and consistent throughout all of the crates.
  • Elisthetic & banacat, for building such a fantastic area for crates. We know without such a great area crates would have fallen flat on its face.
  • Migas, for giving in with my constant nagging with CRATES! and being open to adding a new feature and yet another plugin to our already crowded list.

If you find any errors/problems with the crates at all, please do not hesitate to report it to our staff team. Thank you!
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Re: Crispy Crates for SentinelCraft!
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2020, 07:31:12 AM »
Nice initiative!!
will check out all of em lol
herobrine is real


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Re: Crispy Crates for SentinelCraft!
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2020, 08:55:19 AM »
(squinting in Joel's direction, hoping he buys crates and becomes poor)
HAHA i just saw that after hours
good luck for seniormembers i might never become one of them :(


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Re: Crispy Crates for SentinelCraft!
« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2020, 06:38:00 PM »
When life gives you melons, make melonade.