Welcome to SentinelCraft!

SentinelCraft is a Spigot server that has been giving its players a great Minecraft experience since May, 2013. The server has a lot of active and friendly members as well as an active and mature staff to assist you when you are in need of help. The main goal of this server is to survive the challenges a Minecraft world has to offer you. This server is loosely based around the Towny plugin which makes surviving in that harsh world a little bit easier. You can choose to join a town or create your own. Together with your friends you can make your town rise above the rest. If you ever get bored of the peaceful life, PVP is enabled in the wilderness so you can have friendly competitions with fellow members. Or if competition is in your blood we offer you a wide variety of minigames to keep you entertained. Here is a list of our most popular ones.


  • Mob Arena
  • FlyPVP
  • Wild West (2 Teams PVP)
  • TeamPVP (4 Teams PVP)
  • Colosseum (Free for all PVP)
  • Parkour
  • PlatformPVP
Besides the regular Survival worlds, the server offers Flatgrass (Creative mode), accessible to Senior Member+, which will allow you to unleash your creativity without being disturbed or inhibited. In Flatgrass, the sky really is the limit! If Building in Flatgrass doesn’t offer you the challenge that you need, you can turn your attention to Skyblock. With a full contingent of customized challenges, you can bet there will be plenty to keep you busy on your way to “Skyblock Master”. We also host many types of free events! We also tend to come up with holiday competitions such as snow man building, or haunted house competitions.

Major plugins:

  • Essentials (With a stable Economy)
  • Grief Prevention
  • Towny
  • Dynamic Map
  • McMMO
  • LogBlock
  • AuctionHouse
  • LibsDisguise
  • Other minor plugins
We accept all players and account types. As long as you respect our rules, you are welcome to join us. So what are you waiting for?! Come join the fun at play.sentinelcraft.net! We promise you'll have a good time!

-- SentinelCraft Staff