Dimension update: Towny Wars

Server March 15, 2023

  •  Siege start days will be limited to Friday to Sunday (3 days). Meaning you will be in a peaceful state 4 days of the week to recuperate, plan and defend your bases.
  • Abandoning and Surrendering a siege will be possible after 3 hours instead of 12 hours.
  • The revolt timer has been reduced from 0.75 to 0.5 so you can revolt after 0.5 x The time your siege lasted.
  • Outpost cost will be raised to $1500 from $500.
  • Cost of attacking a town is going to become $30/plot. Plundering will still yield $40/plot.
  • Reversing a banner control has been set from x2 to x3 point gain. (You gain x3 the point you normally would if you reverse banner control.)

Dimension Season 2

Server March 4, 2023

Dimension Season 2 Summary of Changes:

- Outposts are allowed but limited to 1 per town.

- You can teleport to an outpost once per hour.

- You have to be 16 chunks away from a town's homeblock to create a town.

- You can teleport to other towns if they're at peace.

- Town teleports have a cooldown of 60 seconds and take 3 seconds to warm-up (Interruptible by movement and attacks).

- You cannot teleport to enemy towns.

- Max residens per town: 3. Max towns per nation: 2. Max allied nations: 1.

- A town homeblock (Usually your town spawn) is safe from PvP.

- PvP is forced everywhere else in the world.

- Keep inventory is off. All inventories are stored in a grave. When you die you get a compass to your grave.

- New town price: $250, New nation price: $1000, Oupost cost: $500.

- 16 Purchasable bonus town blocks, the cost starts at $250 wih a x1.2 increase on every purchase capped at $750.

- Disabled Taxes.

- If you run out of money your town goes into bankruptcy and you cannot perform any action in it until the debt is paid.

- Available nation military ranks by order of importance (least to most): private, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, colonel, general, engineer, gunner.

- Cost to attack upfront $20/plot. If you choose to plunder a town you just invaded you gain $40/plot they own.

- Failing a siege assembly will result in a 2 hour cooldown. It requires 50 points to succeed for 10 minutes, you gain 7 points/min.

- A siege lasts 48 hours (May change later on we are not sure). This is to allow people from all timezones to contribute during a siege.

- You may abandon or surrender a siege after 12 hours.

- New towns are safe from any sieges for 96 hours (3 days real time).

- After a siege is over (by winning, abandon or surrender) you will gain immunity for: (Duration of siege) x 2. I.E: A siege that lasted 12 hours will result in a 24 hour immunity to sieging.

- A town may revolt against an occupying nation after: (Duration of siege) x 0.75

- Battle sessions (Time when you can do attacks etc) start at 10 minutes past the hour every hour and last for 50 minutes. If no active sieges the battle session ends.

- Reversing banner control will result in point gains being multiplied by x2.

- The siege points balance cap is [-2000, 2000].

- Traps etc won't work in a siege zone.

- Towns may choose to become neutral but they will be peacefully occupied by the nation with the most towny influence surrounding it.

- Neutral town residents: Cannot participate in wars, cannot be attacked by sieges, cannot be assigned military ranks.

- A non-siege participant will receive 20 seconds warning before getting sickness effects for interfering in a war.

- Domination awards are disabled because the scale of the season is not large enough to warrant using it.

- Towny Combat encumbrance is enabled: Tools, Armor and certain items will affect your speed.

Updated Inventory Plugin

Server December 16, 2022

Updated inventory plugin in hopes it helps with the current inventory issues. Do let us know if these issues persist!

Website Development

Website November 4, 2022

Version 0.5

- Added more forum sections and posts

- Added additional wiki pages - Client Side Modifications

Website Development

Website November 4, 2022

Version 0.4

- Added text to footer, updated links.

- Added Call to Action text.

- Added voting text.

- Added Server Description.

- Updated multiple pages with working links.

- Updated donation page for current store.

- Added FAQs.

Website Development

Website August 24, 2022

Version 0.3

Website Additions:

 - Added Global Market Guide

 - Added Towny Guide

Website Development

Website August 23, 2022

Version 0.2

Website additions:

 - Added Legacy Forum at

 - Added Icons along the Navbar.

 - Added forum posts in all relavent topics to link to the archived forums.

Website Development

Website August 22, 2022

Version 0.1

Website additions:

 - Enabled https for the website, makes it more secure for all involved.

 - Enabled account authentication for the website through the use of a 'noreply' email

 - Enabled password resetting through email on the website.

 - Populated the staff list page.

 - Populated the forums with topics and forums.

 - Added rank requirements for Senior Members, Special, Moderator and Admin.

 - Added general server rules in the wiki.

 - Added PvP rules in the wiki.

 - Added redstone machine ruels in the wiki.

 - Added Moderator rules & guidelines

 - Added Donor guidelines

 - Added Forum guidelines

 - Added Grief Prevention guide

 - Added Player Statistics guide