Website Development

Website November 4, 2022

Version 0.5

- Added more forum sections and posts

- Added additional wiki pages - Client Side Modifications

Website Development

Website November 4, 2022

Version 0.4

- Added text to footer, updated links.

- Added Call to Action text.

- Added voting text.

- Added Server Description.

- Updated multiple pages with working links.

- Updated donation page for current store.

- Added FAQs.

Website Development

Website August 24, 2022

Version 0.3

Website Additions:

 - Added Global Market Guide

 - Added Towny Guide

Website Development

Website August 23, 2022

Version 0.2

Website additions:

 - Added Legacy Forum at

 - Added Icons along the Navbar.

 - Added forum posts in all relavent topics to link to the archived forums.

Website Development

Website August 22, 2022

Version 0.1

Website additions:

 - Enabled https for the website, makes it more secure for all involved.

 - Enabled account authentication for the website through the use of a 'noreply' email

 - Enabled password resetting through email on the website.

 - Populated the staff list page.

 - Populated the forums with topics and forums.

 - Added rank requirements for Senior Members, Special, Moderator and Admin.

 - Added general server rules in the wiki.

 - Added PvP rules in the wiki.

 - Added redstone machine ruels in the wiki.

 - Added Moderator rules & guidelines

 - Added Donor guidelines

 - Added Forum guidelines

 - Added Grief Prevention guide

 - Added Player Statistics guide