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Author Topic: The Town Hall  (Read 137 times)

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The Town Hall
« on: June 11, 2022, 03:05:25 PM »
Origin is starting to get organized!

With the people of Origin beginning to form larger groups, there are some things everyone wants to do or change, but have no real way to do so.
To help remedy this and to introduce some community interaction, we are implementing an Origin Town Hall!


     Ever since the landing of the Sentinels on Origin, the world has been plagued with troubles of being a frontier world. The landing site has been left bare or with mismatching structures, those first explorers looking further out to create their settlements in their own vision. Many advancements have been made from the explorers but progress has been slow due to the lack of magic that the Sentinels have been used to on the worlds of Horizon and Kattalox. To combat this issue, Sentinels have been banding together to build extensive buildings and infrastructure. The bands of Sentinels built on locations of power. Not magical power, as they had in the past, but on political power and the power of bountiful resources. The bands of players are gossling for influence over world projects around the spawn region and points of interest. Tensions were rising, and something needed to be done for the good of all.

     The Origin Preservation Project has started the process of protecting these areas of great importance for all players. The Sentinels know that this small project will not last. In an aim to build a world government and to ease tensions over these areas, the true Sentinels have decided to develop a Origin Town Hall, where the many may govern for the benefit of all. In this unified world, the Sentinel's Town Hall provided the opportunity for true, wide-reaching change. The Sentinel's decided to establish a building where this government would be housed, and where a new elected board of representatives from the major sources of power could gather. 'After these matters are completed', they thought, '...we must discuss our first true problem. The loss of a precious egg'

The Town Hall Project

This will set the basis for the development of a government (to be named by the players) which will be allowed various rights which include but are not limited to:
  • Being able to create, amend, or remove edicts subject to a referendum.
  • Create smaller bodies to handle law and order of Origin Governments edicts.
    • For example: The creation and maintenance of a regulated police force.
  • Mandate unified designs for roads, canals and nether highways that connect to the Town Hall.
  • Once established, further governance could take place and be proposed by the Origin community to be voted upon.

Before we get to this point, there is much work to do and many milestones for the community to meet before a prospective Town Hall Government can be created. These steps are outlined as followed:
  • 1. Draft an Origin Charter: A document which outlines the rights of the town hall.
  • 2. The election of the first Origin Committee of players.
  • 3. The planning, creation, and building of the physical town hall within the spawn region.
  • 4. Ratification of the Origin Charter by the Origin community and by the elected Origin Committee.

The Origin Charter

The creation and development of the Origin Charter is underway, but not ready to be released. This will set up the rights which the Town Hall will possess. The main points of the Charter are listed here:
  • The Origin committee will be made up of 5 members elected by the Origin community in a general election.
  • Current SentinelCraft Staff that are Admin+ will not be allowed to serve as a Town Hall member, due to conflicts of interest with them being on the presiding council. There will be a maximum of two staff members on the Origin Committee at all times.
  • There will be a presiding council consisting of Admin+ members to act in the capacity of an oversight board and the court of appeals if grievances are made against the Origin Committee.
    • The presiding council will most likely intervene when bounties start becoming bullying, or when server rules regarding maturity or other rules are going to be broken.
  • Sets up the process in which new edicts can be added to the Origin rules. This includes the timeframe for a vote, percentages of votes required for approval, and modification or removal of current rules/edicts.
  • Votes to impose sanctions on individuals within the Origin community based upon negative actions, including punishments if sanctions are violated by the player. Unjust punishments will be overturned by the presiding council.

The First Election

This will be the first election for positions of the Origin Committee. In order to run for a seat on the Origin committee, the following requirements must be met:
  • Members need to put themselves forward for the committee, there will be no nominations for others to be on the committee.
  • Members are in good standing within the community - No recent punishments or issues
The election will be run by the presiding council, and all answers will be kept confidential. All voters will rank all candidates from 1 to (number of candidates). The top 5 candidates with the most points will be elected to the council. All players that play on Origin are eligible to vote.

Building of the Town Hall at Spawn

This will be under the purview of the new committee to elect builders to this project and gather/buy building materials from settlements or players. The town hall as a minimum will require:
  • Town Hall committee chambers for discussions and storing of confidential books.
  • Presiding council chambers and court for oversight and appeals when required.
  • Voting hall with voting booths and voting information.
  • Town hall with information about the origin charter and the town hall edicts.


This is a process which allows the Origin Committee to amend the charter to make the rules more inline with their wants and expectations. Once these changes have been made, they will be put to a vote in which over 70% of the community needs to vote yes to the changes for them to be accepted.

Once the changes have been passed through the vote by the community, the final step is the ratification of the amended charter by the presiding council ensuring it is within the server rules and fair to all players before its ascension to Origin Law.

Voting will be through discord reactions, as to make it easier for people with limited time to vote and for people to see the votes for and votes against a particular proposal. Additional rules around voting will come out with the election post in the near future.

- Sentinel Staff

(Thank you Moog for formatting the post!)
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