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Author Topic: The Origin Charter  (Read 166 times)

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The Origin Charter
« on: June 12, 2022, 08:20:06 PM »
The Origin Charter


The Origin Charter is the basis for the rule of law: by the community; for the community; across the world of Origin. The Charter outlines the rights and responsibilities afforded to The Origin Committee, The Presiding Council, and all Constituents. An important note is that the Origin Committee and the Server Staff are completely different, they have different tasks and responsibilities. Server Staff are to enforce server rules only, and not those made by the Origin Committee.

The Origin Charter:

  • The Origin Committee is composed of elected members of the community which are active players of the Origin world;
    • The Committee consists of five (5) elected members, which are referred to as Committee Members, commonly shortened to CM.
    • Members of the Committee are elected to serve for a two (2) month term. Committee Members are tasked with representing the will of the people of Origin.

  • The Committee;
    • Is responsible for creating, amending, and removing laws that affect Origin.
    • May amend the Charter through a Charter Amendment.
    • May create, amend and remove sub-committees & their powers as well as any positions within them. This can only be done through a Charter Amendment.
    • May appropriate land to be allocated to committee projects that has a specific purpose; this appropriation has to be done through a requisition act.
    • May not give itself additional powers for the sole purpose to take rights from others or serve their own interests through the committee.

  • Any Origin player may run for the committee as long as they meet the following requirements;
    • Hold the rank of Senior Member or above, or have a playtime over two days in Origin.
    • Be active in-game, on our forums, and on discord; inactivity is defined as being off the server for at least two (2) weeks.
    • Be in good standing within the community and have not broken any server rules within the previous thirty (30) days.
    • Staff members who hold the rank of admin or above, are not eligible to run for the committee.

  • The Origin Committee election process;
    • Is to be held every two (2) months.
    • Is to last five (5) days, beginning on the third day of the third month and finishing on the eighth day of every election month.
    • Declaration of Candidacy shall only take place from the first day of every election month, lasting forty-eight (48) hours
    • In the election, voters can cast up to three (3) votes and the top five (5) candidates with the most votes, at the end of voting, shall be elected to the Origin Committee.
    • The Results of the election shall be announced at the end of the eighth day of the month and no later.
    • If a tie should arise between two or more candidates for the fifth seat, a second election shall be held between these candidates to determine who shall be elected to the fifth seat.

  • In the event an Origin Committee Member resigns or is removed, the Committee seat then becomes vacant, and the following will be followed;
    • There will be twenty-four (24) hours in which players can nominate themselves to fill the vacancy.
    • The committee must then meet to discuss and vote on the nominees to fill the vacancy.
    • Once a preferred candidate is chosen they are informed of their candidacy to the committee
    • If the committee fails to nominate a new candidate within forty-eight (48) hours after close nominations, the presiding council will nominate their preferred candidate to the Committee.

  • Only Origin Committee Members (CMs) can officially propose a bill to the committee.

  • Every CM has the right to take suggestions from players and make them into a bill.

  • To formally introduce a bill to the committee;

  • The process of consideration for any proposal;
    • Proposals will be posted on the forums, with a poll.
    • The voting will close after forty-eight (48) hours, this can be extended at the discretion of the committee based on majority support within the committee.
    • If the proposal fails to gain a majority of 2/3rd, it will be rejected. If the proposal passes, it will be put to the Presiding Council for assent to Origin Law.
    • The process of Charter Amendments will follow the same process outlined above, with the key difference of requiring 70% of the votes to pass.

  • The Presiding Council will serve as a safeguard to ensure the Origin Committee is acting within the Origin Charter as well as within the Server Rules. The Presiding Council is vested with emergency powers and has the ability to overturn any decision made by the Origin Council or any of their sub-committees with a required explanation.

  • The requirements and rights of the members of the Presiding Council;
    • Members of the Presiding Council are Admin+
    • They may not run for election to the Origin Council
    • They may vote during the election, but must not endorse any candidate before or during the voting process.
    • They may provide proposals to the CMs for consideration.

Public Referendum Act:

  • A public referendum against a CM can be enacted at any time by at least six (6) Origin players who meet the voter eligibility.
  • Public referendums will be held within the Origin folder: http://sentinelcraft.net/forum/index.php?board=241.0
  • The format for the public referendum is as follows:
    • Topic title: Removal of {committee member}
    • Username:
    • Committee Member to be removed:
    • Reasoning:
    • Additional Information:
  • Once six (6) Origin players enact the referendum, a public vote is scheduled.
  • The voting period is seventy-two (72) hours.
  • If there is a simple majority for removal, the Committee Members are removed promptly.
  • The vacancy is filled by standard replacement procedures.

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