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Author Topic: SentinelCraft - Map Transfers  (Read 201 times)

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SentinelCraft - Map Transfers
« on: October 05, 2021, 08:32:17 PM »
It's time to get our maps back again!

Dear SentinelCraft community!
We've got some excellent news for you, we're going to start the process of getting maps to our survival world again!
Since world edit works again and the bungee trouble is now in the past (or well, we hope), we're happy to get everyone their maps back in the coming months.
In this forum post, we will explain how staff is going to do this and what you, as a player, would need to do in order to get your beautiful map back!

How is staff going to do this?

- We plan on placing maps in the end in both Horizon and Kattalox, and in the void for Fedgardia, as these are areas that can be made are inaccessible for everyone.
We will set up WorldGuard permission for specific players in this region, it will not damage or take up space in the overworld which other ideas would have and allows maps to be better protected.
Players will still create the original maps in flat before we paste them in the end.

- In Horizon and Kattalox we will have a specific maps storage building that holds copies of each map to allow admin+ to be able to give maps if they are either lost by the original owner. We will have to refine our idea on how we are going to name maps and ensure there is enough space for them. This is to ensure maps do not go missing and are easily retrievable for you.

- To save space, maps will be stacked if they are not extremely tall 3d maps, this means it will take up a smaller footprint on the server and gives us a lot of space to be able to paste current maps and future maps.

What do I need to do?
In order to transfer your map, we need you to complete a survey that can be found here! Before you go ahead and complete the survey, please keep in mind the following things;

- When entering the coordinates of the map, please use the following format WITH SPACES ONLY! For example: -124759 16 29480. This allows us to easily copy and paste the coordinates.
- We ask you to enter two coordinates per map, so we can easily select the corners with world edit. If you fail to do so, we will not process your map. It is your responsibility to correctly select the corners for the transfer, else your map might be incomplete.
- Your map cannot be "higher" than 50 blocks. This means that the elevation cannot be more than 50 blocks. For now, our priority is transferring "thin" maps - bigger 3D maps will have a chance to be transferred in the future.
- Maps from the artists charactername111 and Silver_Dragoon1 will be transferred first.
- Transferring these maps is going to be a time-consuming project for the Senior Admin team, we've got jobs, school work and personal matters to attend to! Complaining about the "waiting queue" will get you pushed to the back of the waiting list, though I am sure none of you will complain, right? (pls)
- The queue will be visible for all members, this way you can see if your map has been transferred yet and how many others are before you. You can click here to see the queue.
- Once your map has been transferred, we need you to do your absolute best on keeping horizon maps in horizon, and Kattalox maps in Kattalox. Switching between these servers will break the map and give staff unnecessary jobs to fix it. To make this perfectly clear to you, we ask you to confirm that you've read this on the server - as well as inform your buyers of this fact.
- Maps that you entered to transfer, are made by you. You are not allowed to "hijack" other people's maps to get them transferred, you will need to buy them off the original owner or have permission to transfer them under your name.

We'd like to thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing your beautiful maps on the server again! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in-game, on discord, or down below!
Smile more, it suits you (: