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Author Topic: Zion Tax Policy  (Read 74 times)

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Zion Tax Policy
« on: October 13, 2021, 09:26:55 PM »
Zion Tax Changes!

Hello Folks! Due to new changes to the towny system made by SentinelCraft Staff, Zion shall now start implementing taxes! As the current size of the town is fairly small with an upkeep of $795 per day (as of October 13 2021), the taxes shall be low. However as the town grows bigger taxes may have to be increased. As always, Zion Town Staff (Recruiter+) will be exempt from all taxes. VIPs shall also be exempt from all taxes.

The new town changes are as follows!
- PLOT TAX (16X16 - one chunks): $5
- PLOT TAX (16X32 - two chunks): $10
- PLOT TAX (32X32 - four chunks): $20
- EMBASSY TAX (16X16 - one chunk): $20
- EMBASSY TAX (32X32 - four chunks): $80

Zion currently does not have a spawn-cost ($0)

Please note that all these taxes are subject to change and will be updated accordingly. Tax changelogs will be added below this thread when needed.

Additionally, by owning a plot AND/OR being part of the town means you agree to pay these taxes!!

-Zion Staff
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