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Title: Proposal: Origin Spawn Town Hall Project ~ Accepted and Enacted
Post by: quazymoodo on June 18, 2022, 03:59:02 PM
Name of Proposal: The Town Hall Project

Member(s) in the committee who support the proposal:

A short description of the proposal:
It is my pleasure to announce to you all our proposal to begin breaking ground on the establishment of a new Town Hall to mark the foundation of a united Origin spawn capital. This proposal seeks to establish a Subcommittee on Origin Town Hall Infrastructure & National Government (or SOOTHING) to lead in designing and constructing a glorious town hall that can act as a seat for the committee and the presiding council, as well as a national library to keep drafts of the Origin Charter's amendments and laws, and a formal constituent's commons for submitting yours-- the People's-- ideas, questions & concerns, and an area which could be retrofitted for future government-related community events (elections, debates, etc.)

Reason for the proposal:
As presented in "The Town Hall" forum post by presiding council chair Oplegoman, one of the foundational goals for Origin was to establish a government where we could work to ratify new proposals and provide us with an institution in which we can process our constituents' concerns and demands into law. We want to intake your concerns, host in-person appointments, and manage the business of the Origin Charter within a proper house of affairs.

Additional Information:
With your approval, we set this for a vote, and we intend for the chairs of this subcommittee will be locally sourced for the sake of achieving expediency on this project due to it being of high import. Furthermore, we will be working with the presiding council in contacting those who currently live within the vicinity of spawn about land requisiton. Thank you, and let Origin be our survival!
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