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Author Topic: [SCCF] FAQ Season 2  (Read 415 times)

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[SCCF] FAQ Season 2
« on: December 17, 2021, 06:55:57 PM »
SCCF FAQ Season 2

What kind of tournament is it?

For season 2, there will be a round-robin group stage . You will play against each person in your group once, and top players from each group will advance to the knockout rounds. A win in the group stage grants 3 points, a draw will grant both teams 1 point each and 0 points to losers. Knockout stage will involve 1v1 games. Winner advances to the next round, loser gets knocked out of the tournament. All the way until the finals and we get a winner. After the semifinals its losers will play a match to determine who gets third place.

Are there specific rules to the game?

Yes. Click here for more!

Will there be a specific schedule for the games? I might not make it.

During the group stage, all groups must finish all their games within a 10 day frame. You must go against members of your group once within the 10 days. Each knockout round will have 7 days to be completed. You and your opponent should find a time for you to play. If after 7 days your match has not been played, a winner will be picked at random. If you cannot make it, you have the option to forfeit the tournament and give your opponent the right to advance.

Do I have to use a sword? How about a stick?

Yes you have to use a sword. Why? Because swords cannot destroy blocks on flat (fun fact!).

Why is it SM/Donator+ only?

Because the command to spawn the chicken is only available in flat. We do not want to fill survival with immortal chickens.

How do I spawn a football chicken? And how do I get rid of it if it is immortal?

Do /cball in flat to spawn a chicken and /ninja to get rid of it.

Where will the games be played?

We have had two stadiums to play in during the preseason: Intrepidum Stadium and Shadow Arena. Joel made a stadium for Imperium to be used during season 1, and this season there will be a whole new stadium for you to play in! (currently taking name suggestions)

Each stadium has its own distinct features that will affect your matches... we suggest you pay each of them a visit before your first game. Use the warp signs intrstadium_play, sr_arena, imperium_arena and chicken_arena at the /flat spawn to get there!

Can I make my own stadium/field to host my people?

Absolutely! We would love to see new stadiums and it would be fun to have different games played in different environments! This will only be allowed for the next tournament, though.

What do the winners get?

The prizes are listed on the main topic.

What does getting seeded mean?

That means that you will be on separate sides of the bracket. The semifinalists and finalists of season 1 will be on different sides so they cannot be placed against each other until the semifinals and finals respectively.

If you have any more questions, let me know here on the forums, Discord or in-game! If you're looking for the main page, click here.
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