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Author Topic: SML #10 - ElizaPalooza, 2_Spooky4U, and evzntv  (Read 150 times)

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SML #10 - ElizaPalooza, 2_Spooky4U, and evzntv
« on: August 30, 2021, 06:54:22 PM »
SentinelCraft Memory Lane #10
This week, we are going to talk about 3 players who have hosted different types of events on our server: ElizaPalooza, 2_Spooky4U, and evzntv!

Joined in 2018, currently holding the Donator rank

ElizaPalooza, also known as Eliza, joined our server in 2018.

When she joined, she posted a topic on forums about her.

She started on our server by joining HvPanda's guild at the time, named Horizon. However, this Guilds plugin was changed soon after to Towny but she stayed with him on his town for a bit.

After a couple of months on the server, she was consistenly active and helpful towards others, which helped her on her Moderator application. She ranked up to Moderator still that year and remained on that rank until she told us she had to go inactive.

During her time as a Moderator, Eliza was a very reliable staff member, and managed to host an [almost] weekly Dungeons and Dragons series with a lot of SentinelCraft community members. Some of these members were: Elisthetic, Chris9495, migas94, TheFurryDuke, KibikiKibble, Quazymoodo, and AMNOTBANANAAMA. The first session was documented on the forums. The other ones were not because it was very time consuming for her.

Eliza ended up going inactive at the end of 2019. Since then, we miss her fun sense of humour and her amazing dedication to the community.

Elisthetic met her once in person, when Eliza was still a teenager. She said:
"Very hardworking girl, absolutely tries her best and sometimes too sweet for this world, reminds me a lot of myself (when I was her age*), great friend and it was an honour to hang out with her in real life. Will definitely pay a visit when I am near her again, lol"

Joined in 2015, currently holding the Admin rank

2_Spooky4U joined our server in January 2015 and invited his sister, Nekoreos (or NadaCookie) to play with us. He made an immediate impact... which ended up getting them banned just a few weeks into the server.

Spooky was eventually unbanned and has improved his behaviour gradually. However, he still managed to win the most annoying category on that year's SentinelCraft Awards. He has been a ducktopian since the start and never left the town.

Spooky applied once for Special, twice for Senior Member, four times for Moderator, and one time for Admin. Even though he got denied several times, Spooky never gave up and managed to reach the Admin rank.

Spooky went inactive for a couple of months due to personal reasons and returned with even more dedication and enthusiasm for SentinelCraft and its community.

He was responsible for the revival of some community games like Roll on Wednesday (original by Migas) and Chicken Football (original by Calvin). Since then, Spooky is a co-hoster of the Roll on Wednesday event, only being replaced by Bugsy (primarily) when he is unable to attend.

He was a major figure on bringing the Crates plugin into SentinelCraft, creating another fun way of wasting your money and improve your gambling addiction.

Oh... and he is also known as Devereux.

BrendaxNL has been a friend of him on the server for years. She gave us this quote:

"I'm happy Dev has returned to SentinelCraft, he is someone who is always there to listen to you and offer advice if you need it. Mr Spooky is easy going, he cares about the people around him, he is passionate about his studies and doesn't miss the opportunity to crack a joke!"

Joined in 2019, currently holding the Moderator rank

evzntv joined our server in September 2019. At that time, he created a town named Neverland. However he went inactive shortly after and made a return in 2021.

Since that return, evzntv created his new [more popular] town named Faygo Dreams. The town was original in the Shadow nation until evzntv made his own nation. This town is very well known for constructing poorly structured bridges, according to our most reliable source on this topic, Oplegoman.

evzntv has always been a dedicated member of the community and, on his second try, he managed to reach the Moderator rank, which he still holds today. Before being Moderator, he had the Special rank for Journalist/Podcaster.

evzntv has been involved in a lot of different activities throughout his time on the server. One of them is his Weekly Observations series, where he compiles the best moments of a certain week in SentinelCraft. Besides that, he also currently co-hosts the Trivia on Friday event (original by NotAWesternSpy). Lastly, he dedicated some time to create Youtube videos for the server. At the time of writing this topic, he made one podcast and one sign guide video for the server.

SweatyKido1 is a co-mayor of Faygo Dreams and he said this about him:

"I've been in Faygo for around 3 months and I've talked a lot with evz. He may not be the best builder but a thing is that he's good at organizing stuff, events, town builds, meetings with town members, ect.. I joined around the time when he came back from inactivity. At first he really didn't like me after I did something I shouldn't have done. But then I asked to join his town and he let me in. Since then I've seen evz in a completely other way, if you get what I mean"

Check the full list of SentinelCraft's Memory Lane here.
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Re: SML #10 - ElizaPalooza, 2_Spooky4U, and evzntv
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2021, 08:28:09 PM »
AYYYYYY my man evz BadBridge  xD
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Re: SML #10 - ElizaPalooza, 2_Spooky4U, and evzntv
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2021, 02:45:57 AM »
This is Epic! Hearing about Spooky and Ev incredible. Good job to this series keep it coming!
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