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Client Modification Approval Form / UltimMC/MultiMC Launcher
« on: September 15, 2022, 05:36:33 pm »
Name: UltimMC and MultiMC

URL: https://github.com/UltimMC/Launcher & https://github.com/MultiMC/Launcher

Why do you think it should be allowed:

UltimMC is a forked version of the popular MultiMC minecraft launcher. The former simply adds the functionality to add cracked accounts and login to the game with them. So the following information applies to both launchers.

MultiMC doesn't provide any built in mods or optimizations like BadLion or Lunar clients. All this launcher does is create a separate instance for each minecraft version that you install - for each instance you will have a separate .minecraft folder. You can also install multiple instances of the same version of MC as well. Fabric and Forge can also be installed in an instance.

Basically this launcher doesn't give any unfair advantage if that is the concern.

Everything Else / Swords of Sentinel - Frequently Asked Questions
« on: April 06, 2022, 06:29:43 pm »
Swords of Sentinel (SoS) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Question: Why are shields not allowed?
Answer: This is because their use would unnecessarily prolong the game.

Question: Why can't fights take place in other arenas/places?
Answer: The Zion PvP Arena has been setup to disable McMMO skills which can make the match unfair. It is also designed specifically for PvP and one arena for all matches helps keep up fair results.

Question: Why are totems of undying not allowed?
Answer: It's an extra life so if used it takes off a kill for the other person, and also gives other effects like strength and regeneration which would result in the match being unfair.

Question: Why only swords?
Answer: Because that's the point of this championship.

Question: Why can't I use my own armor?
Answer: We want to keep enchantments fair. Example, if one player has Protect 4 and the other has none, it would be unfair.

Question: Why aren't potions allowed?
Answer: Same reason for no totems of undying - elongate the game, makes the match unfair if one participant has it and the other doesn't.

Any other questions and their answers will be added in due course, feel free to ask either jjiimm or Dr_MineStein in game or on discord if you have additional questions! (jjiimm#0740 and Dr_MineStein#8575 respectively)

Thank you, once again, for participating in the Swords of Sentinel - Ultimate PvP Championship!

Everything Else / Swords of Sentinel - Participant and Referee Rules
« on: April 06, 2022, 06:29:00 pm »
Swords of Sentinel (SoS) Rules for Players and Referees

By participating in and/or reffing a SoS PvP match, you agree to follow the rules listed below!

Participant Rules:

1. All matches MUST be played in the Zion PvP Arena
2. The only weapon to be used are swords which will be provided (at the arena) - do not use your own sword.
3. Armor for both opponents will be provided (at the arena) - do not use your own armor. 
4. Please replace armor and swords on the stands in the arena after a match - stealing them is considered greifing!
5. Shields are not allowed.
6. The match will last 10 minutes, whoever has the most kills at the end of the match wins - if there hasn't been any kills or there is a tie
    after 10 minutes, overtime will begin and whomever scores the first/next kill wins instantly.
7. No using /fly
8. No totems of undying, enchanted/god/notch apples, golden apples, potions, beacons, etc. Only plain food like steak and porkchop.
9. Referee's decision is final - no arguing. If you are really sure the referee is wrong discuss with them respectfully!
10. If you lose don't wine or make a big deal out of it - accept defeat like a true warrior.
11. All server rules apply: Autoclickers, aimbot mods, ghost clients, hacked clients, etc. are prohibited. If a participant is caught using one or any of these unfair advantages they will be permanently suspended from the current and future SoS Cups, all prizes awarded will be confiscated, and will be punished according to server policy.

In addition to these rules, make sure you have thoroughly read and understood the server PvP Guidelines mentioned here.

Referee Rules:

1. The referee MUST be SM+ (Senior member or above).
2. Please keep track of the time and scores of each player (you are free to use the scoreboard - note that it can only mark up to 7 points, after that scores need to be recorded manually - and you don't have to use it, completely optional).
3. Make sure they follow the rules mentioned above in participant rules and make sure no /fly is
    being used.
4. Contact a staff member if a player is suspected of using unfair advantages (if you aren't a staff).
5. You will be the one posting on the forum, if you are unable to do so please contact jjiimm or Dr_MineStein via discord and we'll upload the
    results. (jjiimm#0740 and Dr_MineStein#8575 respectively)
6. Before the match starts remember to pull the lever to bring up the gate (lever is unlocked so anyone can use it).

Thank you, once again, for participating in the Swords of Sentinel - Ultimate PvP Championship!

Moderator Application / Doc's Mod application
« on: December 22, 2021, 10:04:24 pm »
- What is your in-game name?:


- Current Rank?:

My current rank is Senior Member [SM]
My current rank is 15$ Green Donator [D]

- Where are you from?:

Southern East Coast, USA

- What is your age?:


- How often do you vote?:

I vote every day.

- When did you join the server?:

I joined mid-March 2021, but started actively playing since May 20th, 2021.

- What time of the day are you on? (include timezone):

I'm online the following parts of the day:
  • 8 - 10 AM EST
  • 12 - 2:30 PM EST
  • 4 - 6 PM EST

- Are you currently staff on any other servers?:

I actually am. I'm one of the head Admins (with Server Operator status) on my old high school run Minecraft SMP.
(Please note I cannot share the name nor IP, it is solely for school alumni and students, giving out information can cause problems for myself.)

- Why do you think should you be promoted and how will you be helpful?:

A lot of people compliment me for learning by just watching others, and I have learnt about the staff culture here on SentinelCraft like that. For example: Once, a new player joined, and after some time they mentioned that they already joined the server before and are just using a new username and playing. My first instinct was to point out that they're breaking the rules. But Ople was on, and I thought let's see how he handles the situation. In short, he did a great job - he calmly asked the guy what their old username was, and then patiently explained they should use their previous account or request a transfer. Not sure if I can recollect correctly, but the guy agreed and joined with his old account name. If we had shouted "hey you're breaking the rules!", most probably they would have left or become mad and caused more chaos. Similarly, I've been close friends with evzntv, and have often observed how he calmly addresses problematic situations and rule breakers (especially as mayor of Faygo Dreams, he has had to deal with griefers, people not replanting, etc.). I feel that, having closely observed such situations, I can help the community in a similar manner as a Moderator.

Currently I am mayor of my town, Zion, and Nation Assistant for the second largest nation on the server, United Faygo Order. With the help of my co-mayor ___Pinheiro___ I learned a lot about Towny, its commands, and how to use them. I have read both the towny guide on our website and the official Towny Wiki on GitHub/Fandom. As mayor, I have understood the Towny culture on the server and as Moderator can better help in this regard.

Since August 2021, I have been one of the head Admins on the SMP. I obviously have to know some things, such as using the console, collecting logs, and mainly in-game moderation. The server has about 50 - 80 players at a time. It is a Vanilla Spigot server without any plugins installed, hosted on a server computer in the High School which I either remotely access or personally access. So in terms of server setup, I'm still learning but quite familiar, so I hope to help in this regard as well.

I haven't been staff on many Minecraft servers but I have been a Discord Admin on Jartex and Blockdrop. My main business was managing bots, keeping an eye over channels, muting/banning users when necessary, etc. Additionally, I had my own two Discord servers - one for Skywars and one for Bedwars (the latter still remains, although inactive) each topping 100+ players. As may be understood how much work setting up and maintaining a large Discord server would be - I have a lot of knowledge on this front.

Using all this experience I have gained, I hope to use them for a good cause for SentinelCraft to the best of my ability, and hopefully remove some extra load on staff's shoulders. Even as SM when staff is busy, I answer basic questions about the server to new players as well as those that may have a doubt sometimes. However, I wish to do more than just this and think I would and can be more helpful as a Moderator.

- Do you feel like you can be neutral and be loyal to the server rules above all else?:

Of course! Let's face it, a lot of us (at least me) first have the idea that rules are restrictive, annoying, and pointless - rather, rules are there to ensure fairness, maintain a great community, and increase support. I understand the reason for the existence of server rules and I, as Moderator, will keep that in the front of my mind at all times, remaining both loyal and neutral to the server rules above anything else, even if it means sacrificing a relationship for the benefit of the wider community.

- Additional Information:

Last but not least, I feel that the past seven months on the server was a time of excitement and fun, but more importantly, progress. My start on the server, unlike most regulars, wasn't a very good one. Made my mark with a jail on day one, day two got released from jail but got both muted and banned on the same day. However, I considered my ban more of a learning experience than a punishment. Immediately after my unban, I was determined to change myself and show my dedication, eventually earning myself the Senior Member rank. On the way, I gained the friendship and trust of amazing folks like King_fat_hamm, evzntv, Baked_Tater, SweatyKido, jjimm, and so on. I helped develop new towns and eventually in collaboration with Pinheiro started my own. I also brought a few people along into the server. Basically, this growth mindset of being able to progress, learn more, and contribute would be a great asset to the server.

Many thanks to the Senior Staff who are reviewing this application - they continue to make decisions in a timely manner and improve the server, even with personal life problems and responsibilities. Apologize for the large post, but I wanted to be as detailed in my abilities as possible, so I may contribute to (in all seriousness) the best server I have ever come across in my entire 8 year journey of playing Minecraft.

In the event of a rejection, I would prefer a detailed private response.

Yours Sincerely,


EDIT: Fixed some apostrophes that changed into question marks. (MS Word....  xD)
EDIT: Updated current rank.

Zion / Zion Tax Policy
« on: October 13, 2021, 09:26:55 pm »
Zion Tax Changes!

Hello Folks! Due to new changes to the towny system made by SentinelCraft Staff, Zion shall now start implementing taxes! As the current size of the town is fairly small with an upkeep of $795 per day (as of October 13 2021), the taxes shall be low. However as the town grows bigger taxes may have to be increased. As always, Zion Town Staff (Recruiter+) will be exempt from all taxes. VIPs shall also be exempt from all taxes.

The new town changes are as follows!
- PLOT TAX (16X16 - one chunks): $5
- PLOT TAX (32X32 - four chunks): $20
- EMBASSY TAX (16X16 - one chunk): $5
- EMBASSY TAX (32X32 - four chunks): $20

Zion currently does not have a spawn-cost ($0)

Please note that all these taxes are subject to change and will be updated accordingly. Tax changelogs will be added below this thread when needed.

Additionally, by owning a plot AND/OR being part of the town means you agree to pay these taxes!!

-Zion Staff

Zion / Plot Info for Residents/Embassy Owners
« on: September 13, 2021, 06:18:53 pm »

Please read the following information about Zion plots!

Plots for Residents:

- Each Resident gets 4 plots if they are active and good at building, one if not that active.
- Resident claims can be taken away at the full discretion of the mayor, and any items contained within them will be returned to the previous plot owner. (This will be done ONLY after 60 days, according to server policy)
- No more than 4 plots will be allotted.
- Ask permission from mayor before removing andesite slab plot borders
- If something isn't built within 60 days AND/OR if there isn't any progress with building (i.e. unfinished building) AND/OR you have been asked by the mayor to remove your stuff and you haven't, your plot will be taken away and allotted to someone else, and all materials within the plot will be confiscated (valuables may be returned).
- No building above y=120 (exceptions can be made, talk with mayor/co-mayor/assistant)
- No inappropriate structures
- No builds that look like a pile of materials - if you can't build, talk with town staff to build you a decent house or build what you want in Horizon.

- PLEASE NOTE: You will have to pay taxes for a plot IF you are not town staff/VIP. By owning a plot you agree to paying taxes!!

Plots for Embassy Owners:

- If your embassy represents a town, only one plot will be given.
- If your embassy sells materials, 4 plots may be allocated, this will be decided based on the circumstance and if you can pay the tax
- $5 per plot per day (irl day obviously)
- Non-town representative buildings (i.e. shop plots by those outside of the town) will be built by town staff
- All town representative embassies will be located on Embassy Lane
- Horizon towns can also have embassies

Zion / Zion Town Staff Applications
« on: September 03, 2021, 02:48:36 pm »
Hello there!

Do you want to join/rank up the staff team in Zion? These are the following requirements:

Rank requirements:

- Must be Assistant
- Must have knowledge about towny plugin and good experience as assistant
- MUST BE ACTIVE: Inactivity for more than 30 days will get you demoted to Assistant.

- Must be a resident of the town for at least 14 days and/or good experience as Architect
- Must have basic knowledge of the town and towny
- Must be helpful towards new members.
- MUST BE ACTIVE: Inactivity for more than 30 days will get you demoted to Architect or Resident, whichever rank you were before.

- Must be a resident of the town for at least 10 days.
- Recommended to provide work of builds within SentinelCraft (preferably modern architecture)
- Must be helpful towards new members.

To submit your application please use the format provided below and by creating a new tread within this topic.

Application Format:

In Game Name:
In Game Server Rank:
Town Rank you are applying for:
Contributions you have made to the town:
Why you think you should be promoted to town staff:
Additional Information:

-Zion Staff

Zion / Zion Resident Requirements
« on: September 03, 2021, 02:30:55 pm »
Hello there!

Are you interested in joining Zion? Please read the requirements mentioned below:

1. SM+ AND/OR Member with a good reputation throughout the server - continuous, annoying/disruptive behavior will not be accepted.

2. Must be knowledgeable about the server.

3. Cannot be an outlaw of Faygo Dreams, no exceptions.

4. If you're an outlaw of another town, the reason for it will be reviewed and discussed. Depending on it you will be accepted or rejected.

Depending on the circumstances this list may be edited at the discretion of the Mayor.

- Zion Staff

Zion / Zion Build showcase!
« on: August 30, 2021, 08:58:32 pm »

This topic is for sharing all of Zion's latest builds!


Zion / Zion Announcements
« on: August 30, 2021, 08:55:12 pm »
Hello there!

Here important Announcements regarding the town will be posted.


Towns / Zion Town Board app
« on: August 30, 2021, 08:40:00 pm »
- Town Name: Zion

- Mayor: Dr_MineStein

- Co-Mayor: None

- Assistants: DaDiamondHeist

- Board Description: Scraping the Skyline

Bungee Bug Reports / McMMO Announcing advancements throughout server
« on: August 10, 2021, 05:05:21 pm »
- Name: McMMO Announcing advancements throughout server

- Description/summary: When I get a total power level increase or specific skill increase to the next hundredth, it announces to the entire server (EXCLUDING sb and cb servers) that 'playername' has reached a power level of 'xxxx'

- Screenshot
Screenshot below:

- Why do you think this is a bug
Its not supposed to announce my advancements to the whole server. At least that's what I believe. HvPanda advised me to report it.

Bug Reports / Claim blocks
« on: August 05, 2021, 03:48:45 am »

I had around 10,000 claim blocks (grief prevention, Horizon world) before bungee transfer, however after bungee transfer, it had been reset (starting at 128 blocks I believe), and I currently have only 480~ claim blocks available. Please take a look. Thanks.

Senior Member Application / Doc's SM application
« on: July 24, 2021, 11:04:51 pm »
- What is your in-game name? : Dr_MineStein

- Have you been active for at least 1 month?: Yes, been active almost everyday since May 20, 2021

- Have you been helpful for other people on the server? If yes, who and how?:
According to my knowledge, I have been very helpful and courteous to many people on the server. I don't like boasting about who I helped but since it has been asked I shall state a few below:
  1. Greeting everyone with a Welcome Back
  2. Give free iron armor, tools, and food to new players (TheHenchestBloke, and lot of other guys I don?t remember their ign)
  3. Helped King_fat_hamm with developing Final (free materials, building)
  4. Helped (and helping) my homies at Faygo Dreams, now United Faygo Order (currently architect)
  5. Teaching new players how to earn money - GamerLeo, GlowSquidGamer, and some other folks (I don?t remember their ign)
  6. Giving people birthday gifts on their bday
  7. Giving bugsy glass bottles/shulkers for her awesome brewery :)
  8. Buying a ton of moog?s golden carrots on /ah
  9. Gave GamingWithSky a stack of gold blocks so he could buy a piglin step disc (for free ofc)
  11. Donated a maxed diamond pick, maxed diamond sword, maxed full set of netherite armor for my lazy ass brother DaDiamondHeist :]
  10. Overall just being plain nice to the sentinel community

Oh i forgot: Making bugs and baked my co-mayors after taking over faygo :D

- Have you been jailed/muted/rules restricted before? If yes, what punishment and motive?:

Muted: Not knowing how to use /l and annoying staff (especially Pau) with trying to get stuff
Jailed: Fly hacking around spawn
Banned: Bigotry against LGBTQ members (see additional info for more info)

- Do you vote regularly? : Everyday - that?s pretty much the only thing I can do to contribute to the server, unfortunately can?t donate atm.

- Are you going to be active and keep in touch on the forums?:
Absolutely, lately I have been reading a lot of stuff on the forums. I?m a big fan of my man ev?s WOs, Staff?s Dev Diaries, and most of all Migas?s Memory Lane series - it?s really awesome to get to know all the fantastic folks who did so much for the server, without whom I couldn?t have played on such an amazing server as SentinelCraft! Also a huge huge thanks to folks like Thorn, Joelle, and Moog who have been making excellent guides so players like me have an easier time using the server?s features!

- Additional Information:
I registered around late March on the server, soon got jailed/banned. I was unbanned on May 20 this year, and I have been regularly playing on the server since. I had thought about applying for SM but I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to the rules and the server so I have waited for a little more than two months after I got unbanned to apply. I sincerely hope I have demonstrated my maturity and my following of the rules through the last two months.

I also want to let everyone know that I do not believe I still am who I was a few months ago: I have changed and I am no longer a restless hacker (despite my personal text lol), impatient kid, and easily triggered person who does not check what comes out of his mouth. I would like everyone to know that God has created everyone equal and there is no right to anyone to criticize someone/group for who they are, and also I do not have any hatred for anyone for who they are. (This is in reference to my ban) I wish only love and happiness to my fam at Sentinel.

Biggie ty to staff who are reviewing this application!


EDIT: I don't know why all the apostrophes (') are changed to a question mark (?) some error when copying from MS Word. Just FYI :)

Ban Appeals / Ban Appeal
« on: April 01, 2021, 12:07:07 am »
- In-game name: Dr_MineStein

- Date and time of ban? (Include Timezone): 6:55 PM - 7:00 PM EST

- Which Staff member banned you? (Blank if you do not know) I think Paulina owner of server

- Why were you banned? (What Appears on your ban message) Discrimination against LGBTQ members (*** specifically)

- Were you previously jailed or muted? (If yes, say why) jailed for flying, muted for chat spam
- Why should you be unbanned? Im sorry didn't realize i was breaking rules and being discriminatory

Additional Information:

Yes I know that I have a bad history (been muted, jailed, now banned) but I never realized that what I was saying was discriminatory or forgot about the rules. Besides, another guy was speaking vulgar language so I thought its fine. I just need one chance I promise I wont do what I did again. PLEASE.

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