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Author Topic: Spooky Murder Mystery!  (Read 330 times)

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Spooky Murder Mystery!
« on: October 30, 2022, 03:07:26 pm »

Dear Investigator,

We request your assistance at once! The Viscount Vedereux of the noble Vedereux family was murdered at his own engagement party last night. The party was attended by a handful of guests, along with the servants of the manor. They are all being kept in the manor, separated in different rooms until you can come interrogate each person.

So far, what we know about the family is they are notoriously wealthy in the Horizon community. The Viscount himself made better enemies than friends, almost everyone here had a reason to want him dead.

We are sending a stage coach to escort you to the crime scene. We eagerly await your presence!

Investigator Edgar Lurch & Executor Moody

We're excited to reveal to you this brand new Sentinel minigame!
There's a lot of parts to this game - so take note!

To get to the murder mansion, do /spookytime !
Trying to get to the venue early will send you to spawn, don't even try to sneak a peek!

Your main goal is to find clues, specifically:
 - Who committed the murder?
 - Where the murder was committed?
 - What was the murder weapon?
 - When was the time of the murder?

With the clues, there's plenty of prizes (36 to be exact!) to find along the way!
Your mission is to wander around the manor until you can find all the clues needed to solve the crime. The clues are meant to be fairly obvious, but there's plenty of fake clues (or red herrings) to distract you. It's not unwise to keep a notebook by your computer or a book and quill in-game to help you keep track. Prizes are extremely well hidden - don't be afraid to hit buttons, flip levers, check trapdoors/regular doors, and look behind every nook and cranny! Treasure chests can only be opened once, so make sure to grab everything and to keep space in your inventory!

When you are ready to solve the crime, do /solve .
You will be asked to give the answers one at a time by a series of password-locked doors. This will make more sense when you get to the solving chambers.

This is meant to be a difficult challenge! Take your time exploring the area, or work with a buddy to investigate. When you've solved the crime, keep the answers to yourself.

Once the venue opens, it is meant to stay open permanently. If you can't make our opening party, just come solve it on your own time! There's no rush to get it done and you can always come back to where you left off!

Questions? Ask bugsy12 or MHGUforPresident!

Lastly, A special shout out to Quazymoodo for creating most of this event, SpookyKido for assistance, and jjiimm for the inspiration!
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