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Author Topic: Proposal: Spawn Region Designated Market Area  (Read 70 times)

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Proposal: Spawn Region Designated Market Area
« on: August 04, 2022, 08:31:21 AM »

Name of Proposal: Spawn Region Designated Market Area

Member(s) of the community who support the proposal: Nick_Builder

Description of the proposal:
This proposal aims for the creation of a designated market area of which members of the community could build their shops in a concentrated area.

Who does Spawn Region Designated Market Area aim to benefit?
This area will benefit all members of the community, those who owns or want to build a shop or other business can have a special area for it, a centralized area that players from all corners of Origin could visit to buy their needs.

What are the specific changes wanted?
A tidy and fair market area instead of an all over the place, inefficiently placed shops.

Does this affect anyone in a negative way, if so are their anyways to mitigate this?
This might affect the already established shops on the spawn region of which might need to be moved not far from their original places, a negotiation should take place with the respected entrepreneurs. The new market area could be made around the existing shops because of it's flexibility of which will be explained later in this proposal.

Reason for the proposal:
With the increasing number of shops in origin specially in the spawn region, there should be a designated market area for members of the community to build their businesses so that it doesn't end up all over the place and so that it ease the other members of the community to find the items they need to buy, this would be more efficient and also more visually appealing. Outside of efficiency and visual reasons, this designated market area is also proposed, due to it's location in the spawn region, to reinforce the Origin Preservation Project that protects the 100 blocks radius around 0, 0 of the spawn region. It should be reminded that this area are for community projects, not private businesses.

Additional Information:
The proposed land for Spawn Region Designated Market Area will be the field north of 0, 0, outside the 100 blocks radius, behind the Dragon Egg Project Lab. Now we enter the configuration of this market area, this configuration is open to change and is only my initial personal proposition, the configuration is:

  • A main road that runs to the north that is 6 blocks wide, located on the middle of the field, this will be an open area to allow a better flow of movement. This would make the market less overwhelming when there's a lot of shops in the future and also makes it more visually appealing.
  • Shops should have 4 blocks of space between on the front and sides and at least 1 block of space between on the back, if the back side is also used then it should also have 4 blocks of space between. The 4 blocks wide space consist of 2 blocks wide path on the middle and open 1 block space on it's sides. This should give clear and fair enough view between shops.
  • The size of the shops will be flexible, players can creatively configure the size of their stall with the maximum size being 10 x 10 blocks wide. This flexibility might be experimental, but I think it would create an interesting natural looking market.
  • The land should be flattened, holes filled, only when a new shop is built on that piece of land. This again is something that I felt should be done so that the market grows gradually in a natural looking way with the main street being the only initial predetermined structure in the market.

With that configuration, I loosely estimate that the designated empty field can hold around 20 to 30 shops. This Spawn Region Designated Market Area must not be seen as the only place shops can be built, it should be seen more as a dedicated, more suggested area for shops instead. Community features like the sleeping area can also be placed inside the market area while following the configuration of a normal shop (the configuration that is proposed above), but a special community project could bypass those configuration. If ever needed, I suggest that an expansion of the area in the future should be done to the east towards the sea in the form of a pier market. The exact borders of the Spawn Region Designated Market Area shall be set by the Presiding Council.
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Re: Proposal: Spawn Region Designated Market Area
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2022, 03:52:07 PM »
I support this proposal completely.  :thumbsup:  :D