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Author Topic: Semi-Annual Expense Report  (Read 1194 times)

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Semi-Annual Expense Report
« on: September 25, 2021, 04:01:58 pm »
Semi-Annual Expense Report

Dear Sentinelcraft community,

We decided it would be a nice idea to start a tradition of sorts for the sake of transparency, it would give a good idea to our players where the money goes that we make from donations. We never have really made this sort of report so it was also shocking to us how much money the server took in the past half year from the hosting of 2 servers at once.

The data will be in form of excel pictures to make it easy to navigate and understand. It's pretty simple. You can click the images for a better reading experience.

Numbers breakdown:

First we will start off with the number of plugins that we purchased over the years along with their cost and total amount of the cost of plugins alone. Those marked in red are no longer being used but have bought previously.

Next, we have our server host related expenses, they are in form of 2 services: One is maintenance i.e reinstalling the console, the other is hosting. During the past half year we were burdened and hassling to finish bungee as we knew the costs were racking up. Hosting 2 servers at once is no easy thing and we can clearly see it from the expenses amounting up to $2100 in hosting alone.

Our expenses for the month of December in which we started setting up the bungee server along with its core plugins such as CMI and ChatControl skyrocketted then the curve got flatter for the first months of 2021 to eventually land into the green after we cancelled the old set up's hosting service early august. (RIP).


To get the full scope of how important it was for us this first half of the year to get bungee transfer done to alleviate the pressure of the costs we put it into comparison with the other server costs this past half even including plugins that were purchased pre-2020.

So in one year we have spent about $2200 give or take in just plugins, keeping 2 set ups working and some maintenance costs from the host.

Where do we get the money?

The main source of keeping Sentinelcraft alive is donations coming from the community. All proceeds go towards keeping the server alive and having the best plugins we can possibly find. The other source of keeping Sentinelcraft alive is draining Oli's soul, but we don't talk about that.

As you know, we have changed to a new store and as such we will give out how much we earned since the new store has come out using the store's data.

We appreciate all donations that come through for the sake of the server's upkeep, it shows how much this community cares for the server. We will keep trying our best to bring you the best of our capacity.

We hope you appreciate this sort of post that is outside of the norm for us, we have noticed questions from people regarding such matters and have seen people underestimate the costs of keeping a server like Sentinelcraft up. We hope this answers some questions and interest the number nerds out there. We will try to keep this a thing every half a year on how we have done the past half year. See you in January.

Thank you for the support,

-- Senior Staff
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Re: Semi-Annual Expense Report
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2021, 06:51:22 pm »
Thank you for your guy's detailed report, sincerely appreciate the effort being put into transparency - this is something the world is lacking today.  Please don't forget that there are many of us who understand the trouble you guys take to manage the server, it's obviously not an easy thing. You have our full support. Thank you  <3 <3


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