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Author Topic: Re-Introducting: Minigames!  (Read 803 times)

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Re-Introducting: Minigames!
« on: July 22, 2022, 03:50:55 pm »
Re-Introducing: Minigames!

Happy Bungee Anniversary!

It's been a long time coming and we had some hurdles but are proud to announce the official re-release of minigames on SentinelCraft! Coming to you on SentinelCraft on July 28th!

Hello! We are proud to announce that we have completed the minigames that we want to release along with new maps, classes, and updated plugins!
We are presenting to you these plugins to have a blast with your friends and compete to be on the top of leaderboards:

Spleef (1 Map):
A familiar minigame in which you attempt to knock down your foes into the void!

Paintball (2 Maps):
A fast-paced FPS where you shoot the opposing team and try to get them to 0 lives! The team with the most lives wins! If you have the reflexes and skills you will love this!

PvP Arena (2 Maps):
If you feel strong enough to get in a battle with three other people then you should give it a try! Try to outsmart your foes and kill them before they get you!

Parkour (3 Maps):
If you like challenging jumps and losing your mind, try out our parkour!

What is new with these minigames?

A lot of things had to change or go away for the sake of improvement and to make it easier to track progress, objectives, etc. The plugins also provide many other functionalities which we put to good use!

- Minigames are all now accessible through the hub and it does not sync up to your survival inventory. This is to prevent inventory losses! Sorry!
- Disabled McMMO for PvP Arenas for the sake of balancing classes and having a variety of classes.
- New PvP Arena classes, no more regular old bow, sword, and axe combos. Now you can be a mage, an evoker, a stealthy assassin, and more!
- Spleef arenas got layers, you start out with a shovel and snowballs. Make sure to use your snowballs to knock down foes up top! You can also double jump ;)
- Paintball has a shop now! You can start out with an advantage or buy special ability hats. You can also use the nuggets inside the game to buy powerups mid-game! More kills more power!
- Parkour checkpoints will no longer be permanent, your progress will save and reset once you finish the parkour. This will allow parkour to be linear and you can challenge yourself by beating your time and racing to the top of the scoreboard!
- Parkour rewards are now in signs and not treasure chests, if you go to your survival and use the reward command you'll receive a shulker of goodies per level! No more inventory problems!
- NEW Parkour map! More rage-inducing!

What's more to come?

- We are currently working on bringing back mob arena! Bigger, better, more challenging, and more rewarding! McMMO will work there!
- More arenas we hope! You can submit arenas and we can look at adding them in the future!
- Give us a suggestion!

Our special thanks go out to our amazing builders who created many of the builds for this world: MHGUforPresident, Quazymoodo, Francias and Annu_Mannu67.

Have fun challenging your friends in the comeback of minigames! We hope it was worth the wait!

--Sentinel Staff

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