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Title: SkyBlock and CaveBlock Guide!
Post by: BrendaxNL on July 26, 2021, 11:36:14 AM
SkyBlock and CaveBlock Guide


Thank you HvPanda, MHGUforPresident, bugsy12 and Annu_Mannu67 for writing the guide!


Starting with a small island floating in the void with only a few materials in a tree, you must learn to use and save your materials wisely!
Each material provided to you has a purpose, by understanding the basics of minecraft you can complete challenges and expand your island. Handy commands, tips and tricks and frequently asked questions have been added to this forum post!


CaveBlock is a new addition to SentinelCraft! Instead of an island in the sky, you will start off in an underground world with limited materials! Challenge yourself, build, destroy and fight your way out of this underground madness!

Getting Started with Skyblock and Caveblock!

Here is a quick setup guide that should contain everything you need to know about getting started with Skyblock and Caveblock.
I will start with a list of commands for your reference. Whenever the word "/is" shows up, it can be replaced by /sb or /skyblock or /cb or /caveblock for Skyblock and Caveblock respectively.


/is - island command
/sb - skyblock command
/cb - caveblock command

For Example: to reset your cave, do /cb reset

General Commands:
Skyblock      Caveblock............................ Command Description
/is      /cb The main cave/ island command and teleport you to your island.
/is /cb  create <blueprint>  Create a cave/ island, using optional blueprint (requires permission).
/is /cb  reset <blueprint>  Restart your cave/ island and remove the old one.
/is /cb  sethome  Set your home teleport point.
/is /cb  spawn  Teleport you to the spawn.
/is /cb  challenges  Open Challenges GUI.
/is /cb  value  Shows the value of any block.
/is /cb  limits  Shows the maximum amount of blocks/mobs of a certain type you can have on your island, as well has how many of those blocks/mobs you currently have.
/is /cb  warp <player name>  Warp to the player's warp sign.
/is /cb  warps  Open the warps panel.

Island/Cave Settings:
Skyblock      Caveblock............................ Command Description
/is /cb  settings  Display cave/ island settings.
/is /cb  setname <name>  Set a name for your cave/ island.
/is /cb  resetname  Reset your cave/ island name.
/is /cb  language [language]  Select language.
/is /cb  biomes  Opens biome change GUI.
/is /cb  info <player>  Display info about your cave/ island or the player's cave/ island.
/is /cb  controlpanel  Opens control panel.
/is /cb  about  Display licence details.

Managing Players:
Skyblock      Caveblock............................ Command Description
/is /cb  team  Manage your team.
/is /cb  team invite (PlayerName) Invites a player to your team
/is /cb  team accept  Accepts team invite.
/is /cb  team trust (PlayerName)  trusts someone to your island.
/is /cb  ban <player>  Ban a player from your cave/ island.
/is /cb  unban <player>  Unban a player from your cave/ island.
/is /cb  banlist  List banned players.
/is /cb  expel <player>  Expel a player from your cave/ island.
/is /cb  near  Show the name of neighboring caves/ islands around you.
/is /cb  top  Show the Top Ten.

Skyblock Getting Started & Pro-Tips:

First Steps:

(   (
Cobble stone generator (                                                                                             Stone generator

Caveblock Getting Started & Pro-Tips:

First Steps:

Additional Notes:

 - If you accidentally turn your lava into obsidian, right-click the obsidian with a bucket to turn it back to lava. Remember to be more careful next time!
 - Your money and inventory on Skyblock are separate from the survival and towny worlds. The command /shop does not work in this world too. Instead, you can make your own shop with trade signs (
 - Remember, you have limited resources (for example dirt, sand, and lava) in Skyblock and Caveblock, so sort out your renewable resources and your non-renewable early on.
 - Monsters spawn 24 blocks away in darkened areas. If your island is too small, you will not be able to get mob drops.
 - Grass blocks are the only thing cows, sheep, pigs, and horses spawn on. Make sure to save at least one grass block if you want to have animals!
 - Skyblock & Caveblock is very involved, and not for the fainthearted. It's best played with friends! :D use /is team invite (PlayerName) in Skyblock or /cb team invite (PlayerName) in Caveblock.

Challenge & Levels:

Challenges are created to get unique and valuable blocks. For example, the first one is obtaining a stack of cobblestone with the reward of 4 pieces of gravel and 50 level xp. Each block has a set level xp, the more valuable blocks give a higher xp gain.
The 10 players with the highest levels have the top islands, which can be seen by doing /is top or /cb top - for skyblock and caveblock respectively.


What is the goal of this game?
To finish all Challenges and reach the top of /is top and/or /cb top. But the most important thing is to have fun.

How do I team up with my friends?
For Skyblock: /is team invite (PlayerName) and have your friend do /is team accept to accept the invite.
For Caveblock: /cb team invite (PlayerName) and have your friend do /cb team accept to accept the invite.

How do I get coal/lapis/iron/etc?
You can get ores with /is or /cb challanges.

How much does this item cost?
Skyblock/ Caveblock has no server shop. Some players have shops see /is or /cb warplist.

How do I collect a spawner? Is silk touch needed?
You can get 1 spawner in the nether, no need for silk touch. It can be mined with all pickaxes.

How do I reset/delete a profile?
You can reset your island max 3 times. If you lose your lava hit the obsidian with the bucket.

Can I build a bridge to my neighbour?
No you can't, there is an area between islands where you can't build.

What is my build range?
256x256 blocks or 16 chunks by 16 chunks.

Are my items protected and can I loot my neighbours islands?
The islands/caves are protected and can't be griefed by outsiders. This is only possible if you changed these settings in /is settings or /cb settings. You can give access to friends or team mates. This won't count as grief because you gave them access.

Can I make an island shop?
Yes, you can use the sign guide here (;topicseen#new) to help you.
Title: Re: SkyBlock and CaveBlock Guide!
Post by: Dr_MineStein on July 30, 2021, 02:21:31 PM
Im not really a SkyBlock guy, but this CaveBlock gamemode sounds very cool. I should definitely give it a try. Thank you for this guide!
Title: Re: SkyBlock and CaveBlock Guide!
Post by: B0okWorm on October 02, 2021, 03:49:28 AM
how does the biome change system work
Title: skyblock - changing biome - rank
Post by: SebiPetzi on November 11, 2021, 08:40:52 PM
I want to change my biome in skyblock with range. If I would stand on 0x1x0 and choose range 4, what coordinates changed the biome?
Title: Re: SkyBlock and CaveBlock Guide!
Post by: charactername111 on November 13, 2021, 10:54:11 PM
i think the way Range works is it will change the blocks within a (x) radius of where you are standing
(x being the number you set it to)