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Admin Application / Admin Application | MHGUforPresident
« on: January 15, 2022, 12:57:13 AM »
- What is your in-game name?

- How long have you been on the server?
Coming up on 2 years in March

- How long have you been a Moderator?
I have been a mod for a bit over a year.

- What is your main specialization that stands out and can benefit the server?
I would say that my specialty lies somewhere between NPCs, Holograms, Building, and server planning. I have been given many opportunities to create and play around with holograms and NPCs which gave me time to really research into the possibilities of what can be done with them. A huge thanks goes out to Ople for trusting me with that permission, even under supervision. I've also been more than willing to assist with building server projects and while I still have a lot to learn, I would consider myself good at it. Also, I have shown through helping plan, test, and release many server projects including Bungee, Skyblock, Prom 2021 (though I didn't have the biggest role in Prom), and others that I am reliable and like to put serious effort into work I have been tasked with. I try to pick up any server work that I can find. As well as those things stated before, I am well versed in server knowledge (on the player side and on the staff side) and I would consider myself to be a good Mod; I know with Admin I can help the server be the best that it can be.

- Is there any Staff member that suggested you to apply to admin?

- What experience do you have being a Moderator/Admin?
My only experience with being a staff member comes from Sentinel, but I've learned a lot in that time.

- If you have had previous experience, what servers did you moderate?

- What plugins are you familiar with?
I am familiar with Citizens, HolographicDisplays, LWC, Towny, and LogBlock. I am more than willing to learn more plugins though.

- Are you currently staff on any other servers?
No, Sentinel is the only server I play on.

- Additional Information:
I really want to thank everyone who helped me get to where I am today, no matter what the answer to this app may be. I also know SA's are busy rn, so no need to get back to me quickly! Private response please <3

Dev. Diary #5 - The Homes Solution and Auction House Changes!

Dearest community, we hope you are enjoying the Dev. Diaries and are just as excited as we are for the Bungeecord transfer!

Work on Bungee continues, slowly but surely. For now, we have a couple topics we'd like to share with everyone. One topic is the solution to our homes issue (see Dev. Diary #4 for more background information), the next is some news on our Auction House system. Let's get to it!

Bungeecord Transfer Guide: Homes

Our first topic today will cover the transfer of your homes from our current server to Bungee.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, we will be releasing a guide of what to expect, what you should do, and a few notices for the transfer ahead of time. We will make sure you guys have plenty of time to prepare for a swift departure from the old setup and a safe landing into the new one.

However, today's guide has been released weeks ahead of time. This is not because we are in a hurry to release but because we know some of you will need plenty of time to get through this process.

As we have mentioned in the last Dev. Diary, we unfortunately will be incapable of transferring your /homes over to Bungee. hat's one major hurdle we have faced, as we realize that some of you may have homes in the hundreds. So, we'd like to ask if you could help us help you!

Below is a link to a Google Forms. You will fill it out as many times as it takes to log all of your homes that you want; you can refill it if you forgot about a home or wanted to change home locations. Before you get into it, here are some instructions:
  • Write your in-game name correctly (no nicknames, caps sensitive, etc.). Ex. bugsy12 (Not: bugly12, bug, or Bugsy12).
  • Do NOT add to the coords. This includes commas, semicolons, or slashes i.e: X,Y,Z; X;Y;Z; X/Y/Z; XYZ. Only use spaces between each coordinate because it makes it faster to copy/paste then teleport there for staff. For example: 123 64 456.
  • Try not to override homes. We recommend you note down your homes in a notepad before answering the sheet. Don't forget the world it's in!
  • Do take time to go through your homes and, if you are one of the people who have over 50 homes,... it's about time you get to cleaning that list! I'm looking at you Eli & Joel.

Without further ado, here is the link to the form: https://forms.gle/cddqSAGE5uht6cah6

You will be informed ahead of time about when the server will be closed for the transfer. Until then, keep noting your homes!
Again, we apologize for the inconvenience and we hope you will be as cooperative as always. If you have any questions you may ask our lovely staff.

Auction House Changes!

Because we have changed our Auction House plugin (Zauctionhouse to GlobalMarketChest), there are a couple changes to /ah. We think these changes are for the better, however! The new system allows for a lot of new features. Here are a couple:
  • You can post multiple auctions for the same item without spamming chat. No more of MHGUforPresident spamming Golden Carrots on ah!
  • You will be notified if someone buys your product while you were offline.
  • You can "ask" for a suggested price of an item depending on the last auctions of that same item in the last 30 days. For example: If I wanted to sell a Netherite Ingot but didn't know the price, I could click "Advice Price" and it would suggest the usual price it goes for.
  • You can see the full contents of shulker boxes before buying them.
  • A new, more in-depth GUI! It may be a bit of getting used to at first - but it will be more organized and easier to use than our current setup!

To recap today's diary:
  • Our Home Transfer Guide is now available to for everyone! Please make sure to read it and follow the directions on both this diary, and in the Google Forms itself. We're glad to be ready to start taking /home submissions from everyone! Please message a staff member if you have any questions about this system.
  • Auction House is going through a change, but don't worry, we'll all get used to it fast and the free market will be back to normal. What was listed in this diary was not an exhaustive or comprehensive list; there's still plenty to explore and discover about this new system.
  • Not listed, but we are working on fixing bugs all the time. They'll all be squashed soon enough!

And that concludes today's Dev. Diary! Watch out for updates in the future, as well as more Dev. Diaries! As always, we ask everyone for feedback. If you have any type of feedback, please let us know via this thread or message a staff member.

Thank you for reading, everybody!

-Sentinel Staff

Dev. Diary #4 - Closer and closer - Still more work yet!

We are still very busy working on Bungee, but we like to keep everyone updated. Today's diary might be a little short on updates, but contains very important news, so be sure to read carefully!

Transition - IMPORTANT

We are working very hard to make the transition from our current set up to a network as smooth as possible for all of our players. A lot of effort and planning has to go into making sure everything is running like a well-oiled machine and that we give everyone plenty of time to prepare for the Big Change. That is why we are currently working on a comprehensive plan and set of instructions for YOU, the player, to lessen any stress in the transition. We are making sure that everyone gets plenty of time to prepare. Lookout for more information on this schedule in the future. That said, there is some troublesome news...


Frustratingly, due to our change in plugins (Essentials to MaSuite for the sake of cross-server teleporting), homes (/home) will not be able to be ported over. This is a very tragic loss for everyone, staff included. But don't worry your pretty noggins, we have a plan! Since we aren't changing worlds (Horizon, Kattalox, etc.), we can help you get your homes back to exactly how and where they are now! Hopefully in the coming days, we will put out a post about how you can log your homes (Names, coordinates, etc.). We are giving everyone WEEKS to do this, so please don't worry; all of our staff team will be firing on all cylinders to help everyone get their homes set back up on Bungee!

What works

Thankfully, not everything will be lost on the transition! Here is what we know at the moment will be able to be ported over safely. Important to note that this is not a comprehensive list:
  • Trade Signs WILL work. This includes all of the functionality of them, as well as any items that are stored in the signs. XP signs, Shop signs, and any other kind of trade sign will work. Oplegoman has confirmed this personally; BuildyBlocks(tm) works on our test server!
  • Warps also work! Thanks to the hard work from our very own Joelle454, we have confirmed that warps have been placed in our test server and work! Warp signs, however, will not be ported over due to a change in plugins. These will need to be placed again.
  • The Mail System is operational! This is not the same mail system as our current one, but it works! We previously had issues with deleting mail, but no longer!

What doesn't work

Not everything will work as it does with the current setup of Sentinel, due to the multi-server setup. Here are a couple examples that we have right now:
  • Using /warp across servers and then doing /back to go back to where you were will not work. This is because when you use /warp on Bungee, it teleports you twice, once to the server you want to warp to, and then to the specific location you're going to. This is not really something that we can fix, so be careful when warping!
  • Using /back and then using another /back across servers will not work. This is similar to the /warp issue, and also is unlikely/unable to be fixed.


Just a couple updates on Skyblock for transparency. Nothing big to report yet, but we're getting there!
  • Charactername111 and his team are hard at work getting Skyblock up and running! Plans are being made and basic functionalities are being tested before tweaking 'em up Sentinel style! Paulina has insisted we add to this diary that everyone is free to chip in with creative ideas for challenges.
  • Currently, Character and his team are focused on sorting out balances and perhaps testing if we need an economy update in the future for Skyblock.
  • Francias was officially working on a Skyblock lobby! Congratulations to Francias on the Builder rank and we can't wait to see his contributions to future Bungee-related builds, alongside our many talented builders of course!


Just to recap: We are working hard to make the transition to Bungee as smooth as possible for everyone. More info will be put out soon on how everyone can log their home coords and information so that we can go ahead and get that ball rolling. Please make sure to be patient and watchful for this information.

We are looking for feedback, so please let us know any kind of feedback you might have in the replies. Or, you can message someone on the staff team and we'd love to take in feedback, criticisms, ideas, notes declaring complete and absolute infatuation with Ople, and anything else!

-Sentinel Staff

Moderator Application / MHGUforPresident's Mod Application
« on: November 14, 2020, 08:08:48 PM »
- What is your in-game name?

- Current Rank?
Silver Donator

- Where are you from?


- What is your age?

- How often do you vote?

Not as often as I should :(

- When did you join the server?
 March 4, 2020

- What time of the day are you on? (include timezone)
Anywhere from 10am-3am EST

- Are you currently staff on any other servers?
No, Sentinel is the only server on my list.

- Why do you think should you be promoted and how will you be helpful?
I feel like I have a tenable grasp on the important plugins this server runs, and I try to help out new members and old members alike whenever I have the opportunity. I'm very good at helping new players when they join both feel welcomed and feel like help is only one question away. Since I am on the server just about all the time, I feel like I would be beneficial to Sentinel as I could not only be a mod someone knows will likely be on, but I would be able to moderate player's behavior at the same time all throughout the day. I'm patient with new players and those that may have a harder time understanding something. I'd love to be able to help the players that need help, punish those that need punishing, and learn more about the plugins I use every day.

- Do you feel like you can be neutral and be loyal to the server rules above all else?
Yes, I feel like I can be neutral and loyal to the server rules above my own loyalty to myself and my friends here. I have a huge respect for the rules and I hate seeing such simple rules being broken.

- Additional Information: Please ask me any questions you might have about me, I'm more than willing to answer and y'all are more than welcome to ask.

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