Keep the server relevant

  • Voting helps keep the server relevant by bringing new players into the server. With new players comes new ideas and new plugins. All of which tranlates into more fun for everyone!
  • Keeping the server up in the standings allows for the server to be featured. It also makes us eligible for premium placement.

Voting has rewards

  • We have a unique voting reward system that gives users tokens for their votes. Tokens can be exchanged for unique prizes that normally would be unobtainable. The TokenShop is located above the admin shop and is reachable by typing /tokenshop.
  • We also do a monthly contest on voting. The top 5 players (staff ineligible) who vote the most receive extremely valuable prizes. Every month is unique, so make sure you get your votes in!

The Votelist

Start off by answering two simple visual Captchas, followed by imputing your in-game user name Case Sensitive. After that just click on the "Cast my vote" button to finish voting.
To vote on this website, First type your in-Game user name Case Sensitive into the box that says "In Game Name". Then complete the Captcha below where you typed your name. Last step is to click the green button that says "Click here to send your vote".
In order to vote on this list, you have to write your in-game name Case Sensitive. Once you have done that, then do the captcha that appears on your screen, below the username box. After you finish these tasks, you must click the "Confirm vote for SentinelCraft" green button that is below the captcha.
To vote on this website, you'll have to write your in-game name case sensitive on the right of the banner, below «Minecraft Username». You'll have to complete the Captcha below it by following its instructions. Finally, after doing all of these, you'll just need to click the blue «Vote!» button.
To vote here, simply type your name Case Sensitive into the box provided, then click the image Captcha below. Once you have completed the captcha click the blue "Vote" button to finish.

Thank you for voting!

If you made it this far then everyone here thanks you! Remember, you can vote again in 24 hours!

-- SentinelCraft Staff