Server Stuff

This is the main place for all server things!

Server Announcements And Events

Information about major important posts like giveaways, contests, tournaments, upcoming downtime, or other events, will be placed on this board.
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Feature & Modification Requests

The place to go if you want to discuss or request new features and mods you can use for the server.
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Epic Builds

Share photos of your epic builds in SentinelCraft!
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Request Password Change

Forgotten your in-game password? Request a change here.
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World Edit Requests

Do you have a massive job to complete? Or a specific request for a build? Make a World Edit Request here to get it reviewed.
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Naughty Corner

If you have been banned, you can request a ban appeal here. You can also use this board to report other incidents that happened on the server.
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SentinelCraft Art

Made art about the server? We would love to see it!
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Non-Minecraft Topics

Got something not about Minecraft you want to share? This is the place!
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Everything Else

Everything else server-related, including Origin!
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Rank Applications

Want to apply for new roles, here is where you do it! Post in the relavent forum for the rank you want to apply to

Senior Member

Been an active member of the server? Why not apply to be a senior member!
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Don't want to be staff, but have unique skills to help the server, this rank could be for you!
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If you want to join the staff team, the first step is to apply to be a moderator
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Been a proactive moderator, and looking to progress, admin could be for you!
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Towny and Nation Boards here!

Town Challenges

Complete at your own pace and win fabulous rewards for your town!
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Town Boards here! Towns can share information such as rules and town progress with its members here.
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Nation Boards here. Nations can use this platform to share information with their towns.
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