This is a 1.19.2 Survival Server with multiple plugins including but not limited to: Grief Prevention, McMMO, Towny, CMI and much more! We do have some minigames such as: Parkour, Paintball, Spleef and PvP Arena. You can join with our IP(From 1.16 to 1.19+): play.sentinelcraft.net. We will always be updated to the most recent stable version!

We have a few worlds (game modes) :

Spawn (Fedgardia): This is the spawn world, this is where almost all events are held! It's also where you spawn. Use /spawn to go to the starter island or /fedgardia to go to the main island.

Survival (Horizon): Grief prevention world, you can claim your own items here and earn claims (100 claim blocks/hour played). This is a good world to join if you want to build a base!

Survival (Kattalox): This is the towny world, you can claim a town, pay its taxes. This is ideal for players who want to build a town and play with others. It's alot of responsibility but fun with others!

Survival (Origin): This is the SMP vanilla server. This server has no plugins installed, it is currently for SM+ and members who apply to it. We recommend this to players who want to enjoy the traditional minecraft challenge.

Ressource World (Alpha): This is the ideal place to collect ressources so we can keep the other worlds safe from griefing!

Skyblock/Caveblock: Skyblock and Caveblock (Instead of a sky it is in a cave of stone), this is for players who enjoy this game mode and building their way up!

Minigames: If you like to play some minigames with the community we offer the following: Parkour, Paintball, PvP Arena and Spleef! We will bring more soon!

Creative (Flat): This is for SM+ only. It's is a flat grass creative world for players to plan their projects on.

You can get loads of cool things through voting such as: Flying for a week, Elytras, McMMo boosts and special commands! You can unlock the special commands (Donator commands) by purchasing the voting rank first which requires 30 days of voting. 

To buy the voting rewards you can check them out at /spawn and then type /voteshop. Or talk to the astronaut NPC to your right!

Every month we also reward our top 8 voters with special rewards, sometimes very unique!

Voting helps us grow alot so we appreciate your support! It is a free way to support us and only takes about a few minutes to complete. Make sure you are voting regularily by checking your /votelist in- game!

Donating allows you to acquire packages, you can check them all out by clicking here. These packages are a thank you for supporting the server! 

Your donation helps support the server by paying for:

  • Website Hosting.
  • Server Hosting.
  • Premium, quality plugins.
  • Maintenance costs for the server hardware.

The server staff do not profit from any payment, we all work on the server for free during our spare time and do it out of love for the community. We appreciate every dollar because it means we worry less about paying for each month's costs!

Lucky for you we have guides for all these sorts of things! Just click here. If some things are unclear you can ask questions to any staff online!

Even if you have been banned, we believe in second chances. If you think you have changed and are willing to change from your previous actions then you can post an appeal at forums: Click here to be taken to appeal section of forums!

Make sure you follow the following ban appeal format: 

In-Game Name:
Reason state for ban:
Date, Time, and Time-Zone of Incident:
Staff who banned you (leave blank if unsure):
Explain what happened:
Other Information:

If you do not follow this appeal format, your appeal will not be considered. Your appeal will take up to 7 days for review. Evading your ban, spamming your appeal or not being cooperative will lead to an appeal being denied.

You can become staff by first being a Senior Member and above (Donators, Special). You can apply for senior member first if you're only a member here.

If you are already a senior member you can apply for Moderator after copying the format here.

We do have certain expectations of our staff team, so do note it is not just about muting or jailing people. We expect you to also be involved and be well informed about our server!


You may record on the server after asking for permission: Click here! We do this because we want to make sure server content does not go on inappropriate channels. We usually OK your application as we rarely find issues with the channel. We do appreciate recordings that help grow the server! 

We also have our own Youtube Channel with guide content or fun events we hold so if you want to record for our youtube channel feel free to contact an Admin+! Click here for the channel.