Why Vote?

Keep the server relevant

  • The higher placed we are on the websites through voting, you can help us attract new players! With new players, comes new ideas and new plugins! All of which translates into more fun for everyone! 

Earn lots of rewards

  • For each site you vote on, you get 1 vote point, so you can earn up to 8 vote points a day! These points can be used to purchase unique prizes that are normally unobtainable - elytras, spawn eggs, flying (/Fly), and more! You can buy Head Tokens as well using vote points, with which you can buy custom heads from special villagers. To summon the vote shop, do /voteshop after going to spawn.
  • Want even more? You can purchase an additional Vote Rank (more info here) with vote points to obtain even more perks like sign color coding, /armorstand, and McMMO boosts!
  • We also do a monthly contest on voting. The top 8 players who vote the most that month receive extremely valuable items. Every month holds a unique prize, so make sure you get as many of your votes in as possible!