Senior Member Application Format

Senior Member Application Format



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August 22, 2022 at 2:22 PM

What is a Senior Member?

- A Senior Member is a player who has shown their dedication and admiration for the server.
- While not a staff rank, they are knowledgeable in the server, and can be very helpful.

How do I become a Senior Member?

- Be active on SentinelCraft for at least a month minimum.
- Play on the server regularly.
- Be helpful and kind to other players; being disruptive will set you back.
- Follow all the rules; failing to do so will get you passed over.
- Voting for the server increases your chances of success.


- A blue colored rank [SM]
- Separate chat channel (/smon).
- Additional homes (/sethome)
- Flatgrass (creative world) access with /flat command.
- You can join Discord senior member voice chat channels.
- Access to new features faster.
- Allows you to apply for the Moderator rank.


- Senior Members are not exempt from the rules, you are setting an example.
- Show pride in your rank but don't boast.
- Help other players when you are able.
- Vote regularly for the server

If you do not meet the requirements of applying for senior member, your application will be denied. You can find the requirements above.

Senior Member Application Format

(Copy this and create a new topic!)
- What is your in-game name?
- Have you been active for at least 1 month?
- Have you been helpful for other people on the server? If yes, who and how?
- Have you been jailed/muted/rules restricted before? If yes, what punishment and motive?
- Do you vote regularly?
- Are you going to be active and keep in touch on the forums?
- Additional Information:

Please complete the application to the best of your ability and wait for a response. It can take up to seven days to receive a response. If you would like a private response rather than a public response, please indicate that under additional information. Keep in mind that we are not required to provide a private response.