Dimension: Season 1!

Dimension: Season 1!


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December 11, 2022 at 3:21 PM

Dimension: Season 1

Superior Skyblock!

Hello again! Season 1 of Dimension is going to start on November 19th at 4 PM GMT [10 AM CST (GMT -6) // 12 AM CST (GMT +8)]

Gamemode details:

The gamemode for the season is Skyblock with some twists! This is not the same skyblock plugin we use for our current skyblock world, the starter island is not traditional either:

The three starter islands are: Normal (Plains), Desert (Desert), Mycel (Mushroom fields). You will receive the basic set of items in your chest and must complete the many missions that we have prepared for you.

The goal is to come on top in island worth by procuring expensive materials, upgrading your island, and creating large farms. To spice things up we have added: Wild Tools, Wild Stacker and Wild Chests.
Wild Tools: Adds a variety of useful tools, currently some are available for sale on the /shop in Dimension.
Wild Chests: Adds chests that do a variety of things for you! Some collect items in the entire chunk/radius, some craft for you if you place items in the chest and some even sell items for you! There is even a storage unit.
Wild Stacker: You will notice this plugin right away as it stacks items that drop into 1 item, it can also do the same for mobs

Rules and guidelines:
During this season there are no redstone and farming rules. Automation will be allowed in Dimension only for the sake of a smooth grind. If you somehow lag the server and affect it we'll have to intervene but that should not happen. Exploiting/cheating won't be tolerated, everyone should still be equal.

The event will last from November 19th up to January 31st. Dates are subject to change, once the event is over there will be a hiatus in preparation for the next event!

Useful Commands:
/dimension - Teleport to the server.
/is help - for all player commands in your island.
/is create <island-name> <island-type> - The Island type is normal (Plains), Mycel (Mushroom fields) or Desert (Desert) biomes.
/is bank - To check your island's bank, every day you will receive an interest of 10% on the money in your bank so you better be storing it!
/is upgrades - to check the available upgrades (hopper limits, crop growth, generator, mob loot multiplier, mob loot rates). Your island border size may seem small at first but it gets very large if you upgrade it!
/is missions - Check your mission categories and missions.
/is mission complete <mission-name> - Complete a mission.
/is delete - You have up to 5 island deletions.
/cmi sell - Sell materials in your hand.
/cmi worth - To check an item's worth.
/cmi balance - To check your individual balance.
/ah - To check the auction house.
/ah sell # - To sell the item in your hand in the Auction House.
/shop - Open the GUI Shop it contains many blocks, items for sale, especially spawners.
/mcmmo - All McMMO commands.
Rewards:At the end of the season we will be reward the Top 3 based on Island Worth:
1: Unique title for the duration of next season + Care package next season.
2: Care package next season.
3: Care package next season.
All three winners will be displayed at spawn until next season. Rewards will be distributed to all island members.
Additionally if you are on the top of the leaderboards in McMMO during this season you will receive a 2 month McMMO boost in Horizon/Kattalox.

The rewards will be increasingly better the next season! We are still getting the hang of this and are planning for more exciting things to come!

For upcoming events we are open to suggestions on your part!

-- Sentinelcraft Staff

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February 2, 2023 at 3:19 PM

Dimension Season 1 Winners!

Thank you everyone who participated in the first season! We hope you liked it and we will work on providing better experiences in the future seasons!
Without further ado, here are the Season 1 of Skyblock winners!

First Place: AceAlmighty, Creepy Crawlers, oozma, Baked_Tater ($40.8M)
Second Place: charactername111, SweatyKido1, B0okWorm ($30.5M)
Third Place: midnightjedi ($21M)

They will be rewarded with: A care package at the start of next season. The first place winners will receive a title that will last from the beginning of the next season until the end of it. Congratulations to the participants and make sure you participate in the next seasons to also earn some awesome rewards!

Island members who have less than a day of play time on dimension have not been mentionned in the list of winners and will not receive rewards. We deemed it appropriate because everyone else had a minimum of 4 days play time contributed to their respective island.

An additional reward (2 month McMMO boost) will be given to AceAlmighty16 for topping the McMMO Leaderboards this season with 5363 levels!

As per the poll posted earlier last month, the next season will be Continental Towny Wars! To be released some time in February! Stay tuned for updates on our discord!

Make sure to continue suggesting how we can do things better for dimension and all different worlds!

-- Sentinelcraft Staff