Moderator Application Form

Moderator Application Form



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August 22, 2022 at 2:51 PM

How do I become a Moderator?

If you are a Senior Member, Donator or Special and feel like the server would benefit by promoting you to a higher rank, you can create an application in order to become a Moderator on SentinelCraft. Please use the form provided down below and create a new topic to apply. If you do not use it, your application will be automatically denied. We only permit the absolute highest level of staff. Very few applications will get approved. If you are not approved it could just mean that we are not looking for new staff at this time.

Moderator Application Format

(Copy this and create a new topic!)
- What is your in-game name?
- Current Rank?
- Where are you from?
- What is your age?
- How often do you vote?
- When did you join the server?
- What time of the day are you on? (include timezone)
- Are you currently staff on any other servers?
- Why do you think you should be promoted and how will you be helpful?
- Do you feel like you can be neutral and be loyal to the server rules above all else?
- Additional Information:

Please complete the application to the best of your ability and wait for a response. It can take up to seven days to receive a response. If you would like a private response rather than a public response, please indicate that under additional information. Keep in mind that we are not required to provide a private response.