Challenge Descriptions

Challenge Descriptions


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December 23, 2022 at 10:23 AM


Home Base!
Build a Town Hall. Build must meet this criteria:
✔️ Must have a roof.
✔️ Must be at least 1 chunk in size and 10 blocks in height.
✔️ Must clearly state the town's mayor (other town staff encouraged, but not required).
✔️ State town rules (can use signs, a book, etc).
✔️ Show off your town’s wealth! Use at least 4 blocks of diamond, emerald, or netherite. Cannot be attached to a beacon.
✔️ What if your new citizens are scared of the dark? Town hall must use at least 16 light blocks/lanterns/torches.
🔔 Optional but encouraged: Create a cool, unique town banner!
Reward: 8 Town Chunks | Challenge can be done: 1 Time

The Land of Milk and Honey
Create a Town Farm! It must meet this criteria:
✔️ Include 4 different crops
✔️ Fills at least 2 chunks.
✔️ Pre-existing farms are allowed for this!
🔔 Optional but encouraged: REPLANT SIGNS!
Reward: 8 Town Chunks | Challenge can be done: 1 Time

Build Bridges, Not Walls
Collaborate with a different town on any project. Must meet this criteria:
✔️ Both towns must do an equal share of work. This can be divided up by labor, block or money contribution, etc.
✔️ Pre-existing Projects cannot be submitted for this. Looking at you, Buildy Highway.
✔️ Must take up at least a total area of 4 chunks, and at least 1 chunk in height
✔️ Must use at least 200 blocks
✔️ This build MUST be in Kattalox but does not necessarily need to sit within a town's border - please keep in mind wilderness builds are not protected from grief.
🔔 Project Ideas: Football Stadium/Arena, Road between Towns, Embassy plots
Reward: 10 Town Chunks & 1 Free Warp Request (each) | Challenge can be done: 2 Times, Cannot be with the same town both times.

Build a town library. Must meet this criteria:
✔️ Must take up at least 2 chunks or use at least 200 blocks - whichever comes first.
✔️ Must use at least 1 stack of bookshelves.
✔️ Must be its own building - cannot be a part of a town hall or other town builds.
✔️ This is a library! We need books! Have 3 different written books
✔️ Written books must follow server chat rules. These must be original works (no old Christmas letters!) but no need to worry about grammar or spelling
✔️ Libraries should look fancy. Use 2 stacks of any, or a combination, of the following blocks: Quartz, prismarine, bricks, mud bricks, or red nether bricks.
✔️ Pre-existing builds cannot be submitted for this.
🔔 Writer's Block? Here's some ideas on what to write about: Fanfic, Block/potion/food recipes, manifestos, guides, poetry.
Reward: 8 Town Chunks | Challenge can be done: 1 Time

Tis the Season
Put up some holiday decorations! Can be seasonal or permanent, but must meet this criteria:
✔️ Pre-existing builds cannot be submitted for this, but you can re-do an existing build (ex-If your town already has a Christmas tree, you're welcome to build a new one and submit the new one)
✔️ Must use at least 200 blocks, you can build a tree, dreidel, throw garland on town building’s but there must be 200 blocks used
🔔 Holiday Ideas: Christmas, Diwali, Independence Day (doesn't matter what country). You can also do lesser-known ones, like International Mountain Day!
Reward: 8 Town Chunks + Holiday Head Pack | Challenge can be done: 3 Times, Must be different holidays

Public Transportation
Create some sort of functional public transportation within your town, must meet this criteria:
✔️ Must span across at least 8 chunks
✔️ Must be faster than just walking/running across roads
✔️ Pre-existing builds cannot be submitted for this
✔️ Ideas: Ice Roads, Minecarts, Subway system
❗ Note: It might be smart to sell boats/minecarts in trade signs at the start and end of your transportation system!
❗ Note: Towns may modify existing roads to use carts/boats. Towns will likely need to adjust plot perms (or use redstone!) to allow town members to place and remove carts/boats
Reward: 16 Town Chunks | Challenge can be done: 1 Time

Plenty of room at the Hotel California...
Your tourists need a place to sleep, build a hotel! Must meet this criteria:
✔️ Must take up at least 1 chunk of space and have a height of at least 50 blocks.
✔️ Must have a lobby
✔️ Must have at least (5) guest rooms.
✔️ Guest rooms need a bed for sleeping in, an ender chest for storing supplies, and some sort of decor item
✔️ Your guests are hungry! Have a designated eating space that sells at least (3) different food options in trade signs.
❗ Must have at least one of the following: pool, gym, or outside garden
Reward: 10 Town Chunks | Challenge can be done: 1 Time

What's that in the Sky? It's a bird...It's a plane..It's...
Create a sky build! Must meet this criteria:
✔️ Must be at least 20 blocks from the ground,
✔️ Pre-existing builds may not be submitted
✔️ Total build must use at least 200 blocks
🔔 Ideas: planes, hot air balloons, sky whale, rocket ship, clouds/moon/stars made out of blocks, blimps that release chickens onto your twin sister's house
Reward: 8 Town Chunks | Challenge can be done: 2 Times

Without a tree farm how will your town members build their homes?
✔️ Make use of all 7 type of saplings to create your tree farm: Spruce, Jungle, Birch, Oak, Mangrove, Acacia and Dark oak sapling.
✔️ Tree farms must have easy access for your town members and visitors.
✔️ Must have at least space to plant 4 trees of each saplings.
✔️ Pre-existing builds cannot be used for this
🔔 Suggestions/Ideas: It is easy to place glass on top and in between your trees to stop them from growing to large or touch other trees.
Reward: 8 Town Chunks | Challenge can be done: 1 Time(s)

From old to new.
Rebuild an old building in your town to something new and improved from the last.
✔️ Must be a building that is older than a month.
✔️ Must have a before and after photo to show the SA+
✔️ The new building should fit into the theme of your town.
✔️ The new building should have some new blocks that were not used in the old building.
✔️ Should at least have 3 walls and a roof.
✔️ Give the new building a name/purpose in your town.
❗ Notes: This can only be repeated once a month, each time a new building should be used.
Reward: 8 Town Chunks | Challenge can be done: once a month

Petting Zoo
With adult villagers comes kid villagersies, why not build a petting zoo to keep them busy and give the moms and dads a break.
✔️ Petting zoo must have at least 5 different passive mobs
✔️ Each of the 5 animals must have its own living cage.
✔️ The cages must have room to walk for the animals and if other players are in the cage, food, water and shelter for the animals.
✔️ If you chose an animal such as a swampy frog its living area should fit its living needs of the swamp.
✔️ To do this challenge a second time you need to use 5 different passive mobs (can be added to the existing zoo or in a separate location)
❗ Notes: If the animals are not well cared for they will be taken away (Jk)
Reward: 10 Town Chunks | Challenge can be done: 2 Time(s)